15+ Things I would NEVER Buy at the Dollar Store

15+ things I would never buy at the dollar store

This is in addition to my post “20+ Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store

I am not trying to bash on anything or anyone.

I am just stating my opinion and why. I have nothing against anyone who may happen to buy these things there.

I have also asked my readers on Facebook {Jourdan’s Jewels, Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels, and Perfectly Posh with Jourdan} for their input, as well.

Here’s my list:

{These answers have not been edited at all. Just copied and pasted. My opinions are in italics.}

1 – make up! Some of their make-up is okay, and you can’t go wrong with $1 chapsticks!

2 – perishables – I’m with you on that one! I don’t think I would buy a whole lot of food from there. Maybe name brand stuff, but that’s about it.

3 – medicine – I don’t think I would ever really trust $1 medicine either!

4 – Shampoo or Conditioner! – The baby kind wouldn’t be too bad for $1, but not stuff for my own hair.

5 – toilet paper – TP is TP! You can get shitty {no pun intended} TP at Wal-Mart.

6 – Bras and panties – Um, yeah. It’d probably be paper thin!

7 – Condoms!!! hahaha ;D – Haha! Me either!

8 – Canned meat! – I wouldn’t buy canned meat ANYWHERE!

9 – sushi – I didn’t even know they had sushi at the Dollar Store!

10 – Fruits and veggies … umm no thanks – I’ve never seen either of those at our Dollar Store.

11 – boxed foods or electrical cords! – I haven’t ever bought either of those there, but I know for sure that I wouldn’t buy the cords there!

12 – Toys they are made from another country and can have lead in them.. not safe for my kids! – I didn’t even realize that! I try not to buy too many toys there anyway, because most of them break about 5 minutes after we get home.

13 – clothes – I’ve only seen a handful of clothes at our DS and they were very plain and THIN!

14 – Jars of any good (pickles, relish, peppers) the say distributed from Wisconsin or something but it’s a product from India. Also toothpaste, the colgate that says made in Madagascar? – Right. I’m all about buying USA made stuff!

15 – Anything in the refrigerated section. – Our DS doesn’t even have a refrigerated section!

16 – Diapers, they are so much more expensive – Wouldn’t they be just a $1? Ha. I would never trust the Dollar Stores diapers.

17 – Food. – Not all of it is bad.

18 – birth control – Another one of those “I’ve never even seen that there!” I thought BC had to be OTC?!

The most common answer was: a pregnancy test. But let me just tell you this! When I was pregnant, I was at the doctor office and we were talking about pregnancy tests. She told me that the ones at the Dollar Store are just as effective as the ones she had! One of the nurses that works at my doctors office even confirmed this on my status. This is what she said, “Jourdan, the pregnancy tests at her office are almost identical to the dollar store ones haha! I buy everything at the dollar store.”

Other commenters said this about pregnancy tests:

* they have to be fda approved so why spend $10 when you can just spend $1?
*Bought both my pregnancy tests at the dollar store. They worked fine! Got two boys to prove it!
*Bought both of my pregnancy tests at the dollar store, and both said I was pregnant when the really expensive early predictor ones said I wasn’t… BOTH TIMES! And I now have two beautiful little girls…
*I’ve bought 2 pregnancy tests for the dollar store and they were right both times
*I didn’t believe it either….I went and bought the $10 one and it was the same result

I had a couple people that work at Dollar Stores comment on my statuses and this is what they had to say:

*I work at dollar general. Are products are just as good as walmarts.
*I work at dollar general too and do most my shopping here. It’s as good as anywhere else.

*Disclosure: I was not contacted by any of the stores mentioned to write this post. I did not receive any compensation at all. This was written by me with the opinions of others from my Facebook pages.

What would you NEVER buy at the Dollar Store?



20+ Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store

20+ things you should buy at the dollar store

I’ve complied a list of items that you should buy at the Dollar Store versus Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

You really can save money by shopping at Dollar Stores.

The saying “You get what you pay for” does hold true on some items there, but for the most part, you’re getting one heck of a deal!

1 – Tape! You can get 2 rolls of clear Scotch Tape for $1!! SCORE! Tape is tape, it will do the trick. They sell the same stuff at Wally for like $2-3.

2 – Gift bags! The Dollar Tree has some SUPER cute gift bags! Like WAY cute! And they’re only $1! You can NOT beat that! The cutest ones at Wally are like $5! Who wants to spend $5 on a gift bag?! You could be spending $4 extra on the actual gift if you go with the ones from the Dollar Store. Plus, if you buy the really little bags, you will sometimes get MORE than one bag, so it makes your total cost even lower. {P.S. I do realize that Wal-Mart sells some for .97, but there is a very limited selection and they are all about the same size. You can’t get HUGE ones for .97}

3 – Tissue paper! This is something that you shouldn’t ever spend more than $1 on! It’s probably just going to get ripped up and thrown away anyway. The Dollar Tree offers different colors and sometimes prints of tissue paper. Plus, you can get huge things of it. Like 50 pieces for $1. That’s only .02 a sheet! {P.S. I realize that Wal-Mart does sell tissue paper for .97, but you don’t get as many sheets.}

4 – Gift cards! They’ve got a pretty big selection of gift cards, plus they’re usually 2 for $1. And yes, they do come with the envelopes there as well!

5 – Poster board! They offer a variety of colors and again, they are usually 2 for $1.

6 – Candle sticks! There are SO many crafts on Pinterest that require candle sticks and for just $1, you can’t go wrong. They are about $3-4 at Wally.

7 – School supplies! Pencils, pens, highlighters, notebooks, paper clips, pencil bags, etc. You can get all of this stuff for just $1! Most of it comes in packs, so you’re definitely getting the most bang for your buck!

8 – Kitchen utensils! Spatulas, mixing bowls, measuring cups, small cutting boards, veggie peelers, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, tongs, big serving spoons, cookie cutters {pack fo 6! less than .20 each!}, etc. One of my favorite gifts to give to my friends for their wedding is a big basket {also found at the Dollar Store!} clear full of kitchen stuff! It’s stuff every household needs, so you can’t go wrong.

9 – Cleaning supplies! Sometimes they are a little bit smaller versions or generic brands, but it’s still a good deal. They do offer name brands like Awesome, AJAX, Clorox, The Works!, etc. You can also find brooms, mops, and dust pans. They all do the trick.

10 – Oven mitts and pot holders! Often times, they come in a pack of two, so .50 each!

11 – Storage baskets! They are CUTE and they make cute baskets for gifts. I love putting together a gift in a little colored basket from the Dollar Tree, plus, it’s something they can always use later.

12 – Handheld mirrors! Again, for only $1, you can get yourself a little handheld mirror. At Wally, they want like $5 for the same thing!

13 – Decorations! You might not know it, but the Dollar Tree has some REALLY cute decorations! I love to go shopping there for cute little things to put around my house. And you seriously can’t beat it for $1!

14 – Craft supplies! I ALWAYS check the Dollar Store for the supplies I need to finish a craft before I go anywhere else. More often than not, I find what I’m looking for. {When I was doing Karsyn’s Monster Party, I used a TON of googly eyes. They are 150 for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Wally wanted .97 for 15. RIP OFF!} Plus, they have lots of cute kid craft kits to help keep your little ones occupied while you are busy.

15 – Tooth brushes! I don’t always buy mine there, but Karsyn’s, I do. They have cute little character ones there, like Toy Story and Cars, for just $1! He doesn’t need anything extravagant right now and he’s more than happy with it.

16 – Pregnancy Tests! It may seem weird because they are only $1, but at Wally, you can pay up to $40 for ONE test! What a joke! And I promise I am telling the truth when I say that the Dollar Store tests are JUST AS EFFECTIVE as the ones at the Doctors office. I even asked my doc when I was first pregnant.

17 – Coloring books! This is another thing that often comes with more than one. They make great party favors and in all actuality, they are cheaper than the 4 for $1 at Wal-Mart because these ones are bigger and have more pages.

18 – Glass wares! Things like vases, wine glasses, mugs, plates, etc. {Now, I am not suggesting you buy your whole dish set from there because I do think you can find a better deal elsewhere.} These things are good for crafting and gifting and cost a lot more elsewhere.

19 – Cello bags! I ALWAYS buy the cute little printed cello bags there. I use them to stick orders in. Like when someone orders some Posh, I will put it all in the bag, tie and curl a ribbon around it and it’s all ready! Lots better than just a plain clear bag. I also do it with my jewels {locals only – I don’t do it fancy when I ship it because I usually have to bubble wrap it.}

20 – Party supplies! Things like napkins, paper plates, paper cups, cutlery, streamers, etc. are good at the Dollar Store. {P.S. I realize that you can get them at Wally for .97, but plain colors only. They rarely have printed ones for .97}

I also asked this question on my Facebook pages {Jourdan’s Jewels, Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels, and Perfectly Posh with Jourdan}, “Fill in the blank: I ALWAYS buy _______ at the Dollar Store” and here are some of the answers that I got, minus the ones that I have already stated above…

-Trash Bags



-Nail Polish



-Ziploc bags


-Rewards for kids

-Smell good stuff

I could go on and on about some really good finds at the Dollar Store, but I think you get the gist! Stay tuned for “What NOT to Buy at the Dollar Store”.

*Disclosure: All of these opinions are 100% my own! I was not compensated in any way or contacted by any of the stores mentioned to write this post.

What do you ALWAYS buy at the Dollar Store?