Handmade Gifts!

I can finally share the rest of these with you, now that the holidays have passed.

But first off, let me just say that the pix do NOT do these pieces justice.

They are MUCH cuter in person.

P.S. If you click on the picture, it will take you to my Etsy shop, where you can buy one for yourself and a friend!


For the unclekeychain2

For the brothernecklace1

For the sisternecklace2For the friendproud mom necklace

For the momPhotoGrid_1354583475864

For the gymnastics teacherPhotoGrid_1354583567596

For the softball momPhotoGrid_1354583682511

For the BMX momPhotoGrid_1354583896326

For the proud grandma! {One of my FAVES!!!!}PhotoGrid_1355441075810

For the husbandPhotoGrid_1355441790095

For the dadPhotoGrid_1355442316799

For the wifePhotoGrid_1355442576790

For the motocross momPhotoGrid_1355450693523

For the cheerleader

Aren’t they great?!

I love what I do.

And I especially love custom orders!

What piece is your favorite?



Christmas Eve


Happy {merry?} Christmas Eve!

I hope you have a super fabulous time with your loved ones!

I hope Santa finds his way into your home tonight and you wake up with some awesomeness under your tree!

Later on, we are gonna go look at all the beautiful homes decked out in lights.

And when we get back, we are starting a new tradition with our very own little family.

I saw this idea on Pinterest.

Christmas Eve Box - Include: New pajamas, a Christmas movie, popcorn, mugs, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a Christmas book. This could definitely turn into a tradition.{Unfortunately, the back link didn’t work on this, so all I’ve got is the picture.}

It’s the Christmas Eve box.

Inside is a Christmas movie, a pair of pajamas for each of us, a mug for Kade and I and a sippy for Karsyn, some hot chocolate and marshmallows, along with some snacks to enjoy while watching the movie.

Last year, Karsyn was only about 2 months old, so we just went to Kade’s moms and ate dinner.

Now that Karsyn is a little older, we are gonna do our own thing.

I can’t wait to carry on this tradition for the rest of my years!

I can’t wait to see what everyone gets tomorrow! (:


Adorable Jewels I’ve Been Making

Over the Black Friday weekend, I did a huge sale with my Jourdan’s Jewels and Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels. Like 50% off huge.

I had about 20 Handmade orders – 4 from one girl, 8 from another, and then some other randoms.

So I’ve been busy.

I can’t wait to share all of them that I made, but I have to wait just a few more days because they are gifts.

big girl panties

Too freakin’ funny!
I laughed out loud when she sent me this pic saying that’s what she wanted.
I LOVE it.
You can buy one here.

front and backThis is one that is, obviously, not finished yet.
I sent the pendant off to Stampressions to be paired with a stamped piece.
If you missed the post of our collaboration, you can see it here.
You can buy one here.

girl and grampsThis is another one I sent to Stampressions to be paired with a stamped piece.
You can buy one here.

PhotoGrid_1354486206285One of my most faves!!
Love on the front with her kids’ names on the back!
Three charms dangle from the bottom – one to represent each of her children.
You can buy one here.

PhotoGrid_1354583392697Just Dance keychain!
I also did a gymnastics one for her, but it’s personalized, so I can’t show it yet!
Can do any color{s}!
You can buy one here.

I can’t wait to share the rest of them with you!!

Did you support any small businesses this year with your gift buying?

20+ Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store

20+ things you should buy at the dollar store

I’ve complied a list of items that you should buy at the Dollar Store versus Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

You really can save money by shopping at Dollar Stores.

The saying “You get what you pay for” does hold true on some items there, but for the most part, you’re getting one heck of a deal!

1 – Tape! You can get 2 rolls of clear Scotch Tape for $1!! SCORE! Tape is tape, it will do the trick. They sell the same stuff at Wally for like $2-3.

2 – Gift bags! The Dollar Tree has some SUPER cute gift bags! Like WAY cute! And they’re only $1! You can NOT beat that! The cutest ones at Wally are like $5! Who wants to spend $5 on a gift bag?! You could be spending $4 extra on the actual gift if you go with the ones from the Dollar Store. Plus, if you buy the really little bags, you will sometimes get MORE than one bag, so it makes your total cost even lower. {P.S. I do realize that Wal-Mart sells some for .97, but there is a very limited selection and they are all about the same size. You can’t get HUGE ones for .97}

3 – Tissue paper! This is something that you shouldn’t ever spend more than $1 on! It’s probably just going to get ripped up and thrown away anyway. The Dollar Tree offers different colors and sometimes prints of tissue paper. Plus, you can get huge things of it. Like 50 pieces for $1. That’s only .02 a sheet! {P.S. I realize that Wal-Mart does sell tissue paper for .97, but you don’t get as many sheets.}

4 – Gift cards! They’ve got a pretty big selection of gift cards, plus they’re usually 2 for $1. And yes, they do come with the envelopes there as well!

5 – Poster board! They offer a variety of colors and again, they are usually 2 for $1.

6 – Candle sticks! There are SO many crafts on Pinterest that require candle sticks and for just $1, you can’t go wrong. They are about $3-4 at Wally.

7 – School supplies! Pencils, pens, highlighters, notebooks, paper clips, pencil bags, etc. You can get all of this stuff for just $1! Most of it comes in packs, so you’re definitely getting the most bang for your buck!

8 – Kitchen utensils! Spatulas, mixing bowls, measuring cups, small cutting boards, veggie peelers, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, tongs, big serving spoons, cookie cutters {pack fo 6! less than .20 each!}, etc. One of my favorite gifts to give to my friends for their wedding is a big basket {also found at the Dollar Store!} clear full of kitchen stuff! It’s stuff every household needs, so you can’t go wrong.

9 – Cleaning supplies! Sometimes they are a little bit smaller versions or generic brands, but it’s still a good deal. They do offer name brands like Awesome, AJAX, Clorox, The Works!, etc. You can also find brooms, mops, and dust pans. They all do the trick.

10 – Oven mitts and pot holders! Often times, they come in a pack of two, so .50 each!

11 – Storage baskets! They are CUTE and they make cute baskets for gifts. I love putting together a gift in a little colored basket from the Dollar Tree, plus, it’s something they can always use later.

12 – Handheld mirrors! Again, for only $1, you can get yourself a little handheld mirror. At Wally, they want like $5 for the same thing!

13 – Decorations! You might not know it, but the Dollar Tree has some REALLY cute decorations! I love to go shopping there for cute little things to put around my house. And you seriously can’t beat it for $1!

14 – Craft supplies! I ALWAYS check the Dollar Store for the supplies I need to finish a craft before I go anywhere else. More often than not, I find what I’m looking for. {When I was doing Karsyn’s Monster Party, I used a TON of googly eyes. They are 150 for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Wally wanted .97 for 15. RIP OFF!} Plus, they have lots of cute kid craft kits to help keep your little ones occupied while you are busy.

15 – Tooth brushes! I don’t always buy mine there, but Karsyn’s, I do. They have cute little character ones there, like Toy Story and Cars, for just $1! He doesn’t need anything extravagant right now and he’s more than happy with it.

16 – Pregnancy Tests! It may seem weird because they are only $1, but at Wally, you can pay up to $40 for ONE test! What a joke! And I promise I am telling the truth when I say that the Dollar Store tests are JUST AS EFFECTIVE as the ones at the Doctors office. I even asked my doc when I was first pregnant.

17 – Coloring books! This is another thing that often comes with more than one. They make great party favors and in all actuality, they are cheaper than the 4 for $1 at Wal-Mart because these ones are bigger and have more pages.

18 – Glass wares! Things like vases, wine glasses, mugs, plates, etc. {Now, I am not suggesting you buy your whole dish set from there because I do think you can find a better deal elsewhere.} These things are good for crafting and gifting and cost a lot more elsewhere.

19 – Cello bags! I ALWAYS buy the cute little printed cello bags there. I use them to stick orders in. Like when someone orders some Posh, I will put it all in the bag, tie and curl a ribbon around it and it’s all ready! Lots better than just a plain clear bag. I also do it with my jewels {locals only – I don’t do it fancy when I ship it because I usually have to bubble wrap it.}

20 – Party supplies! Things like napkins, paper plates, paper cups, cutlery, streamers, etc. are good at the Dollar Store. {P.S. I realize that you can get them at Wally for .97, but plain colors only. They rarely have printed ones for .97}

I also asked this question on my Facebook pages {Jourdan’s Jewels, Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels, and Perfectly Posh with Jourdan}, “Fill in the blank: I ALWAYS buy _______ at the Dollar Store” and here are some of the answers that I got, minus the ones that I have already stated above…

-Trash Bags



-Nail Polish



-Ziploc bags


-Rewards for kids

-Smell good stuff

I could go on and on about some really good finds at the Dollar Store, but I think you get the gist! Stay tuned for “What NOT to Buy at the Dollar Store”.

*Disclosure: All of these opinions are 100% my own! I was not compensated in any way or contacted by any of the stores mentioned to write this post.

What do you ALWAYS buy at the Dollar Store?

Chocolate Covered Ritz Cookies

I recently did a guest post over at Sugar Bee Crafts.

If you didn’t catch it, here is what I shared!!

Every year, around Christmas time, my mom and I would make these cookies. We’d make TONS and give them to friends, family, neighbors, teachers, etc. They’re always a huge hit. And it’s to the point where people expect them each year now and if we haven’t gotten them out by a certain time, they start asking haha!

Now, let’s get started on making these yummy cookies.

But one more thing.. You may want to put on an apron or some grungy clothes because things will probably get messy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Ritz crackers {go with the plain kind!}
*Creamy Peanut Butter
*Chocolate Almond Bark
*White Chocolate {or Vanilla} Almond Bark

Then take another cracker and make a sandwich out of it. Then set it aside.

Now you are going to take one of your chocolates and melt it. I usually do one or two squares at a time because it hardens pretty fast. Cook according to the directions on the back. I always do it in the microwave, but you have to be REALLY careful not to let it burn. You’ve got to keep your eye on it the whole time. When it burns, it STINKS and is no longer useable.

After you’ve melted some chocolate {in my case, I did the white first}, dip your cookie in and make sure it is completely covered, then set it on some wax paper or tinfoil. Continue doing this to all of your cookies using both the white and brown chocolate.

Now you’re going to make them look fancy. All you have to do is dip a spoon in some chocolate {the opposite color of the cookie} and wave your hand back and forth over it until it looks good. Then repeat with the other chocolate until they are all covered. And you’re done! I sometimes put them in the fridge to harden fast.

Before they dry, you could add other things as well or instead of doing the opposite chocolate. Things like sprinkles, M&M’s, and other small candies.

Like I said before, these are always huge hits with everyone!

Bundle them up on a cute holiday paper plate with some plastic wrap and tie it with a ribbon or make your own personalized plate to give them out on.

How about these babies? Don’t they look delish?! Are you gonna make them now?

Karsyn’s 1st Birthday {Monster Party}

*Warning: This is full of CUTE pictures!


On Saturday, October 27th, we celebrate Karsyn’s FIRST birthday! I made most of the decorations. It was exhausting, to say the least, but VERY worth it. I am glad to have it over with, though. We had a good turnout!

Take a look….

When you first walked through the doors, you saw a sign that said “Beware of the little Monsters! Enter at your own risk!”

Then as you walked in, there was the Pinata hanging from a coat rack. {We had to get creative. Couldn’t hang it very high since it was mostly little kids at the party.}

Then as you kept walking, there was a table with the goodie bags.

In the middle of this table was my cute frame.

On the other side of the table were the bubbles and Play-Doh.

Then once you were all the way in, there were three tables for you to sit at.
These were my center pieces.

Then on the far left-hand side was a table with the cupcake cakes. {They were delicious, needless to say.}

I had Fresh Market make them. I was SO happy with how they turned out. And the frosting is whipped. If you aren’t getting whipped frosting, there is something wrong with you. WHIPPED FROSTING, PEOPLE!!

There were also plates, napkins, and cutlery on the table. Off to the side of that table was a round table with the drinks.

We made Fresh Lime.

Above the three tables where people could sit down to chat and eat, was the present table. And above that hung the “Happy Birthday Karsyn” banner.

That was pretty much it as far as details.. I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted, but I can’t complain.

Now on to pictures of the fun {mixed up.. they aren’t in order.. sorry!}

My sister and cousin showing of the adorable Monster suckers!

Karsyn getting the cake smashed in his face.
It’s a tradition, people. Don’t judge.
This is not abuse.
It happens to every kid in our family on their 1st birthday.
Like it or leave it.

“What’s in there?!”

Kade’s family.. Sister Ashlee, Grandma Lenna, and mom Cindy

Hitting the Pinata

He wasn’t too impressed with me.

After they had FINALLY broken open the Pinata.
My brother {in the red.. with the devious smile} broke it with his hand.
He’d had enough of the wimpy hits!

My cousin and sweet baby sis.

Isn’t she cute?
I love her. to. pieces.

Our little niece, Emersyn.

Karsyn, Me, Kade, Emersyn

He was so polite when unwrapping his presents.
He would tear off a little baby piece, had that little baby piece to me to throw away.
And repeat.

Riding his new trike that my dad got him.
He loves that thing!

Emmy hitting the Pinata.

A train set that my Nana got him.
It’s unpainted, so that will be a fun craft for us to do as a family.

Peter {plugging his nose – married to Cherish}. Cherish {Kade’s sister – Emersyn’s mom}, Kade, my dad, Hagun {my bro – in the black}, Tarris {my other bro – in the red}

Isn’t that hat cute?!
My cousin makes them.
Head over to Stitches and Giggles to get ya one!
She has all kinds.

My Nana {my mom’s mom} and cousin Dax

Momma and the Happy Birthday Boy!

Don’t you love his boots?

They light up. (:

Pin the Eye on the Monster

Her face is PRICELESS!

Before his face got smashed in it.

Silly girls!


Whipped frosting!

Givin’ the bear loves.

Givin’ Emmy loves

The smash cake

If you made it through all these photos, good job! We had a blast! Karsyn was pooped by the time it was over.

What was your favorite thing about Karsyn’s party?

Pay It Forward… Handmade

So I have really sucked at this whole blogging thing this month. ): DANG!

But.. I have goals to do better! Woohoo! (:

If you read blogs, you may have already seen this.. I am excited to join in the fun!

I was LUCKY #3 comment-er on Jennifer’s blog, Finding my Way in Texas.

So, if you are wondering what this is about, here is the info:

I will send a handmade gift to the first three commenters on this post. The gift will be a handmade surprise by me and I will send it to you sometime in the next 365 days.

What you need to do:
Leave me a comment and include your email address so I can get in touch with you about your mailing address and some other information about yourself. To complete signing up, you MUST play along too by blogging a similar post and pledging to make a surprise for the first 3 people who comment on it.

So, do you want to play along and have some fun? Comment below, and I’ll send a thoughtful-and-totally-awesome gift to the first three people who do.

Let’s pay it forward.. HANDMADE style! (:

Spray Painted Picture Frame

The last gift I made for their wedding present was the picture frame. You’re probably thinking.. “Why in the heck did you do it red, black, and white instead of white, black, and green?” I did it because their room is in thodr colors and I knew they could use something cute in there.

I bought the frame at Walmart for $2.97. It has a stand in the back, so it can be hung or just sat on a dresser or table or something. And I forgot to take a picture BEFORE I started painting it, so forgive me. But you get the idea of what it looked like. Just plain wood. I wanted to spray it white first because I knew the red would show up on it better than white showing on red, if you get what I mean.  I sprayed it all white and then left it dry for a little while.

I didn’t take very many pictures because I kept forgetting, but what I did after I sprayed it white and let it dry was measure how big I wanted my stripes, then I put a piece of tape over the place where I wanted a white stripe. In my case, I just did the stripes as big as the tape, so I placed two pieces of tape all the way around the frame. Then I sprayed it red. I made sure to spray the sides as well so the stripes would carry over. I would recommend using painters tape, rather than just packing tape.. haha. Mine did bleed a little, which sucked, but whatever. “It gives it character,” as Kade would say.

I let the red paint dry before I peeled the tape off and once I pulled the tape off, this is what it looked like. You can see the little places where the paint bled, dang it! I probably should have sprayed it a little more, too, to make sure that it was all even, but I was in a hurry, so this is not the best. Sorry. Forgive me?

Then I took it in the house and added some glitter letters to spell their last name. I got the letters in the scrapbook section at Walmart for .97 for a bag of 50 or so letters. They also have them in white, but I thought black would look fab.

The glue hadn’t completely dried yet on the N, so nevermind that.

What do you think??

{If you missed how I made any of the other gifts, you can check them out here: cups, plate, and jar of dates.


Jar of Dates

Today, I am going to show you how I made the cute Jar of Dates! I was inspired by this on Pinterest.

What you’ll need:
*List of dates {you can make up your own or find a HUGE list of them here}
*Scissors or paper trimmer

First of all, I printed out all 17 pages of dates from here.

Some of the dates were really long and some were really short. A lot of them had another link attached for you to view more ideas on the date.

Then I cut up all the dates. Then I folded them and shoved them in the jar!

The jar was very full!

As you can see, I added some zebra and lime green sparkly, polka dot ribbon to the top and tied it into a pretty bow. I made the tag in Word and printed it, then cut it out and glued it on to some zebra paper. Then I just put double-sided tape on the jar and stuck on the tag! {If you do a can instead of a jar, you can find super cute, pre-designed labels here.}

And there you have yourself a pretty little, overflowing Jar of Dates!

So now you have seen how to do the cups, the plate, and now this!

Tomorrow I will show you how I did the frame!

Personalized Plate for $1

Today, I am writing about how I made that cute song plate.

If you have missed the last two posts, catch up with them here to see why I made these and here to see how to do the cups.

You will need:

Set your oven to 150. You can draw/doodle/write while the oven is heating up.

I decided to write “their” song on it. Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback.

I looked up the lyrics, just to make sure I was getting every single word correct, even though I basically know this song by heart.. For two reasons.. 1 – Because I just love this song. 2 – This was the song played at Kade’s prom, so we listened to it only 185,083,850,568 times while practicing the dance.

I ended up having a little bit of white space {literally} in the middle and it looked a little lame if I just left it like that, so I drew a heart and wrote their names on one side and their wedding date on the other.

When you are finished drawing on the plate, stick it in the oven for 30 minutes. This will make it more permanent than it already is. It should be dishwasher safe.

**The plate looks like I never messed up {in fact, Matt was surprised that I “didn’t” mess up one time} but I really did. I just realized it quickly and rubbed it off. So don’t fret if you mess up! It comes off, but you just have to act fast!

The possibilities are endless on what you can draw/doodle/write on here.

I got this plate at the Dollar Tree and I already had the sharpies, so the total cost of this gift was $1! It would be nice if you included a stand for the plate to sit on. You can get them at Wal-mart for like $3. I’m sure they have some at Michaels, Jo Ann’s, and Hobby Lobby, but our town isn’t cool enough to have any of those stores.

So now you have seen how to do the cups and the plate.

Tomorrow I will show you how to do the Jar of Dates!