Kamryn’s 1st Birthday Pictures – Unicorn

My baby girl turned 1 yesterday. ONE. One whole year down. One whole year since I didn’t pack her around with me everywhere I went. ONE.

Last week, my friend Chalise with Chalise Geneal take her first birthday pictures. I will cherish these pictures forever. They are SO worth the investment. I really regret not doing professional pictures with Karsyn. At the time, I didn’t have the money, but I really wish I would have found the money. It makes allllll the difference.

We did a couple different set ups. I am going to do her room in rainbows and unicorns whenever it is that we get a big enough house! So the first setup was unicorn themed!

View More: http://petersenpixphotography.pass.us/kamryn-one-yearView More: http://petersenpixphotography.pass.us/kamryn-one-year

This is her “oh, niiiiiice” hug. ♥

View More: http://petersenpixphotography.pass.us/kamryn-one-yearView More: http://petersenpixphotography.pass.us/kamryn-one-year

How dang cute is she?! ♥

View More: http://petersenpixphotography.pass.us/kamryn-one-yearView More: http://petersenpixphotography.pass.us/kamryn-one-year

Kamryn’s DARLING floral crown headband is from Bailey’s Blossoms.
Kamryn’s beautiful ivory lace dress is also from Bailey’s Blossoms.
Kamryn’s sweet rose gold shoes are from Amazon.
Kamryn’s cute pink unicorn is from Build-a-Bear.

(When you click my Bailey’s Blossoms link, you get $5 off!)
The Amazon link is also an affiliate link.

I’ll share more throughout the week! I’m obsessed.

Hello Fresh


Do you HATE cooking? Do you waste a ton of food? Does your family hate leftovers?

My answer to all three of those questions is a firm, quick and easy YES!

I never felt confident in my cooking. I didn’t learn to cook as a child. So trying to teach myself as an adult was absolutely frustrating. I would slave over the stove for an hour on something that should have taken 20 minutes and then it would be nasty or I would burn it or it just wouldn’t turn out the right way. Along with wasting my time, I was also wasting a huge chunk of money. And since the food was gross, I wasted the food.. Sometimes $20 just thrown right in the trash.

I had heard of Hello Fresh before, but was hesitant to try. I announced on my Insta stories that one of my goals for the new year was to cook more. A friend heard that and gave me a coupon to Hello Fresh. She said they’d been using it for a while now and they loooooved it. So I went right home and put the coupon to use. A couple days later, a big Hello Fresh box showed up at my door.

I chose the family plan for 4 people. There are two adults, one kid and one baby in my family. The 4 person plan was WAY too much for us! Luckily, they come in packs for two people (so the 4 person plan just came in two separate things to make the 4 person – hopefully that makes sense). With that, I was able to just make one bag at a time and it was perfect.

The first time around (and the pic above) was hands down our favorite meal! It was the lemony shrimp with zucchini noodles. Seriously, SO good. My husband said it was like something you would get in a high-end restaurant and my father-in-law said it was one of the best meals he’s ever eaten. Those were HUGE compliments to me, considering I really hate cooking.

Things I love about Hello Fresh:
*Shows up right to my door
*I pick the day I want them to come
*I choose the meals
*It comes with EXACTLY how much you need for each ingredient (so no buying a tub of sour cream when you just need 1 TSB)
*The meals are VERY tasty!!
*Super simple
*The recipe is broken down into easy steps

And if you are worried about the food not staying fresh or cold while in transit, DO NOT worry!! Inside the box are two HUGE ice packs. When mine arrived, they were hardly even melted. Like if I were to pour it out, I probably wouldn’t have even had 1/4 cup of liquid. It’s amazing!

So if you want to give Hello Fresh a try, I say go for it! By using my referral link, you will get $40 off your first order!

Let me know if you try it and what your favorite meal is!

Get Paid to Shop!

If you do any sort of shopping, this post is for you!!

Today, I am going to tell you about all the rewards systems I use for shopping. I’m not talking specifically about buying a new wardrobe.. I’m talking about that, plus just your basic grocery shopping!

There is a combination of apps I use every single time I shop and because of that, I have made back over $500. I’m excited to tell you all about it.

So the very first one I always, always use is Ebates. This is where I have made the most money back. There are HUNDREDS of stores that participate in Ebates. You get a % of your purchase price in cash back. They pay out quarterly, so every three months you will get a “big fat check.” You can choose that in the form of an actual check, through PayPal or in gift cards.


If you shop on a computer, be sure to add the Ebates extension to your toolbar. (Instructions to do that here.) This will allow you to see the amount of cash back you will get from every site you shop on. A little box will pop up in the top right hand corner that says “Activate ___% Cash Back.” Then you click on that and it will track your purchase all the way to checkout. Once you check out, you will get an email saying “You Have Cash Back Coming!” And on the inside, it will tell you how much you will be getting back. Yes, the percentages are small, but it really does add up!

If you shop on a mobile device, download the Ebates app! It is a little bit more tricky to shop on your phone through Ebates ONLY because the little pop up doesn’t pop up 😉 to remind you to use Ebates. So if you are shopping on your phone, make sure you open the Ebates app, find the store you want to shop and click on it in the app. Then Ebates will track your purchase and give you the cash back. If you forget to shop through the app, you will not be able to go back and edit your order to get the Ebates cash back.

BONUS about Ebates is that they will show you coupons for the site (if any available) so that you can save even more!

Trust me – YOU WANT EBATES. If you’re not a member already, click here and sign up. When you sign up through my link, you automatically get a $10 bonus cash back as soon as you make your first purchase. SCORE!


The other thing I use every time I shop online is Honey. (I use this online on a desktop.) This is very similar to Ebates. Add the extension to your tool bar (instructions here) and whenever you’re shopping, a pop-up will pop up in the top right-hand corner saying “Honey found __ coupons!” Once you get to checkout, let Honey run through their list of coupons and hopefully they will find one that works!


This is still relatively new, so it doesn’t work on as many sites as Ebates, but it’s a very close second. You can also earn reward points through here that equates to money. I have made very little cash back through this site, but I have saved TONS based on the coupons that Honey was able to find and apply to my order.

ANOTHER AWESOME FEATURE about Honey is that they will track prices for you! I love to do this on Amazon because prices change so frequently. A little button will pop up that tells you how many price changes the item has had within the last 120 days (you can also change this to 30, 60 days, etc.). It will also let you know if it’s the best deal.


AND ONE MORE AWESOME FEATURE about Honey is that when shopping, it will let you know if it has found a better deal on the exact item somewhere else.



So now that you have completed your purchase, you need Paribus! You set up Paribus with your email and it will track your purchases through there. Paribus tracks the items that you bought for a certain amount of time (each item is different) and if the price drops within that time frame, Paribus will reach out and get a refund of the difference for you! This is so cool!!

You can get Paribus as an app on your phone and/or look at your dashboard on your computer.


It will also track your Amazon packages. While Amazon no longer will give you refunds for price differences, if your package is late, Paribus will send you an email saying something along the lines of “We detected a late package from Amazon.” Inside, it will give you a script of what to say to Amazon and Amazon will make it right! So dang cool. I have been refunded my entire order amount for a late package, as well as getting $5 and $10 credits for late packages. (I am saying all this assuming you have Amazon Prime.)


This is another one that is very similar to Paribus. It’s called Slice. You use this after you shop. Download the Slice app in the app store. You’ll register with your email and Slice will track your packages. It will let you know when an order has shipped and when it’s out for delivery! Like Paribus, it will also let you know if a better price has been found. It does not automatically file the refund for you, but it tells you how to do it yourself.


ANOTHER AWESOME FEATURE of Slice is that it will file your receipts in the app for you, so if you need to return or exchange something, but forgot your receipt, just pull up the app and there it is!


The next one I am going to tell you about is called Fetch. (KEEP READING TO GET 3000 BONUS POINTS!) This is an app you need to download on your mobile device. This is for in-store shopping, so be sure to save your receipts!!


Any time you shop at a place that sells groceries (you don’t actually have to BUY groceries, the store just must sell groceries), you scan your receipt and get points! Once you have 5000 points, you can redeem them. There are hundreds of things you can redeem the points for – spas, airlines, and your favorite stores.

Fetch will often have bonus points for buying a certain brand. The other day, I bought Joe some Dove body wash and got 1200 bonus points just for buying that brand! You get points just for scanning receipts. Fetch does all the work for you. That’s what I love about this app. All you have to do is scan the receipt and you’re done.

After you download the app, use my referral code “JV2KX” to get 3000 bonus points when you scan your first receipt! This is for a limited time only, so don’t wait. And DON’T FORGET THIS STEP! If you don’t enter the referral code before you scan your receipt, you won’t be able to go back and add it. So you’ll get points just from scanning your receipt, but you won’t get the 3000 bonus points.


The last one I am going to tell you about is Ibotta. This is my least favorite just because I feel like it is so overwhelming, but there are LOTS of good deals in here. Download this app in the app store on your mobile device. When you download, use my referral code “phdcopg” and you will get a $20 welcome bonus!


So how this one works is you go to the Ibotta app and add coupons to your account of things you’ll be buying. (This is where I say that it’s overwhelming.. There are SO many coupons to sort through.) These are mostly for grocery store items.. Think condiments, hygiene products, treats, food, etc. Once you’re done shopping, you’ll scan your receipt (.25 back just for scanning a receipt!) and then you’ll apply the coupons to the things you bought. You’ll get this as cash back.

You can also shop through the Ibotta app with some participating stores and you’ll receive the cashback automatically.

Don’t forget to use my referral code “phdcopg” to get a $20 welcome bonus!


If you have any questions, please ask!
Do you already use any/all of these?
Do you use one that I didn’t mention here?! Let me know below.

I Had a Miscarriage

Before I got pregnant with Karsyn, a friend of mine was pregnant. She told me “I knew I was pregnant because I was so gassy.” Being gassy is a symptom of pregnancy. Lucky ladies haha! When I did get pregnant with Karsyn, I don’t remember being gassy, but I did wake up in the middle of the night every night to go pee. That was not something I had ever done before. I could always sleep all night long. (Remember — I got pregnant my Senior year of High School.) For our Senior trip, we went to Lagoon (an amusement park) and I got F.R.I.E.D. Apparently pregnant women are MUCH more susceptible to sunburns. I did wear sunscreen, but it pretty much did nothing for me.

Before I knew I was pregnant with Kamryn, I went to Lake Powell with Karsyn, a friend and her daughter, my mom and brother and sister. Holy crap. I got so sunburned. I didn’t understand why. I never sunburn. I always just get tan. Weird.. Then I started waking up in the middle of the night every night to go pee. What the heck is going on? Then I was gassy haha. A couple weeks later, I ended up taking a pregnancy test and it was positive! That’s when hindsight set in and was like “hello red flags! Sunburn, peeing in the night and gas.”

In December of 2018 I noticed some things with my own body. I just had a baby in April, so I could remember more from Kamryn’s pregnancy than I could with Karsyn’s. “No, can’t be.” I kept thinking to myself. Things progressed and wouldn’t you know I was waking up in the middle of every night to go pee and was gassier than normal. “No, this isn’t happening.” My period was supposed to be starting soon. But then it didn’t. One day. Two days. Three days passed. Four days. Five days. Six days passed. A week went by and still no period. “Holy shit. I think I’m pregnant.” I put the thought in the back of my head. I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want it to be true. I wasn’t ready for another baby. Kamryn is only 8 months old. I juuuuust had a baby.

“If I don’t start my period by New Years Eve, I’ll take a test.” Even though I already knew the answer. Christmas night, I found the last leftover test that I had from when we were trying with Kamryn. I did it and sure enough, two pink lines popped up. My heart raced. I’ll tell Joe later. I wanted to think of a cute way to do it. Figured I could wait another week or so. Maybe I’d tell him on New Years Eve.

He was downstairs playing on the computer, as he always is. I went down there and stood in the doorway. “I need to tell you something.” He took his headphones off and said, “what?” “I’m pregnant again.” “No, you’re not.” “Yes, I am,” and then I fell to the ground sobbing. He picked me up and just held me. He told me it would all be okay and that it was fine. I was glad he wasn’t mad, because I was nervous about that. I still just sobbed uncontrollably. “Why are you crying so hard?” “Because I don’t want another baby right now. I juuuuuuust had a baby! I don’t want two babies. How am I going to do it with two babies? Two babies in car seats. Two babies in diapers. What am I going to do about work? If I don’t work, where will we get insurance? Are my moms going to be able to handle watching two babies? Two babies in car seats. Two babies in diapers. What am I going to do? How am I going to do this? I want more time with Kamryn. It was just me and Karsyn for 6.5 years. I want to enjoy Kamryn as a baby and not have to push her to the side to take care of another baby.” All these irrational thoughts and phrases came out of my mouth.

We went to bed and I just held Kamryn and cried. “You’re going to be a big sister.” Every time I looked at her, I cried some more.

That night, I had to give myself a reality check. I was not the first, nor the last mom to have babies 15/16 months apart. There are plenty of moms who have two babies. Think of the ones that have twins! You wanted twins. What difference is this? (Although, twins would be different, in my head. Even still.) I started picturing our lives with this third little baby. The one that would complete our family. I just knew it was a boy.

The next morning, I was looking at baby clothes. Planning out his room. I still have all of Karsyn’s stuff and this new baby would be born in the same season as Karsyn was, but he couldn’t have ONLY hand-me-downs. He had to have some of his own stuff. I began all the planning in my head.

When I got home from work, I told Karsyn that I had a secret. He smiled big and said “what is it?” Then he bent over so I could whisper it in his hear. “I’m having another baby.” “You are?!” He said, with a loving and excited smile. I shook my head yes. He jumped up and down and said “I’m so excited to have a little brother!” “You have to keep it a secret because we aren’t telling anyone yet. I am just wanting you to know now so that when I say ‘no’ to something at the store, I mean it because we have to save our money to buy a new house and stuff for this baby.” He shook his head in agreement. “I promise I won’t tell, mom.”

I called the doctor to make my appointment. Tuesday, January 8 at 10 AM.


Sunday, January 6 at 2 PM. I was leaving to go get Karsyn from his dad’s. I get in the car and I am basically doubled over in my seat. My stomach was hurting so bad. “Am I having a miscarriage?” It felt like a super sharp pain right in my pelvic area. Like I said before, I don’t remember much from being pregnant with Karsyn, but I just had Kamryn and I didn’t feel anything like this. I knew the feeling was not normal. I have a high pain tolerance, but it was making me sick because it hurt so bad. I just kept driving and tried to ignore the pain.

I got home around 4 and went to the bathroom. There was blood in my undies. I went back downstairs to tell Joe while he played on the computer. “I think I’m having a miscarriage.” “Why?” I told him about the pain and blood. He didn’t really say much.. He is a man of verrrry few words. I called the hospital. “How do I know if I’m having a miscarriage?” “What are your symptoms?” I told her about the pain and blood. “Let me transfer you to an OB nurse.” The next nurse.. “How do I know if I’m having a miscarriage?” “What are your symptoms?,” he asked. So, again, I told him about the blood and pain. “Let me transfer you to L&D.” So the third nurse.. “How do I know if I’m having a miscarriage?” “What are your symptoms?” So, for a third time, I repeated what was going on. “Well, you don’t know unless you have an ultrasound. Just lay down and take it easy. If you’re still bleeding in the morning, call your doctor and try to get in.” Thanks for the excellent advice.

The next morning around 10 AM, I called the doctor. I tried to get the nurse directly, but she didn’t answer, so I left a message. I told her what was going on and asked what I needed to do. She called me back around 4:30 and said I need to get to the hospital now and get an ultrasound. I text Joe and let him know that the kids and I were going and we’d see him later. He said he’d meet me there.

The room was silent the whole time. I didn’t dare ask. All I could see was just a grey blob on the screen. I know that babies are white. Finally, when the lady cleaned off my belly, I said, “so…?” And she replied with the words I already knew. “It does look like you’re miscarrying.” I laughed and half-smiled, as I do when I’m sad, but don’t want to show it. “Well, thanks.” My chin began to quiver and I just wanted to get out of there. She reached out and gave me a big long hug. I cried on her shoulder and she told me how sorry she was. “You know, it happens to one in four. So as unfortunate as it is, it’s quite common. We don’t know why. There must’ve just been something wrong.”

As we exited the room, there sat another family, excitedly waiting to go see their baby on the screen. Tears fell from my face. That would not be us. We did not say another word the whole way out to the vehicles. I put the kids in the car. Joe gave me a hug and we cried. When I got in the car, I could tell Karsyn was sad. “So what does that mean, mom?” “The baby died, bud.” I gave him a hug and we cried.

When we got home, I text our parents and said “Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I just had a miscarriage. I don’t want to talk about it right now. I’m sad, but I’ll be okay.” They all said they were sorry and that they loved me and to let them know if they could do anything. The nurse also gave me a call and said I still needed to come in the next day for my scheduled appointment.

One day shy of 8 weeks. I went in for my appointment and instead of peeing in the cup for them to confirm that I was pregnant, they were checking to see that I was no longer. They asked how I was feeling and told me what I needed to do now. “You just had a baby, so you know what you can’t do for the next 6 weeks. Your mental health is also very important. Please come to us for anything. You’re lucky that you passed it on your own. We don’t know why it happens, but that was just Mother Natures way of taking care of it. If you have too much bleeding, you need to come in. The best time to get pregnant right after a miscarriage is right away.” “I don’t want another baby right now. This was not planned.” “Oh, I was surprised when I saw your name on the schedule and that you were pregnant so soon, but I was happy for you! It would have been crazy, but fun. Lots of moms plan it like that.”

“I don’t want another baby right now.” I said over and over. I cried, but I was okay. My heart was, in fact, broken, but now I have an angel baby looking over me. I hadn’t thought of it like that until my mom said something.

I put away all things I bought for him. I deleted all of the remaining items that were in my carts. I cried for a couple days. But it’s okay. I know it was supposed to happen like that. I’d be lying if the phrase of “be careful what you wish for” didn’t cross my mind. I know it’s not my fault, but that little sting gets me every now and then. It’s been a little over two months now and life has gone back to normal. I think about the baby all the time. When I see other pregnant mommies. When I hear of someone due in August. That would have been me. I’d have a big ol’ baby belly right now. I’d be feeling the kicks and flutters and the ever annoying hiccups.

I know we’ll get another baby, when the time is right.

See you on the other side, angel baby. I love you.

Our Love Story, Concluded


With all of #ourlovestory being posted, I am sure you can guess what today is! ONE YEAR!* We made it a whole year! All four seasons! I’d be lying if I said the past year was a breeze and easy, because it most definitely was NOT. There were several times where I didn’t think our relationship would last through the night. There have been several big fights. Lots and lots and lots of tears from all of us. The past year has been full of change. Lifestyle changes for all of us. Karsyn and I had to get used to someone being there for and with us. But above all, this past year has been an incredible journey that I wouldn’t trade for the world! We have made so so many memories. Shared lots of good times and bad. Laughed so hard that we cried. It has been so, so, so nice to have someone to come home to. To have a best friend to share important things in mine and Karsyn’s lives. I’ve never felt uncomfortable around Joe. I’ve always felt like I could be myself around him. Karsyn has loved Joe from the very beginning. He has always, always been so concerned about him. If Joe isn’t home before we are, all I hear is “Where’s Joe? When is Joe going to be home? When does Joe get off work? Can I call Joe to see what’s taking him so long? How much longer til Joe comes home?” It’s very comforting to me that they love each other so much. Joe’s family took right to Karsyn and have treated us both as if we’ve been a part of the family forever. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for Joe and his family. They are such amazing people. Karsyn and I are truly blessed to have found Joe. They always say that things happen when you least expect them to and that is exactly what happened here. I was feeling like I was never going to find my other half, especially in good ol’ Sevier county. I was just trying to focus on being a good mom. Next thing you know, Joe slowly made his way into our lives. Ever since the first date, we have been inseparable. I love you SO MUCH, Joe. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re my very best friend. My better half. My rock. My shoulder to cry on. My home. Happy one year to us! Here’s to the rest of our lives! That concludes Chapter 1! 

*At the time of this blog post, we’ve been together for almost 4 years and married for 2, in May.

Our Love Story, Part 9.2

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Part 9.1


July 25, continued. I didn’t meet his mom right then, but I met Aaron and 3 out of 4 of the kids. Joe grabbed about 10 guns and 1097509730 bullets. (And if you know Joe, you know he still has 509740872084025 more bullets that he left behind.) We headed up to the saw dust pits and shot some clay pigeons for a while. Then we went back to his house and dropped everything off. At that point, I met his mom and sister. We left a little bit later, ordered some pizza, grabbed a Redbox and drove around some more. When the pizza was done, we picked it up and went back to my house to eat. Then we watched the stupid movie from Redbox and then another movie on Netflix. It was 3 in the morning before he left (and went to the gym). The rest is basically history! We have been inseparable ever since! I love you, Joey! 

Our Love Story, Part 9.1

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Part 9.0


July 25, continued.. I was laughing and Joe was probably thinking “what the hell is wrong with this girl? What I’m saying is not even funny. Why is she dying of laughter?” I told him sorry and to keep going. Finally he turned around and Bailee quit real quick. She didn’t want him to see the faces. I finally pulled myself together and we finished our food. Then we headed over to Salina to check out the cars. We hung out there for a bit, then headed back to town. And you guys!! Guess what? The date was totally NOT awkward and weird. We talked the entire time. There was never a moment of awkward silence. We never ran out of things to say. We laughed and sang along to the radio. After the car show, we drove all around Richfield, Elsinore, Monroe and back to Richfield. As we were driving from the Brooklyn road into Monroe, there are those two trailer houses on each side of the turn. We turned to go into Monroe and I pointed to one of the trailer houses and sayed “oh, that’s my mom’s house right there!” The look on his face was PRICELESS. “…….. Oh… Did you want to stop?……” I was trying so hard not to laugh, but then I busted up. “I’m just kidding.” And the relief that washed over his face was pretty good, too! We still joke about that every time we drive by. On our third round around Richfield, I said that we didn’t have to keep driving all over the place and we could go back to my house. So we went to my house, talked to Bailee for a little bit and then decided to go shooting. We pulled into his driveway and his dad was outside in his Daisy Dukes and was soooo excited to meet me. I’ll never forget that. It kinda freaked me out at first (sorry Bob – love ya!!) just because this was really the first time we’d ever actually hung out and I was already meeting all of his family and they were asking about Karsyn. It was just a lot right at once. “Your mom is upstairs. Take Jourdan up to meet her. She will love that.”

Our Love Story, Part 9

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July 25. (This is a long one, so it has to be broken up a bit.) I woke up just before 10 and rushed down to the salon. I was getting my eyelashes done for the first time. Mom T said it would only take an hour, which was perfect. I’d still have an hour to get ready before Joe came to get me. The whole time, I told her how nervous I was for this date. “I think it will be so awkward. He’s so quiet. How am I supposed to keep a conversation going the whole time? I’m not real talkative at first. What am I going to ask him? What will we talk about?” Okay, so I was freaking out. My eyelashes ended up taking a bit longer and he had already asked if noon was alright? I’d already said yes. I left the salon at 11:27 and I told him I might be just a little bit late since my eyelashes took longer. He said it was fine. I rushed home to get ready. Good thing you don’t need much makeup when you have fake lashes! Those things are awesome!! Just before 12, I text him and told him I was ready. “Wow, you’re speedy! I’ll be there in just a minute.” A couple minutes later, there was a knock on the door. “Hey Jourdie.” I looked out and saw this old buggy-type car. What the….? “I traded the Dodge for this.” Then he laughed. I was still like “Uhhh… Okay…” He opened the door for me and then he told me it was his grandpa’s old car. Once we were both in, I asked what he had planned. He said lunch and then the car show in Salina and was laughing the whole time. “What’s so funny?” “You told me to surprise you with what we were going to do and then you asked what I had planned.” We drove around for about an hour before he pulled in to Sagebrush. No cars in the parking lot. They were closed. We went to Steve’s. No cars. They were closed, too. What the heck? It was a Saturday afternoon! “How about Frontier?” “Yes, that’s my favorite.” We went and traded the buggy car for the Dodge. Frontier was open so we sat down and ordered our food. Bailee was working and she kept pulling faces at me while Joe was talking. I was trying not to pay attention to her, but I couldn’t help it…

Our Love Story, Part 8

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Throughout the week, we’d snapped a little here and there, but didn’t really talk. He’d ride by my house with Garrett on his fourwheeler. I was dying at that because the road to his house was two streets north. Was he trying to be sneaky and see if I was outside or what? Ha! By Wednesday, he’d finally asked me on a date. He said he’d pick me up on Saturday at 12 or 12:30. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him to surprise me, that I was okay with anything. On Friday, July 24, he had texted me to make sure we were still on for the next day. I replied yes. I was super nervous. I just knew it was going to be so awkward and weird. But I needed to give it a shot! He did seem like a really nice guy and he was definitely easy on the eyes, so how bad could it really be??

Our Love Story, Part 7

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July 18. I got home late the night before, so I slept in a bit. My parents wanted to go on a little trip, so I had Tanna and Tarris staying at my house. All day, I just hung out around the house, cleaning and putting stuff away a little here and there. But you can only do that so much before it gets boring. It was about 4:30 and I was in the kitchen snapping my friends for advice. “Do I just give him my number and hope he’ll text me or should I just wait for him to say something first?” They all said to just give him my number and wait to see what happens. 😨 This was so not my thing! I went to Facebook and opened a message with him telling him my number and snap name. I closed out of it probably 4 or 5 times. I was nervous. I sent one more snap out to my friends “wish me luck!” And I hit send on the message. (Later, I found out that he’d already had my number for a while!) My stomach was churning. My heart was pounding. I was a little shaky. And then the waiting game..  after an hour, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed something to calm my nerves and take my mind off of it. He’d opened the message but wasn’t saying anything?! 😱 So I went and got some ice cream. #comfortfood. When I came home, I sat on my ugly old brown couch and ate my slushie. Halfway through it, my phone dings. “Hey Jourdie. It’s Joe. What are you up to?” 💓 “Just eating a slushie. You?” He was up in Logan visiting his friends. He said he was at Sportsman’s and asked if I needed anything from there. I told him no, but seriously, how cute was that that he’d asked?! We talked throughout the evening and he asked if I wanted to hang out when he got home. I said yeah, I did, but my siblings were here and I didn’t want to kick them off the couch. I figured if he made it home at a decent time, we could just sit and talk for a bit, but he didn’t get home until around midnight, so we ended up not being able to, but talked til 2 in the morning. He told me he was going to bed, but that his house was kinda creepy at night and that he felt like someone was watching him. 👻 I called him a scaredy cat and told him goodnight…