Monster Party Favors

I had so much fun prepping for Karsyn’s 1st birthday last year! Can’t believe I am already working on stuff for his 2nd. Unfortunately, this one isn’t going to be as big, since we now live 4 hours away from any family ):

Anyway, today I am going to quickly show you how easy it was to “make” the faces on the bubbles and play dough that were inside of the treat bags!

1005490_10201656335708075_19735816_nFirst, I removed all of the labels. I didn’t really care too much about the sticky part; it was only a small line on each thing, but I knew the kids wouldn’t even notice! But, if you are worried about it, make your own Goo Gone to get it off!

Then I added one eye to each bottle.


Then I went crazy with the faces! I used my treat bag drawings for inspiration (;

1186161_10201656336548096_375161304_nFun, right?

1012491_10201656336108085_1485404366_nI got the packs of bubbles and play dough at the Dollar Tree. It was cheaper {yes, only by a few cents, but hey!} than Walmart.

We ended up having some party packs left over, so I gave them to trick-or-treaters! This would be a way cute {and healthier} option for those little kids.

What is your go-to party favor?




How to make a Pennant Banner

For Karsyn’s first birthday, I tried to make as many things as I could, to save money. I searched and searched Pinterest for a good tutorial on how to make a pennant banner and I couldn’t really find one, so I just had to wing it. I am not saying mine is the best, because I know it’s not, but hopefully it will help you!

how to make a pennant banner

And I will apologize, again, right now for having crappy pix! It was like 1 AM when I was making and taking.

Supplies needed:

-Paper trimmer/scissors
-Hole Punch

1233622_10201709547918347_290831773_nFirst, I chose some paper that matched the color scheme I was doing {which was blue, orange, and green}. I used 12×12 paper.

Next, I drew a line straight across the middle of the paper.

1174546_10201709545358283_129305276_nThen I drew diagonal lines from the middle to the outside of the paper, creating triangles. I believe they were about 3.5 inches?

532071_10201709546278306_2021835373_nI just did this over and over until my page was full of triangles. As you can see, I did it on both sides of the line.

998787_10201709547318332_704616316_nI also trimmed off where the lines overlapped on the bottom.

563046_10201709547078326_997961760_nThen I just used my trimmer to cut along the lines.

Next, I cut out the circles that had the letters on them. I just created these in Word.

536749_10201709545918297_294779358_nI can’t remember the exact font I used {so sorry!!}, but I was looking for something fun and this one was perfect.

560502_10201709547638340_1292690752_nThen I glued each circle on to each little triangle.

995197_10201709542958223_1617332088_nAfter I had them all glued on, I punched a hole in each of the top corners. Then I cut a small piece of string and tied the one to another until I had each word complete. I realize that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense and I don’t have a picture to show. For the “HAPPY” I punched a hole in the top right corner of the “H” and then a hole in the top right and left corner of the “A”. So the hole from the “H” and the left hole on the “A” were tied together. Does that make sense now?

how to make a pennant bannerIn this picture, you can kind of see what I mean. Hopefully that helps you! If you have questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them!!



“Your First Breath..” Picture Frame DIY

Your First Breath Frame

First of all, I will apologize for not having any pictures of how I made it and a crappy picture of the outcome. I made this before I started blogging, but I saw it the other day when I was unpacking and I thought I could tell y’all how I made it!

I saw some unfinished frames at Walmart and I knew I wanted to make something for Karsyn’s room. This picture is my absolute FAVORITE from Karsyn’s birth, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.



This is the frame I bought Walmart. It was $4.97.

0002899512880_180X180The inside holds a 5×7 picture.

I went through my stack of scrapbook papers and supplies and found some matching items.

1 – Paint the very outer edges and also the inside edges, where the picture will go.

2 – Measure and trim your paper to fit.

3 – Ink the edges of your paper.

4 – Put some Mod Podge on the wood, where your paper will go.

5 – Add your paper. Press firmly. Use a credit card or something similar to make it smooth and remove any bubbles.

6 – Add your stickers and embellishments!

7 – Add your picture and you WA-LA. Easy peasy!

When I say under $5, I mean that I had all of my supplies on-hand and the only thing I had to buy was the frame. {The “BREATH” and “TOOK” letters are glittery. LOVE. They came in a pack of 56 or so for just .97 in the scrapbook aisle. The paper and other stickers came in one of those packs of paper that are bound together at the top and you just rip them out.}







Maternity Pictures

I was going through some pictures the other day and came across my maternity pictures, so I thought I would share a few of them here. I did not have them professionally done; I just had my brother take the pictures and I edited them. Here’s a few of my favorites…



This one is probably my most favorite. I blew this one up and it’s hanging in his room, under a big wooden sign that has the “You are my Sunshine” song on it.


Yes, I know my belly button looks sick. This is what it looks like when you have your button pierced and then get pregnant. Yum


Never mind the fact that the building behind us has the words “Barn Slob” graffiti-ed on there



The leaves were really this colorful and vibrant up there. So gorgeous! I love that time of year!


And this is my other most favorite!! LOOOVE it.



317563_2512597132148_209854250_nAnd yes, I realize that my neck looks broken, but there was a branch right there and I just couldn’t get comfy. Also, i was about 5 feet off the ground, so I really didn’t want to move and risk falling down on a 8.5 month pregnant belly.

I hope you enjoyed those! The little boy that came out of that belly is my greatest creation. I love him so much and I am so glad he is mine. I can’t wait to have another!!



The Baby and the Dad: Thoughts on Thursday

Well, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means – right? That means it’s time for THOUGHTS!

This week’s topic is “The baby and the dad.”


Oh, boy! The baby, aka Karsyn, and the dad, aka Kade. These two are my WORLD! I honestly don’t know how I would survive without them. I love waking up their sweet faces, I love being lazy with them, I love seeing them smile and laugh, I just love {almost} everything about them.


Without Kade, there would be no Karsyn and that is truly an unbelievable thought. I don’t even remember what it was like before we had Karsyn. Kade and I have had our FAIR SHARE of ups and downs. We were on and off throughout High School. Mostly on, but we did break up a few times. I am glad we were able to work it out and grow up and become a family. Kade and Karsyn mean more than words can say. I could go on and on about how they light up my world, but if you have a significant other and a little one{s}, you know what I mean. (:

So, what about your baby and the dad?



Mommy’s Going CRAZY!

Last week, Karsyn was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! Seriously the worst he has ever acted! It was for nearly three days straight!

What’s a mommy to do?!

He’s usually pretty good. He’ll do a few things here and there that he knows he shouldn’t, but everyone does, so that is not what I am talking about.

Let me just give you a quick run down of his bratiness…

*He figured out how to take his diaper off and kept doing it. Even after he had clothes on. He would take them off, too.

*Between Tuesday and Thursday, I got almost 20 packages from UPS for Jourdan’s Jewels. Most of the items were already sold, therefore, they needed to be packed up and shipped. I would go through each of the boxes and separate them in to piles for each person. Hurricane Karsyn would come through and ruin each of my piles. He had packing peanuts scattered from hell to breakfast. I printed out shipping labels.. twice, sometimes three times because he would either rip them or destroy them some other way.

*He went through each and every one of our DVDs and opened them all up and spread them all throughout my room.

*I {stupidly} gave him a sucker.. Which ended up in my hair – arms and head.

*Popcorn was spilled ALL over the living room.

And the list goes on. Now, this may seem like nothing to some of you and you might be shaking your head, thinking that I’m pathetic, but I promise. It was bad. I didn’t know what to do – I couldn’t get him to listen to me AT ALL. I was so stressed out from everything. Finally by the second day I sent him to my moms house so that I could get some stuff done and BOY! was it nice!

So, I need some mommy advice. What do you do when you child{ren} just will NOT listen?!



Karsyn’s Valentine Pictures

I got Karsyn’s pictures taken about a week ago because Lulu’s Photography was doing mini Valentine sessions.

This was the first professional shoot that he’s ever had done.

Here’s how they turned out!

This little turkey MELTS my heart!!538076_10200531639231366_972660865_n
He was holding Paige’s {the photographer} cat.6005_10200531637311318_84600863_n
Finally, a smile! {See the cat?!}426052_10200531635431271_1344736954_n
One of his most favorite stuffed animals, Patches.
This is how he looked most of the time.. Eating candy!539582_10200531652391695_1493458749_nThose eyes!!

Aw! How do you like them?!
P.S. His shirt says “My Heart Beats for Mom” (;



The Day my Child Became a Tootsie Roll

Last year, around Halloween time, my aunt gave me this Tootsie Roll costume. She told me that I could have it for Karsyn for next year. While it’s cute and all, I had already bought him a new one. So this costume has been sitting in the corner with a big huge stack of clothes that don’t fit anymore that need to go to DI. My friend has been obsessing over putting Karsyn in it. So one day. We did.

image_1359567627878553The cutest Tootsie I ever did see!!

image_1359567648061043Please tell me that my son is not the only one that dresses up in old Halloween costumes {even if I have to put him in them!}?!




Karsyn’s got a Gun

Every Sunday my little brothers and sister come over to my house to hang out.

Two of my brothers are 9, but not twins! {Can you figure that one out?!} And my sister is almost 8.

My one brother is obsessed with guns and murderous video/computer games. While I don’t think it’s good for him to sit there and watch/play those kind of games, he is not my child, so there’s not much I can do about it. Anyway, that’s all beside the point! He brought over a toy shot gun last week and Karsyn was in love with it! He wouldn’t put it down. I knew right then that I needed to get him a gun.

I come from a small town in Utah, and if you know anything about Utah at all, it’s that we love our guns and the president will NOT take them from us. Even our police have said they will not enforce it. I’m getting off track again.. Back to my story! I don’t mind if my one-year-old has a toy gun to shoot at little targets and stuff. That doesn’t bother me at all.

So I went to Wal-Mart the other day and they had NO more of those shot guns left. I searched high and low. I’m guessing they got rid of them because of all the cruelty in this world lately, which is fine. I understand. I did find a double pack of Nerf guns that was only $5, so I decided to go with that. I figured it was my best {and cheapest} option for him.

12943166He freakin’ loves them! He hasn’t put them down since I bought them. He even slept with it the other night. Funny kid.

Anyway, Kade was playing with one gun and Karsyn had the other. I looked over and Kade was pointing the gun and shooting the stupid little foam bullets at Karsyn. I lost it right then and there!

I don’t care if my kid plays with his toy guns and shoots at the door or his targets, but he will NOT point guns OF ANY KIND at people! Kade got an ear full from me!! He understood and said he was just playing and that he didn’t even think about it, which I believe and understand, but never ever has it been okay with me to point even a toy gun at someone! I’ve been trying really hard to teach Karsyn that in the few short days that we’ve had these toys.

Now my ramble is over and Kade has learned his lesson. (:

What do you think about kids and toy guns?



Eyeball Board + Monster Party Invites

One thing that I didn’t get a picture of at Karsyn’s Monster Party, was of this cute board. It was displayed on the same table as the cupcake cakes.

I got this board from Finger Snapper a LONG time ago. They are having the deal again right now, so click here to get it.

I didn’t take a picture of each step because I made it before I had a blog, but I’ll tell ya what I did.

First of all, I bought the paints at Wal-Mart for .97! SCORE! I love how inexpensive paint is. I knew his colors were going to be orange, blue, and green, so I painted each square a different color. Then the empty one black. I knew I was going to mod-podge a picture of him on it, once I got them done.

It looked cute with just plain paint, but I wanted something more, so I found one of my polka dot stencils and did a different color on each square. It was still cute, but kinda boring. I had a bag of googly eyes laying around, so I added one to each of the bigger circles. And wa-la!

Oh, I forgot to add that I painted around the outside AND inside edges black. And it’s okay if the black gets on your squares. (:

And I never did do a post on the invites that I made..

I had always planned to make them myself with paper and cut-outs and stamps and all of the above, but my creative juices were NOT flowing and I was getting really, super frustrated, so I just went into PicMonkey and made the invites.

Here’s a quick run-down of how I did them..

Click “Create a Collage”. Then click the middle button {on the left hand side} and it will give you a bunch of different layout options. I clicked the Pinter-etsy tab and chose the third one in. Then I saved it and went back to the main screen for just the basic editing. From there I added the words and shapes in each box. The colors I used were supposed to be a LOT brighter, but they never print out the way they look on screen. ):

They were still cute.

Then I stuffed them inside the envelopes, along with this picture…

He’s so cute!

Have you ever bought anything from Finger Snapper? Have you used PicMonkey to create anything before?