Baseball Bedroom Inspiration

Karsyn’s room is one that I am most excited for! I have been trying really hard to think of a theme that he will fit into for a while so that I am not having to redo his room all the time. He’s only 3 right now, so the things he’s into right now – like Paw Patrol, Spider Man, Ninja Turtles, etc. – are not likely to be things he still absolutely loves in a few years. I decided on red and a dark blue for his room colors because I can really change that up with just about everything. Whether it be a Paw Patrol or Spider Man bedspread for right now or something nautical or sporty or school colors (the district we live in now has red and blue as their school colors and I hope he’s involved in sports, so that would work for his room, too, if he decided that’s something he liked). When I went shopping last weekend, I was hoping I’d see something that would just inspire me and I’d know exactly how I was going to do his room – theme wise. And then I saw it…


Perfect! It was on sale for $35 at Hobby Lobby and this baby is HUGE! About 4 feet tall. This picture just made me THAT much more excited to do his room. Currently, we share a room. Space is tight. No privacy for me. No toys for him. And it sucks. He has had his own room in the past, when Kade and I were still together, but ever since we split about two years ago, Karsyn and I have shared a room. So I am very excited for him to finally get his own room back and actually be able to utilize the room, as well. Before, he was just a baby and was never in his own room, so it didn’t really matter. He is so excited to get all of his toys out of storage and I am excited to have our own spaces. I have asked him several times how he wants to do his room in our new house, but I don’t think he really understands what I mean. I asked him what color he wanted to paint the walls and he said, “Ummm…. How about green and yellow and orange and brown and red and blue? Does that sound like a great idea, mom?” Sure son. I’ll let you pretend that’s what we’re doing.

Now that I’ve got my main piece picked out, here are some other things I am loving and wanting to do in his room.. Thank you, Pinterest, for being such a good helper!

I also bought this sign on my shopping spree!


As well as this baseball lamp! Pictures just don’t do it justice!

Okay, so this first one doesn’t have anything to do with baseball, but it’s too cute not to share. While I was looking on Pinterest for some red and blue bedroom ideas, I came across this Super Hero sign. Love it!! Also available in other colors.

A true SUPERHERO/Subway Style/Boy Sign/Boy's Decor/Gift/Crown/Red/Navy Blue/Yellow on Etsy, $39.95

Umm… Loving this baseball clock!

I am DEFINITELY doing this. It’s gotta be one of my favorite ideas so far. I’ve asked my little (baseball fanatic) brother to save all of his old baseballs for me so that I could put them in a jar. I said I’d even buy a bag of balls if he’d play with them through the summer to give them that worn look. He happily agreed.

I promised Roy he could have one room for his "Rangers"  ugh...can I make it cute:)I am not going to do this (you’ll see what I am going to do below), but I still thought it was a cute idea.

baseball decorations for boys rooms | Baseball Sports Vinyl Wall Decal - Boys Room Decor - Children Decor ...Here’s another pic of the jar of baseballs. I just love it so much. I also love those tiny red Converse. I even have one of those HUGE Ball jars. It just might end up on Karsyn’s dresser!

Love the baseballs in the jar! Perfect for all those game balls we are collecting

I love everything about this wall. This is more of what I am leaning towards. I love the huuuge baseball mural. I love the red baseboard in the middle of the wall and I love the dark blue bottom half of the wall. I am going grey throughout the whole house, ya know, but I am wondering if it will look bad in his room where I am going with more of the worn baseball look? Should I do tan/creams/browns??? I don’t know how to paint the other walls.

bd23f73dc618db53ee57beba2f83cb24I can’t find a direct link to this, but it would be so easy to make – personalized with the child’s name.

10525c2775cd01bc9c6bf4ac532448bdAnother thing that would be so easy to make! Just buy the letter at any craft store and paint it. But if you don’t want to make it yourself, you can buy it here.

il_570xN.446431781_ovu4This is more of how I am thinking I’ll do it. I do love the two stitch of where it looks more round, but I think this one is cute, too. I dunnoooo… We’ll have to see how ambitious I am when it comes to painting all those little lines. I also love the red bed.

IMG_0604This listing is out of stock, but anything you could DIY. Just glue the three balls together and screw on the plate to make some baseball book ends!


Just a few more things, I promise! 🙂 How cute is this baseball picture frame?

The switch plate and outlet covers are too cute!



Can’t find a link for this one either, but yet another easy DIY. Just get some old wood, stain it and then screw the ball on the board from behind. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)


No direct link for this, but that would be cute to paint the closet! Especially if you had solid walls and just wanted a little baseball accent, instead of the whole baseball wall.

3fa2018e72c92ab6f4234c11b94c49baSo there you have it! I am amazed at how many ideas there are floating around and all of the different decorations. I can’t wait to put his room together!

Baseball Bedroom Inspiration

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4 thoughts on “Baseball Bedroom Inspiration

  1. I’m so impressed with all your ideas, Jourdan! I especially like the closet doors and that big, red sign.

    Keep working on it! I know it will turn out darling!

    Love you,


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