Tuesday10: Christmas List

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up with Lena and her Tuesday 10!

I’ve been waiting for the perfect prompt. (:

This weeks is your Top 10 Christmas Wish List items!

{In no particular order}, I would love to have…

1 – HSI Straightener41aQZ%2BThRxL._SY450_2 – Skull Scarf


3 – Leopard Scarf


4 – Black and White Deer Leggings


5 – Colorful Snowflake Leggings


6 – Curling Iron


7 – 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy


8 – Carrie Underwood CD


9 – P!nk CD


10 – Jason Aldean CD

People Jason Aldean

Disclaimer: Ha! I already have bought all of these except the curling iron!

1 – I got the Straightener for $40 on Cyber Monday
2 – I got the Leopard Scarf for $2 on Cyber Monday
3 – I got the Skull scarf for the regular price of about $4
4 – I got those tights for the regular price of $5
5 – I got those tights for the regular price of $5
6 – Haven’t got the curling iron.. Yet!
7 – I got the trilogy on Cyber Monday for $20
8 – I got that CD for $5 on Cyber Monday
9 – I got that CD for $5 on Cyber Monday
10 – I got that CD for $5 on Black Friday

Plus, I scored a sewing machine for $50 on Black Friday!

So I basically got everything I wanted. Go me! (:

Please tell me I am not the only one that buys gifts for themselves..

Karsyn’s 1st Birthday {Monster Party}

*Warning: This is full of CUTE pictures!


On Saturday, October 27th, we celebrate Karsyn’s FIRST birthday! I made most of the decorations. It was exhausting, to say the least, but VERY worth it. I am glad to have it over with, though. We had a good turnout!

Take a look….

When you first walked through the doors, you saw a sign that said “Beware of the little Monsters! Enter at your own risk!”

Then as you walked in, there was the Pinata hanging from a coat rack. {We had to get creative. Couldn’t hang it very high since it was mostly little kids at the party.}

Then as you kept walking, there was a table with the goodie bags.

In the middle of this table was my cute frame.

On the other side of the table were the bubbles and Play-Doh.

Then once you were all the way in, there were three tables for you to sit at.
These were my center pieces.

Then on the far left-hand side was a table with the cupcake cakes. {They were delicious, needless to say.}

I had Fresh Market make them. I was SO happy with how they turned out. And the frosting is whipped. If you aren’t getting whipped frosting, there is something wrong with you. WHIPPED FROSTING, PEOPLE!!

There were also plates, napkins, and cutlery on the table. Off to the side of that table was a round table with the drinks.

We made Fresh Lime.

Above the three tables where people could sit down to chat and eat, was the present table. And above that hung the “Happy Birthday Karsyn” banner.

That was pretty much it as far as details.. I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted, but I can’t complain.

Now on to pictures of the fun {mixed up.. they aren’t in order.. sorry!}

My sister and cousin showing of the adorable Monster suckers!

Karsyn getting the cake smashed in his face.
It’s a tradition, people. Don’t judge.
This is not abuse.
It happens to every kid in our family on their 1st birthday.
Like it or leave it.

“What’s in there?!”

Kade’s family.. Sister Ashlee, Grandma Lenna, and mom Cindy

Hitting the Pinata

He wasn’t too impressed with me.

After they had FINALLY broken open the Pinata.
My brother {in the red.. with the devious smile} broke it with his hand.
He’d had enough of the wimpy hits!

My cousin and sweet baby sis.

Isn’t she cute?
I love her. to. pieces.

Our little niece, Emersyn.

Karsyn, Me, Kade, Emersyn

He was so polite when unwrapping his presents.
He would tear off a little baby piece, had that little baby piece to me to throw away.
And repeat.

Riding his new trike that my dad got him.
He loves that thing!

Emmy hitting the Pinata.

A train set that my Nana got him.
It’s unpainted, so that will be a fun craft for us to do as a family.

Peter {plugging his nose – married to Cherish}. Cherish {Kade’s sister – Emersyn’s mom}, Kade, my dad, Hagun {my bro – in the black}, Tarris {my other bro – in the red}

Isn’t that hat cute?!
My cousin makes them.
Head over to Stitches and Giggles to get ya one!
She has all kinds.

My Nana {my mom’s mom} and cousin Dax

Momma and the Happy Birthday Boy!

Don’t you love his boots?

They light up. (:

Pin the Eye on the Monster

Her face is PRICELESS!

Before his face got smashed in it.

Silly girls!


Whipped frosting!

Givin’ the bear loves.

Givin’ Emmy loves

The smash cake

If you made it through all these photos, good job! We had a blast! Karsyn was pooped by the time it was over.

What was your favorite thing about Karsyn’s party?

Tuesday10: 10 Pet Peeves

This weeks prompt is 10 Pet Peeves.

This should be easy.

Please note: These are in no particular order. I’m just putting them out there as they come to mind.

1 – When people miss a belt loop.


2 – When people SLURP their food. {Even thinking about this makes me want to punch someone.}

3 – When people tap, tap, tap or click, click, click their pens

4 – When people sip, sip, sip their drink. {My mom used to do this all the time and I honestly couldn’t even be in the same room as her when she was drinking her coffee.}

5 – SLOW drivers

6 – When people use “your” instead of “you’re.” ESPECIALLY when it’s someone who should be professional, like a business. It just makes me not want to buy from you or follow you anymore.


7 – When people are constantly sniffing their snot back up their nose. GET A FREAKING TISSUE AND BLOW YOUR FLIPPING NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 – When I ask Kade to take out the trash and he says “In a minute, I want to relax first.” NO! Take out the damn trash and THEN relax! Why sit down and get all comfy just to get up and have to take out the trash??

9 – People who update their status every five minutes. I’m sorry, but no one cares that you just got in your car to go to the store and now you’re at the store and now you are leaving the store and now you are at a stop light and so on.


10 – When people say they are going to do something, and then don’t.

Ah, I feel so much better now.

What are your pet peeves?

Tuesday10: My Favorite e-Cards

Hello! (:

I just got back from a mini-vacay!! It was FUN! I went down on Monday to stay with Kade’s sister. We shopped and hung out and let the kids play. I love simple get-aways like that!

I was really looking forward to this Tuesday10, but I decided not to take my computer with me so I could really enjoy my get-away and not worry about anything! So I am doing it now. (:

The prompt for this week was Favorite E-Cards! Now that should be easy. There are TONS of them!!

Here are some of my favorites:

This one is kind of an inside joke.. To make a long story short, I used to work at a fast food place and a couple came in and did the deed in the bathroom.. There was jizz everywhere! I was super thankful I wasn’t on bathroom duty that night!!

No explanation needed.

We’ve all seen this one floating around. I can honestly say that being a stay-at-home mom is harder than a regular job. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Sometimes you just gotta toot your own horn! TOOT, TOOT!

I have a few friends I feel this way about lol.

I can’t even tell you how many times I have been told “You need to think before you speak.”


I don’t understand why some people need to update their status with every move they make. Those are the people I delete!

This is Kade. ALL. THE. WAY!

This has got to be one of the most annoying things EVER!
“This is seriously the worst day ever! UGH! I just wanna cry!”
“Aw.): Sorry to hear that! What’s wrong?”
“Inbox/text/message me.”
Um, no! Either say what the matter is or don’t post your stupid statuses that leave us hanging!

So, those are some of my faves! What are yours?

Tuesday10: 10 Geeky Things About Me

Every {well, almost} M2M&RΒ hosts a Tuesday10 where have a prompt and you go with it!

This weeks theme is: 10 Geeky Things About You

I’ve been trying to think about things all day.. Things that are weird or quirky about me.. Things that normal people don’t do. Ha!

This is what I came up with:

1 – I HAVE to be on my stomach to fall asleep. When I was pregnant, it wasn’t easy. Pure. Torture!

2 – I hate hangingΒ MY clothes on the cheap plastic hangers that the stores use to display the clothing. Kade’s or Karsyn’s clothes? Yep, they get the cheap, plastic hangers.

3 – I wear my clothes in the order of which they are in my closet. Meaning the shirt that is on the farthest left is what I will wear. {Most of the time.. Sometimes it’s a really dressy top or dress and I don’t want to wear it, so I skip to the next piece.}

4 – Same with my undies. I start on the left side and work my way to the right.

5 – I have ONE thing that I will eat per restaraunt and I never order anything else. Example: At Olive Garden, I ALWAYS just get the All-You-Can-Eat Salad. At South China, I ALWAYS get Sweet-n-Sour Chicken with Hot-n-Sour soup. And so on..

6 – I hate leftovers and refuse to eat them.

7 – I go through phases where I will eat ONE food every day for a certain meal. For example.. Since Karsyn was born {11 months ago}, I have eaten Oreos and Milk EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for breakfast. While I was pregnant, I ate Reese’s Puffs every morning.

8 – I keep pretty much every magazine I ever get. Even after I have read the whole thing. Because one day I will read it again, right?

9 – When I find a new song that I really like, I listen to it on repeat until I have the whole thing memorized. This is my current song on repeat.

10 – I have issues parting with my clothes. I still have clothes from the 8th grade {that still fit!}, which was like 6 years ago. I do wear most of them still and I am getting better at getting rid of them… Slowly.. Very. Slowly.

So there you have it!

Please tell me that I am not alone with some {or all!} of these “geeky” things!

What is something “geeky” about you? Do we share some “geeky” traits?

Tuesday 10

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.. I don’t know what is with me this month and why I cannot keep up with my blog, but I AM SORRY!

Anyway! I am back. And I am linking up to M2M&R’s Tuesday 10!

This weeks theme is: 10 Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

First off, let me start by saying that 10 years ago, I was almost 10! So, my answers may not be as great as some others that are a little bit older and more experienced at life.

Here we go:

1 – I wish I knew that I wouldn’t be a daddy’s girl for very much longer, so I need to prepare for that.

2 – I wish I knew that growing up really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, so stop wishing your life away. {Yes, everyone told me that, but I was 9 and just wanted to be 19.}

3 – I wish I knew how to really stand up for myself and not let others walk all over me. {Yes, I was only 9, but I had to act older.}

4 – I wish I knew that I still would not have moved out of this podunk town that I always wanted to get out of!

5 – I wish I knew that I was not as good at sports as I thought I was. Ha! I’ve made a fool of myself!

6 – I wish I knew that I would be a teen mom so I could prepare for that more.

7 – I wish I knew that I would be only 3 credits away from having my associates degree so that I would have taken more classes during High School instead of going home and getting on Facebook.

8 – I wish I knew that being a mom is the most rewarding job on Earth, but it’s also one of those things that isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

9 – I wish I knew that I would eventually go to live with my momma!

10 – I wish I knew that every little thing was gonna be all right!

There you have it.. Most of them were lame answers, but heck, I was 9!