Easy and Delicious Pasta Salad

I LOVE Pasta Salad and I finally made some. (:

Pasta Salad

It was delicious!! {Was meaning it’s gone now. Yep. That good.}

Here’s what you’ll need:
-Noodles {Rotini, Penne, spagetti}
-1 Bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing
-1 cup of Cherry Tomatoes
-1 Purple Onion
-1 Green Bell Pepper
-1 Cup Sliced Olives

{Note: Those veggies are just what I used in mine. They are all optional, depending on your liking. Of course, you can add lots of other things, too. I’ve seen it with yellow and red bell peppers, chunks of cheese, peas, etc.}

Pasta Salad 2

Here’s how to make it:

1 – Cook your noodles according to the directions on the package. In the ingredients list, I named several types of noodles. Just choose one. I’ve seen it done with all three of those noodles, that’s why I named them. I chose Rotini noodles.

2 – While your noodles are boiling, cut up all of your veggies in to bite size pieces. Put them in a large bowl when cut.

3 – After your noodles are done boiling and drained, mix noodles in with the veggies, along with the bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing.

4 – Stir and enjoy!

{Another note: it also tastes MUCH better when it’s cold, so after you stir it all together, put in in the fridge for an hour or two and then you’ll REALLY enjoy it!}


Pasta Salad 3

When you make Pasta Salad, what do you add?



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