Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels

Ever since I started selling clothes and jewelry with Jourdan’s Jewels, I always wanted to do something more. I wanted to make something. I wanted to be crafty! So in February of 2012, I launched Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels.

I mostly do custom orders, which I absolutely love, but I am going to try to do more Ready-to-Ship jewels as well! I have so many ideas, I just need to sit down and make them!

A little more info.. Everything can be completely personalized. I can take your photo{s} and make them into a necklace, bracelet, keychain, earrings, ring, etc. You can choose the wording and color{s}. Most items, I add a ribbon to the top and beads/charms to the bottom. A lot of them are double-sided, but I can also do them in tray and bottlecaps, which are just one-sided. The double-sided ones are made of two pieces of glass soldered together. There is something for EVERYONE! Each piece is handmade, so there may be some imperfections, but that is truly what makes each piece unique.

Etsy Shop // Facebook

Here are a few of my favorites…


For the cheerleader!


For the MotoX Mom!PhotoGrid_1355442316799

For the mom/wife!PhotoGrid_1354583896326

For the Grandma!

For the Gymnastics Coach!PhotoGrid_1354486206285

For the mom!532253_443952835664624_1766191342_n

For the newly-weds!560077_367509493308959_515374041_n

For the Marathon runner!155828_467546143305293_75657521_n

For the dad/brother/uncle/grandpa!398233_322191304507445_349078013_n

For the mom!423316_313887635337812_450213255_n

For the Baseball Mom! 417609_322178671175375_1451363168_n

For the Lucky Momma!484028_322175801175662_1739441192_n

For the Survivor!292573_377633925629849_1100007834_n

For the Proud Mom!543521_339156462810929_41276145_n

For the special girl in your life!


So, what do ya think?

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