Handmade Gifts!

I can finally share the rest of these with you, now that the holidays have passed.

But first off, let me just say that the pix do NOT do these pieces justice.

They are MUCH cuter in person.

P.S. If you click on the picture, it will take you to my Etsy shop, where you can buy one for yourself and a friend!


For the unclekeychain2

For the brothernecklace1

For the sisternecklace2For the friendproud mom necklace

For the momPhotoGrid_1354583475864

For the gymnastics teacherPhotoGrid_1354583567596

For the softball momPhotoGrid_1354583682511

For the BMX momPhotoGrid_1354583896326

For the proud grandma! {One of my FAVES!!!!}PhotoGrid_1355441075810

For the husbandPhotoGrid_1355441790095

For the dadPhotoGrid_1355442316799

For the wifePhotoGrid_1355442576790

For the motocross momPhotoGrid_1355450693523

For the cheerleader

Aren’t they great?!

I love what I do.

And I especially love custom orders!

What piece is your favorite?


Adorable Jewels I’ve Been Making

Over the Black Friday weekend, I did a huge sale with my Jourdan’s Jewels and Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels. Like 50% off huge.

I had about 20 Handmade orders – 4 from one girl, 8 from another, and then some other randoms.

So I’ve been busy.

I can’t wait to share all of them that I made, but I have to wait just a few more days because they are gifts.

big girl panties

Too freakin’ funny!
I laughed out loud when she sent me this pic saying that’s what she wanted.
I LOVE it.
You can buy one here.

front and backThis is one that is, obviously, not finished yet.
I sent the pendant off to Stampressions to be paired with a stamped piece.
If you missed the post of our collaboration, you can see it here.
You can buy one here.

girl and grampsThis is another one I sent to Stampressions to be paired with a stamped piece.
You can buy one here.

PhotoGrid_1354486206285One of my most faves!!
Love on the front with her kids’ names on the back!
Three charms dangle from the bottom – one to represent each of her children.
You can buy one here.

PhotoGrid_1354583392697Just Dance keychain!
I also did a gymnastics one for her, but it’s personalized, so I can’t show it yet!
Can do any color{s}!
You can buy one here.

I can’t wait to share the rest of them with you!!

Did you support any small businesses this year with your gift buying?

New Images for Necklaces

So the other day {every day, actually} I was flipping through Pinterest and I always find cute quotes that I just love.

So I made some of my own that were inspired by what I’d seen.

I made these mainly for necklaces or keychains.

I LOVE to put quotes inside of necklaces and keychains.

It’s a great way to have a constant reminder.

So, here they are!

This is something we ALWAYS need to do!
Buy it here.

I love this!
We should always remember that everyone is different and we should not compare ourselves to others.
Buy it here.

It’s not always easy to see the big picture, but more often than not, whatever the problem may be, it has worked out in the way we wanted it to.
Buy it here.

Another one of those things..
We don’t always see the big picture.
Buy it here.

What a great scripture!
Buy it here.

We shouldn’t be afraid to shoot for the stars!
Buy it here.
Ha! Yup! No words needed.
Buy it here.

I hope someday I can go to Paris!
Buy it here.

Yes. You can’t tell me that you don’t relate to this!
Buy it here.
Now, sometimes we veer off the beaten path..
Only to find a better one!
Buy it here.

So tell me, which is your favorite?

Guest Post at Pretty Living

Today I am Guest Posting over at Pretty Living.

Go check it out.

There may or may not be a giveaway and not one, but TWO discount codes available! {hint, hint!}