September 3 – Giveaway

Today’s prompt is to give something away. I really would love to, but a lot of time and effort goes in to hosting a giveaway {so you should ALWAYS, always be thankful for those that do them} and I am not really sure if anyone even follows along here anymore since I haven’t blogged for so long, so instead of giving something away, I am going to share some of my favorite printables that I have found on Pinterest, of course, that are all FREE for you to download, print and decorate with.

Stay completely organized in 2015 with these FREE printables from The Handmade Home.

You can never be too organized. Love this 2015 printable set from The Handmade Home. This is like the motherload of all printables. I mean, what more do you need?!

Adorable gold glitter deer. Free printable from Carissa Miss. A Fox print is also available.

So dang adorable! I love the deer head trend. Also available with an owl and fox. Free printable from Carissa Miss.Everyone loves compliments. Why not take one for yourself?! Print these off and hang everywhere! Free printable from Kind Over Matter.

Um, yes please! Everyone needs a compliment now and then. Print these “Free Compliments” out and hang them everywhere! From Kind Over Matter.

Back-to-school Interview sheets. So fun to start from Preschool and do it every year, then put in a scrapbook. Free printables from Positively Splendid.

I know school has already started, but it’s not too late to print out these cute little interview sheets and fill them out with your kids! So adorable. I can’t wait to do this with my little guy. I’m gonna do one for his birthday next month. This would be so fun to look back on, so make sure you save them in a scrapbook so everyone can look back. From Positively Splendid."Love" this love Subway Art. Not just for Valentine's day. Perfect for every day decor. Free printable from The Girl Creative.

I love red, white and black together. I wear the three together all the time and I’ve caught myself many times gravitating to decorations that are those three colors. So, naturally, I love this Love subway art! It’s not just for Valentine’s, but perfect for every day. From The Girl Creative.

Adorable FREE Kitchen printables from The 36th Avenue.

These kitchen printables from The 36th Avenue make me laugh! So cute.

Free feather printables from Oh, So Lovely. More color choices available.I am a HUGE fan of feathers, so when I saw this feather printable, I knew it was a must have! From Oh, So Lovely. Also available in other colors.

Adorable Fall Day free printable from Moritz Fine Design.I LOVE Fall. It’s my favorite season. This Fall Day printable from Moritz Fine Design is perfect!

I hope you liked those! I’d love to know what some of your favorite printables are. Leave the link in the comments. 🙂




Monster Party Favors

I had so much fun prepping for Karsyn’s 1st birthday last year! Can’t believe I am already working on stuff for his 2nd. Unfortunately, this one isn’t going to be as big, since we now live 4 hours away from any family ):

Anyway, today I am going to quickly show you how easy it was to “make” the faces on the bubbles and play dough that were inside of the treat bags!

1005490_10201656335708075_19735816_nFirst, I removed all of the labels. I didn’t really care too much about the sticky part; it was only a small line on each thing, but I knew the kids wouldn’t even notice! But, if you are worried about it, make your own Goo Gone to get it off!

Then I added one eye to each bottle.


Then I went crazy with the faces! I used my treat bag drawings for inspiration (;

1186161_10201656336548096_375161304_nFun, right?

1012491_10201656336108085_1485404366_nI got the packs of bubbles and play dough at the Dollar Tree. It was cheaper {yes, only by a few cents, but hey!} than Walmart.

We ended up having some party packs left over, so I gave them to trick-or-treaters! This would be a way cute {and healthier} option for those little kids.

What is your go-to party favor?



Monster Party Treat Bags

No Monster Party is complete without some Monster Party Treat Bags!

Monster Party BagsIn each bag was about 10 pieces of candy that I bought at the Dollar Store.

Monster Party Bags 4

Monster Party Bags 3Along with a cute little Monster coloring and activity book.

I hand-drew every single monster! One on each bag. And there was about 30 bags! I was inspired by each of the monsters in the activity book and the stamp I used for the invites/envelopes. Then, of course, I added a googly eye to each one! (:

Monster Party Bags 2Then I just folded the top down and stapled it. I had orange, blue, green, and a few pink bags for the girls.

12807_4747163154902_1632950674_nI thought they turned out pretty stinkin’ cute! I was really in love with each one of them!

I got each of the bags at Walmart. They were about .25 each. The googly eyes in packs of 125 from the Dollar Store. The candy at the Dollar Store. And the activity books from Oriental Trading.

Have you ever made your own party bags? How did they turn out?



How to make a Pennant Banner

For Karsyn’s first birthday, I tried to make as many things as I could, to save money. I searched and searched Pinterest for a good tutorial on how to make a pennant banner and I couldn’t really find one, so I just had to wing it. I am not saying mine is the best, because I know it’s not, but hopefully it will help you!

how to make a pennant banner

And I will apologize, again, right now for having crappy pix! It was like 1 AM when I was making and taking.

Supplies needed:

-Paper trimmer/scissors
-Hole Punch

1233622_10201709547918347_290831773_nFirst, I chose some paper that matched the color scheme I was doing {which was blue, orange, and green}. I used 12×12 paper.

Next, I drew a line straight across the middle of the paper.

1174546_10201709545358283_129305276_nThen I drew diagonal lines from the middle to the outside of the paper, creating triangles. I believe they were about 3.5 inches?

532071_10201709546278306_2021835373_nI just did this over and over until my page was full of triangles. As you can see, I did it on both sides of the line.

998787_10201709547318332_704616316_nI also trimmed off where the lines overlapped on the bottom.

563046_10201709547078326_997961760_nThen I just used my trimmer to cut along the lines.

Next, I cut out the circles that had the letters on them. I just created these in Word.

536749_10201709545918297_294779358_nI can’t remember the exact font I used {so sorry!!}, but I was looking for something fun and this one was perfect.

560502_10201709547638340_1292690752_nThen I glued each circle on to each little triangle.

995197_10201709542958223_1617332088_nAfter I had them all glued on, I punched a hole in each of the top corners. Then I cut a small piece of string and tied the one to another until I had each word complete. I realize that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense and I don’t have a picture to show. For the “HAPPY” I punched a hole in the top right corner of the “H” and then a hole in the top right and left corner of the “A”. So the hole from the “H” and the left hole on the “A” were tied together. Does that make sense now?

how to make a pennant bannerIn this picture, you can kind of see what I mean. Hopefully that helps you! If you have questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them!!



Googly Eye Picture Frame

Another fun and super cute thing I made for Karsyn’s Monster Party was this picture frame.

Eye Frame 6As you can see, I sat it on the table with the goodie bags {tutorial on those to come!}.
{Get the FREE printable here.}

Eye Frame 4

What you’ll need:
-Googly eyes {I used about 4 bags from the Dollar Store – 125 pieces each}
-Unfinished wood picture frame {Mine is from Walmart – The opening is 5×7.}
-Green paint
-Paint brush
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

First off, paint your frame! I just did mine inside on a piece of cardboard. Give it two or three coats. And make sure you get the outsides and insides. The back doesn’t matter.

Eye Frame

Next, after you’ve given the frame plenty of time to dry, you’ll glue the eyes on. I used the same method for gluing down the eyes as I did on the Googly Eye Wreath – where’d I’d draw on some glue, then lay down the eyes.

Eye Frame 3Then when you’re all done gluing the eyes on, you should have yourself a cute googly eye frame!

Eye Frame 5Now all you need to do is add a picture or printable to the inside!

Eye Frame 6

And as I said when I made the Googly Eye Wreath, the best part about these decorations is that I can use them for Halloween, too!

Eye Frame 2Tutorial coming on how I made the garland as well! (:


Googly Eye Wreath

Last year, for Karsyn’s birthday, it was Monster theme.

I love everything about the whole “Monster” theme!

It’s all so cute and there are SO many ideas!

I wanted to incorporate googly eyes on everything I could, so I made this fun wreath!

Eye Wreath 11

And you wanna know what the best part of all his birthday decorations? I can use them for Halloween decor! SCORE!

What you’ll need:
-Googly eyes {I used about 1 pack from the Dollar Store – pack contained 125 eyes!!}
-Wreath form {I got mine from the Dollar Store.}
-Spray paint {I used white, but I would suggest black.}
-Coordinating ribbon
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Eye WreathFirst off, I spray painted the wreath form.

Eye Wreath 8This was about 3 coats later. As you can see why I suggested to use black spray paint.. The white just wasn’t covering the green very well.

Eye WreathThen I just glued, and glued, and glued the eyes on.

Eye Wreath 5One thing that I found very helpful, was to draw a glob of glue down and then stick on the eyes. But you have to do it quick because the glue dries fast and the plastic eyes will pop right off if it’s not hot.

Eye Wreath 9Keep on gluing until it’s completely covered! But don’t worry about the inside or outside, just the top.

Eye Wreath 2Next, I drew a line of glue along the outside and glued down a piece of ribbon. I chose to do three different ribbon, to incorporate many of his birthday colors.

Eye Wreath 7Then I would wrap the ribbon on the glue, glue a line, wrap the ribbon, etc. until it was covered all the way around.

Eye Wreath 10I did the same thing with the next two ribbons.

Eye Wreath 3And I repeated those same steps to cover the inside.

Eye Wreath 6And there you have it!

Eye Wreath 11A fun Googly Eye Wreath!



Sucker Holders

Today, I am going to show you how I made these adorable little sucker holders. I love these for a couple reasons. 1 – They were SOOOO easy to make. 2 – The supplies were very the Dollar Tree! 3 – I can use these for so many things!

DIY Sucker Holders

I used these for Karsyn’s first birthday to hold the suckers that I didn’t include in the party bags. I didn’t include these because they were too cute to just stuff in a bag! I LOOVED each of their little faces and all of the different colors.

I got the suckers from Oriental Trading.

Supplies needed:

-Candlesticks {number depends on how many you want to make}
-Candle/Candy jars {not really sure what they’re called. They’re in the candle aisle. I chose square and round ones for this project.}
-Flower foam
-Glue {I used E6000}
-Something to cover the flower foam {I chose tissue paper}

{This tutorial is how I made the square ones, but just follow the applicable steps if you just have round jars.}

1000947_10201720721357676_77776630_nThe foam squares were a little bit too big for the opening of the jar, so I just trimmed them down to size.

Next, I cut the tissue paper big enough to cover the foam square.

542217_10201720725277774_2019470074_nI didn’t worry about it covering the entire square, just the top and sides, where people would see. Then I wrapped it around and taped it to the bottom.

1003750_10201720723557731_1414625255_nIt doesn’t look pretty, but I didn’t care. No one is going to see that part.

Once it was covered, I took another piece of the tissue paper, wadded it up and stuffed it in the bottom of the jar and then shoved the covered foam square in the jar. I did this because the foam square wasn’t tall enough to fill the whole jar and the empty space looked silly. I was going to add some googly eyes in there before I put the square over the top, but I forgot. ):

994920_10201720723837738_474070430_nAfter this, I glued the candle stick on the bottom of the jar. In the middle, of course. Let it dry for an hour or so before you stick your suckers in. Once it’s dried, poke your suckers through the foam and wa-la!

1098505_10201720721717685_588976027_n{Don’t mind the stains on the carpet. That apartment was SO nasty. I am beyond thrilled to be out of there!} And, of course, I forgot to take a picture of it at the party, so here is one of the round jars that I used! Notice that I did add the googly eyes to the round one and it was SO much cuter!! Oh, and I added ribbon to all of them, as well. You can see that in the round jar picture.

DIY Sucker Holders

My baby sis and cousin enjoying them!


Since the party, I have set these up around the house and used them for various things like candy, cotton balls, and other small items. I also changed out the ribbon to match whatever room it was in.



“Your First Breath..” Picture Frame DIY

Your First Breath Frame

First of all, I will apologize for not having any pictures of how I made it and a crappy picture of the outcome. I made this before I started blogging, but I saw it the other day when I was unpacking and I thought I could tell y’all how I made it!

I saw some unfinished frames at Walmart and I knew I wanted to make something for Karsyn’s room. This picture is my absolute FAVORITE from Karsyn’s birth, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.



This is the frame I bought Walmart. It was $4.97.

0002899512880_180X180The inside holds a 5×7 picture.

I went through my stack of scrapbook papers and supplies and found some matching items.

1 – Paint the very outer edges and also the inside edges, where the picture will go.

2 – Measure and trim your paper to fit.

3 – Ink the edges of your paper.

4 – Put some Mod Podge on the wood, where your paper will go.

5 – Add your paper. Press firmly. Use a credit card or something similar to make it smooth and remove any bubbles.

6 – Add your stickers and embellishments!

7 – Add your picture and you WA-LA. Easy peasy!

When I say under $5, I mean that I had all of my supplies on-hand and the only thing I had to buy was the frame. {The “BREATH” and “TOOK” letters are glittery. LOVE. They came in a pack of 56 or so for just .97 in the scrapbook aisle. The paper and other stickers came in one of those packs of paper that are bound together at the top and you just rip them out.}







Home Decorating & DIY Ideas

In my post yesterday, I told you some VERRRY exciting news!

So today, I wanted to show you some fun ideas I’ve got for my new place via my Pinterest board.

furniture_item_detailIn our little, southern, redneck/hillbilly town, many people are obsessed with hunting. My family is one of them. Kade and my brother are really good friends and they hang out a lot. We’re just coming in to “horn hunting season.” I would LOOOVE for them to find me some awesome horns so we can have a chandelier like this! I would also like an antler coat rack and lamp.

72157625840887538Definitely want to do a gallery wall!

black-baroqueAnd this is just cute! Frame the key to your first house!

searchI love this idea! I will have to look for one at the next Twelve Timbers second sale!

ff0d68309605bcc366d6e64644ca148bI am obsessed with pictures, so the more creative ways I can display them, the better!

best-of-timesYep. Obsessed.

eb8d92d16ca2978c3530d4bd21db7d58I love this, too. Paint your walls one color, then paint glossy designs over it.

portfolio-wellingtonIsn’t that cool? Adds SO much character. I’ve also seen it done on tubs.

d1e1191008c10bc08eb0c3f9cc7f8fcaNot sure how big our laundry room will be, but I’m pretty sure it’s not big at all. This is my kind of laundry room and perfect for a small space!

Do you have a decorating and/or DIY pin that I NEED to see?!



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Favorite Pinterest Finds

Today, I’m gonna show you some of my most favorite Pins from the last week!

A make-up table so you can hide your mess when you're done.

I love this! You can put your make-up and/or hair things in there. Flip up the mirror while getting ready and put it back done once your done and it hides everything that’s inside!


Lace tanks are coming soon to Jourdan’s Jewels! I absolutely love this look. It’s a great way to change up the regular ol’ tank.


How cute is this little mini lounger for the youngin’s?!


For my next baby, I am dead set on doing a gender reveal party. I love this idea.



I’m still not sure what is going on with our wedding. I should probably figure it out, eh? I’ve kind of given up. It’s too stressful, but I LOVE this box and it looks SO easy to make!

What was your favorite pin of the week?