Outfit Idea #4: Basic and Easy

It was one of those days where I didn’t really feel like getting ready, but still wanted to look like I put some effort in to it. The hat was what I was trying to base my outfit off of and this is what I came up with.

1003220_515885091837593_628432752_nHat, ivory top and boots from –  Jourdan’s Jewels. Brown tank – Down East. Pants – Gordmans.





Outfit Idea #3: Leopard

Leopard. Is so HOT right now! And so are leggings. I mean, who doesn’t love leggings? This outfit was beyond comfy and so relaxed.

999567_541440855948683_1282431551_nHeadband – Maurices. Sweater and tank – I’ve had for years. Leggings and Rascal BootsJourdan’s Jewels.



Outfit Idea #2

This is one of my favorites and when I posted it on Facebook, it was an instant hit – I sold out of the dress within an hour.

1457750_546052362154199_1097797764_nIt was a good hair day, too (;

1392006_546136405479128_136901130_nDottie Dress {sold out}, Fleece Lined Leggings, Rascal Boots, Necklace all from Jourdan’s Jewels.

I wore this to work and got compliments one after another on my dress! Safe to say it’s a keeper!



Sports Mom Hat and Shirt Combo

Along with school starting, comes sports! If you are like some of the moms I know, you get REALLY in to watching your child play. And I think that’s great! I can’t wait to be one of “those” moms! (; But how about you do it in style?!

Sports MomI am ordering these tomorrow, so act fast! They are $31 for the hat AND the shirt! SCORE {pun intended}!!

So if you would like to order, head over to my Facebook page and let me know whacha want!





Back to School Giveaway!

Are you or your kids going back to school soon? Whether you answered yes or no, I have a giveaway in store for you!!

Anyone is eligible to enter and there are several ways you can win! There will be TWO $50 winners! Woot! You can get quite a bit at Jourdan’s Jewels for $50.

Back to school giveaway


Head over to my Facebook page to see all of the ways you can enter!

Happy Monday and good luck!! (:




Big Dreams

You know that feeling when you’re laying in bed, trying to sleep and your mind just WILL NOT shut off?? Yeah, me, too. Every. Single. Night.

Last night, I couldn’t help but think of all these things I want to do in my life and all of my big dreams that I have for myself and my business. I see all of these other boutiques that sell like crazy and I am envious, not jealous, but I do envy all their fans and the support that they get, and of course, the money would be nice. But money really isn’t what it’s all about. I ENJOY my job. I enjoy selling clothes and jewelry to others. I love helping them feel good about themselves and finding a good deal. I know that when I am scrolling through my newsfeed and I see some boutiques that carry the EXACT same items as me, but are charging almost 50% MORE than what I am charging, it makes me sad. Good for them that they can charge that much, because I know how much the item costs and they are making a KILLING! But I know that not everyone can afford to pay those prices and it sucks for them because they want these items so bad, but just can’t afford it. I really do try to provide items at affordable prices. I realize that sometimes $40 for a dress is not exactly affordable, but I am hardly making anything off that price!

Someday, I would love to be so big that I have to hire employees to help me do all the things that I do by myself right now. I can’t wait to get a warehouse someday because my business will have grown too big for my home. I can’t wait to meet future customers and have friendships. And I’ll tell you what, I have made some really great friends through my business. I love that part of it a lot. No, we don’t “hang out”, but when I see them at the store or something, we have a nice chat or if it’s friends that don’t live nearby, we just have conversations over messages. It’s nice to know that I am making a difference in these women’s lives.

So all the while I am dreaming about all these things and feeling discouraged because I am not there yet, I have to take a step back and remember that I am only 20 years old. I have a FULL life ahead of me. I WILL accomplish those things and I WILL fulfill my dreams, just not right now. It may not be tomorrow, and it may not be the next day. It may not be for even a couple YEARS, but it WILL happen!

Tell me your big dreams!

Win a Pair of Wedges!

Summer is coming {hopefully}! And every girl needs a pair of cute wedges, so I am giving a pair away!

share wedgesTo enter, just go to my Facebook page, like the page, share the picture and comment with your size! You can also tag a friend for an extra entry!!

If you can’t wait to see if you win and just want to buy them, you can do that here. If you buy them and win, I will refund your money.

Good luck!!



Bling-y Flip Flops!

Happy Tuesday!

After class today, I am headed up to Salt Lake to go to a Posh at Play workshop! I can’t wait.

Anyway, today I wanted to show you these ADORABLE bling-y flip flops that are now available to order at Jourdan’s Jewels.


Camo and bling? Don’t mind if I do!69309-689787_l

Every girl needs a pair of black flip flops!


Guns? Check. Camo? Check. Bling? Check. I LOOOVE these! I’ve already sold about 10 pair!

They are going quickly, so get yours now! I am ordering these on Thursday night, so don’t wait!

They are each $30 and they will ship to you as soon as I get them {usually the following Wednesday}.



Giveaway and Coupon Code

Last week, I contacted Jonie of Just Between Friends and asked her if she would be interested in doing a giveaway on her blog. She said yes and it’s LIVE!

Go check it out. You could win this awesome scarf! (:




New Arrivals at Jourdan’s Jewels

This past week at Jourdan’s Jewels, I got some fun new stuff!!


This ADORABLE black and white crown wallet!


These fun tie-dye drawstring bags!

tie dye bagThis black and white butterfly shirt!


Aren’t these gorillas cute for little kids for Valentines?!


And the BLUE longhorn horseshoe ring!


Which piece is your favorite?!