Thoughts on Thursday: Your Most Annoying Facebook Friend

I got this prompt idea from Iuliana at hip2thirft.


Let’s face it. We all have the ONE friend on Facebook that is just SO. FLIPPING. ANNOYING! And you just can’t delete them for whatever reason. The one person that I am thinking of happens to be a family member, so I could delete that person, but that’s just kinda mean.. I finally ended up removing them from my newsfeed.

You may have more than one annoying Facebook friend. I can think of a few more.

Let’s see:

There’s the one that posts her EVERY move.

There’s the one that posts a new selfie EVERY day. With her back arched to make her boobs look big. We all know that’s what you’re doing.

There’s the one that shares every picture she sees.

There’s the one that LIKES every picture she sees, so it shows up in my feed that so-and-so liked this photo. More than half of the time, they are the stupidest pictures ever. Hint: Just because a photo says to “like” if you do or say whatever the picture is showing, doesn’t mean you should.

There’s the one that shares vague statuses like “Ugh.. Had such a bad day. It’s just one thing after another.” or something like that and then of course everyone is going to comment on it asking what’s wrong and they either don’t say anything back or they say something like “Message me” or “I’ll text you.” No. Don’t put it on there if you aren’t willing to spill all the deets because that’s just annoying and people thing you are just desperate.

There’s the one that posts really disturbing statues about themselves that are just TMI! No one cares about your period or you having to get a PAP smear.

There’s the one that sends you a million and two game requests.

There’s the one who posts all things religious, but is a total different person in real life.

There’s the one who always has something wrong and is always asking you to pray for her. {Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to ask for prayers, but when it’s EVERY day over the dumbest things, no one cares.}

There’s the one who likes EVERYTHING she posts. “Liking your own status is like high fiving yourself in public.”

And to answer your question, yes, I did just scroll through my feed to come up with these. Pretty sad.

What do YOUR annoying Facebook friends do?




Thoughts on Thursday: Books You Read

I’m not much of a reader, but every once in a while, I will come across a good book that I just CANNOT put down!

I like books that are real. I like to be able to relate to the characters and put myself in their shoes. I like the raw emotion from books like that. I am also a murder story lover. My most favorite channel EVER is ID {Investigation Discovery}. I could watch murder shows for the rest of my life and be 100% fine with it. No, I do not plan on killing anyone, but it’s really interesting to me. I love the psychological aspect of it – figuring out what makes people snap. I’ve always been interested in Psychology. That was my intended major – then I had a kid – now I just wanna be momma. Maybe someday, I will go back for my Psychology degree. Anyway, I’m not in to fantasy or fake stuff – at all. Except Twilight. I did read all four. And yes, I do have 50 Shades sitting on my dresser, but it’s still in the plastic wrap. I just need some time to open it and read them.

I have two FAVORITE authors. I could reread their books over and over and over.


In High School, I came across Ellen Hopkins. Two words: Raw and Real. Yep, that’s my kind of book. She is absolutely amazing. Her books are young adult/adult – and I wouldn’t recommend them to children, because she’s RAW. She says it exactly how it is. Ellen writes in verse, so don’t be intimidated when you see one of her books, as they are like 500 pages. It’s not from side to side, there’s a lot of empty space on each page due to the verse. She writes about people with problems – real life problems. Sex, drugs, suicide, pregnancy, struggles, etc. There hasn’t been a single book of hers that I have read without crying. Her characters are so relatable. It amazes me what she comes up with. Her books usually have four main characters. It jumps from person to person and then in the end, they all relate somehow. If you haven’t read one of her books yet, you NEED to. I promise you – you will be HOOKED. When I sit down to read one of her books, I usually don’t stop until it’s finished. They are seriously one of those that you think, “I’ll just read one more chapter, then sleep.” And before you know it, the book is done and your drenched in your own tears.


My other favorite author is Brenda Novak. Brenda started writing when she found out that her day-care lady was drugging her kids! SCARY! She writes super romance and mystery books and I love me a good mystery. {Her super romance books are  just love books – very intimate.} They usually start out with two main characters, then there’s a murder and someone is trying to figure it out, all the while two people are falling in love. “Trust Me” was the first book of hers that I read and after that, I was hooked! There are two other books in that series, so I guess it would be a trilogy.. Super good. I always try not to read her books at night because they are too real and I get scared – the situations she describes are not uncommon – but that never happens! Good thing I just bought a gun for protection!

I recommend Ellen and Brenda 100% hands down to anyone and everyone!

Who is YOUR favorite author and why?



The Baby and the Dad: Thoughts on Thursday

Well, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means – right? That means it’s time for THOUGHTS!

This week’s topic is “The baby and the dad.”


Oh, boy! The baby, aka Karsyn, and the dad, aka Kade. These two are my WORLD! I honestly don’t know how I would survive without them. I love waking up their sweet faces, I love being lazy with them, I love seeing them smile and laugh, I just love {almost} everything about them.


Without Kade, there would be no Karsyn and that is truly an unbelievable thought. I don’t even remember what it was like before we had Karsyn. Kade and I have had our FAIR SHARE of ups and downs. We were on and off throughout High School. Mostly on, but we did break up a few times. I am glad we were able to work it out and grow up and become a family. Kade and Karsyn mean more than words can say. I could go on and on about how they light up my world, but if you have a significant other and a little one{s}, you know what I mean. (:

So, what about your baby and the dad?



Thoughts on Thursday: Technology


What comes to your mind when you see/hear that word?

I think “constantly changing, new, smart, amazing, ridiculous, incredible..”

I do have to say that I am 100% thankful for technology, but I know some people aren’t so much. I am what you call a “digital native.” I have grown up, basically, my whole life with technology. I remember I was about 6 years old when we first got the internet. It was dial-up. Does anyone even know what that is anymore?! I know Karsyn won’t! If you’ve had dial-up before, you know what I’m talking about and are probably laughing and/or rolling your eyes. Yep, it was S—–L—–O—–W! But that’s all we knew, so it was flippin’ awesome at the time. Our computer was a desktop, of course, because back then only rich people had laptops. It was ginormous. The internet was still relatively new then, too, so there wasn’t really anything “fun” you could do on it. But it was the thought that counted then, I guess.



{this looks like the computer we had in the 90s!}

Now, many of us have gotten rid of the desktops and have moved on to laptops. Some families have one for each person. The internet is now wi-fi and fast. It’s just incredible to me how much things have changed, and are still changing, in just 14 years!

url{my dad had this exact phone – but it was red}

I remember when my parent’s first got cell phones. They were like bricks. They would hardly even fit in your pocket, if at all. And the antennas? Really? Ha! Makes me laugh. Then on to slimmer phones that would fit in your pocket. Then the flip phones. And if yours had a camera, you were the most bad A person. Then came texting and sliding phones with more features. Now we have phones that can do more than one person knows.

How about technology for health related things? They’ve found so many cures {and need to find more!}. You’re able to SEE your baby when it’s inside of you. They’re able to detect so many problems in so little time.

Technology is an amazing thing.

What is a funny memory you have of technology? Brick cell phones? Dial-up?



Thoughts on Thursday: Funny Kid Sayings

You know the saying “Kids say the darndest things”? It’s so true! I can’t wait to hear some of the funny things that Karsyn says. He’s already started talking, but he’s still not saying full sentences. The other day, Kade’s parents were out of town, so we had to feed their dogs. We went up there about 6 and then as we were leaving Kade said we were stopping at McDonald’s. That was fine by me. As we pulled in to the parking lot, Kade asked “Or do you want a Hot-N-Ready?” “I don’t care. It’s your choice, no battle,” I responded. Then all of a sudden, Karsyn says “HOT!” Decision made, son. Well done. We cracked up for about 5 minutes.

I found some other funny things kids have said or drawn, so be prepared for a good laugh.


Dear God 9

24954130414This one is pretty relatable right about now. There was a teacher here in Utah who was arrested for having drugs in her classroom and car. She didn’t actually do them with the students, but it did make me think of that!

What are some hilarious things you’ve heard a little kid say?



Thoughts on Thursday: Favorite Season

My favorite season.. Hmm.. That’s sort of a tough one, but I think I am going to side with Fall. But I do have to share this hilarious e-Card with you because it’s EXACTLY how I am feeling right now.


I love the fall because it’s still fairly warm outside, but it’s just starting to chill.

I love all of the changing colors of the trees.


I love the food that Fall brings.

I love the pumpkins that are making their way in to the world, ready to be picked.


Birthday season is upon is now starting with my my grandma, aunt, and mom, following with my brother and dad, then my step-dad, brother, son, and myself.

It also seems like this is the time when everyone renews their family pictures because of the scenery.

I love going on drives, scouting out our kill for the upcoming hunts.

One thing I’m really counting on this fall, is for our house to be done and I CANNOT wait!!

So what season is your favorite? Leave me a comment telling me which and why!



Thoughts on Thursday: Fam{ily} Traditions

Growing up, we never really had any traditions that we would do every year. I mean, sure, we ate with family on Thanksgiving and sat together on the 4th and 24th of July, but that’s about the extent of it. Sad, huh?

Now that I have my own family, I am trying really hard to set up some family traditions. Things that my kids will look forward to and remember when they are older and have kids of their own.. Maybe even do the same with them.

Some traditions that I tried to start this past year are going to look at all of the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. Another would also be the Christmas Eve box. I want to take a vacation or two each year to a different place. I want to celebrate each and every holiday and go ALL OUT for them! Yep, I want to be THAT mom! Thank goodness for Pinterest!!

Other than that, I’ve got nothin’! How sad!


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Two Million Miles

Here is the agenda for February:
2/28 – Favorite Season
If you have a good topic, please let me know!
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I am really looking forward to hearing YOUR family traditions. I need some new ideas! Please let me know what yours are!

Thoughts on Thursday: My Love Story

Today’s topic is “Your Love Story.” Remember, it’s just an option – you can share whatever you want.

196729_1927231058362_6696262_n{Our first picture together – May 07}

Our love story is pretty silly. I always get shy when people ask how Kade and I met. Here we go…

198359_1927235298468_8096516_n{September 08}

The first time I saw Kade was at the SVC {which is a huge event center in our town}. It was the state basketball games. Back in the day {middle school}, that was where everyone was! We don’t have much to do here, so when there is something at the SVC, pretty much the whole county is there. I was with my best friend at the time, Meagan. We were just walking around, talking to people. We spotted a mutual friend with some boys from RHS {we were from SS}, so we walked over to her and talked with them. There was this cute boy in the group {and call me crazy, but I knew it was love! I just KNEW I was going to be with him someday. And if you don’t believe in fate or love at first sight, I’m sorry – I do!}. So anyway, we followed this boy {which was Kade} and his friends around, but of course, he was chasing some other girl. So we wandered off and did our own thing, but kept seeing Kade and his friends. When the games were over, we went home and didn’t see him again. {This was 7th grade.}

196575_1927242698653_7049749_n{July 2010}

Over the summer, when I’d get a group of friends together, one of our most favorite things to do was prank call! I understand now that it’s not nice, but back then, it was the funnest thing to do. Just thinking about some of those conversations makes me laugh. In the midst of all our prank calling, we would call Kade and ask him all these random questions.

291874_2512597852166_507130980_n{October 2011 – 9 months pregnant!}

On to 8th grade.. My friend Kensey, the one that was hanging out with Kade at the SVC {she is cousins with one of Kade’s friends}, was hanging out with all of them again and I guess she mentioned me {I didn’t know that}. Now let me backtrack again.. Back then, email and MSN messenger were HUGE! We would always send forwards – funny stories, questionnaires, etc. – via email. One day, I was going through an email that I had received and I was scrolling through the hundreds of emails that were at the top showing who it had been sent to trying to get to the bottom, when Kade’s email popped out at me. I knew it was his because it was his name. I was in no way, shape, or form looking for his email. It just caught my eye. So I pulled up my MSN messenger and added Kade’s email to my list.

550576_4137617036630_528246910_n{June 2012}

A few days later, he accepted and we started chatting. I was telling him who I was and he asked if I was the girl Kensey was talking about. Yep, it was me. We talked for about a month before we ever hung out. He had a girl friend at the time. Sometime in the end of November, he broke up with is girlfriend. We made plans to go to the light parade together.

524133_10200135774214988_1757914360_n{December 2012}

December 6, 2006, was the first time we officially hung out. I rode to town with my aunt and met Kade at the dairy. My aunt parked a few blocks away and on the opposite site, so I had to walk down to the dairy. When I crossed the road, there was a cop right there and I wasn’t sure if it was okay to cross there or not. “Can I cross here?” I asked. “You bet. This is the safest walk you’ll ever had!” he replied. I’ll never forget that. I was now across the street and I spotted Kade on the inside. Here comes that weak-in-the-knees-make-you-sick butterfly feeling! Him and a friend walked out and we walked up a few blocks so that we could see the parade. The corner we stood on is now referred to as “our corner.” It was pretty awkward because I was by myself. My friend was supposed to come, but then at the last minute, she couldn’t anymore. So we didn’t really have much to say. And the parade was over before we knew it. I had to go back up a few blocks to meet my aunt, so I had to leave quick. No hug, no kiss. Nothin’.

On December 11, Kade asked me to be his girlfriend via MSN Messenger lol. I can remember saying “YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Or typing, I should say. Ah, young love!

Now, here we are. Almost 6 years, a few break-ups, a few fights, lots of love, and one kid later. We are now engaged. Getting married in July. Hopefully building a house within the month and life is good.


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Two Million Miles

Here is the agenda for February:
2/21 – Family Traditions
2/28 – Favorite Season
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I hope you will link up YOUR love story! And if you don’t have a blog, feel free to leave your love story in the comments. I am really looking forward to reading them!

Thoughts on Thursday: My Bucket List

Welcome to the second “ToT”. Today’s topic is “MY BUCKET LIST”.
Please remember, you do not have to write on this, it’s just a suggestion.

Here we go!

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have my own star! I asked Kade if he would buy me one, but he didn’t seem to keen on the idea…….. ):

I would LOOOOVE to see the entire United States! I’ve been to less than 10 states. Dang! Someday, when I’ve got money, I would love to go on a vacation ALL Summer long and visit as many states as possible.

I think this is one that a lot of people want to do {or have done!}.. Go on a road trip with a bunch of friends. For me, that means JUST my girl friends. NO children, NO husbands/boyfriends. JUST girls!

Maybe for our honeymoon??

I’ve always dreamed of taking a trip with my daughters out to the Mall of America!

This is one that I REALLLY hope I’ll get to experience..
This would be nice.. Maybe at the Mall of America? (;
I have always wanted to put my handprint in the cement? Maybe at our new house?! What a grand idea!!
Or Katie or Dr. Phil! Too bad Oprah isn’t on anymore!
And lastly… (:

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Two Million Miles

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2/14 – Your Love Story
2/21 – Family Traditions
2/28 – Favorite Season
If you have a good topic, please let me know!
I’m looking forward to reading what YOUR Bucket List contains!

Thoughts on Thursday: Family Values

A while ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start a “Thoughts on Thursday” series. I would LOVE it if you linked up with me!

Each week I will post a new topic. You do not have to write on the exact topic, it’s just an idea for you!

This week is “Family Values.”


My family is just us three. Kade, me, and Karsyn. I want to have more kids {right now!} within the next two years and with all of my children, I hope to enstill the right values and morals in them. We are not a super religious family, even though we live in a very religious community and we have missionaries knocking on our door every other day. I did go to church with my grandma when I was younger and Kade’s family is very religious. He had to go to church every Sunday. I don’t want to force my children to go to church unless they want to. With this new house we are {hopefully! about 90% sure} building, we will be just a block away from Kade’s parents church and if they offer to take Karsyn, I will let him go. I think church is good and my kids should learn about everything the church has to offer. If they decide they don’t want to go anymore, that’s 100% fine with me.

I want each of my kids to know that they can ALWAYS come to me, no matter what the case is. I think every parent wants this for their children, but oftentimes, the parents end up pushing the kids away to the point where the child doesn’t feel safe in confiding in their protector. My mom has ALWAYS been very open with me about everything, and in turn, I was always open with her. I always knew that if I had a question or something to say, I could go to her and she would be straight up with me and never judge. I want to be just like that. Each of us {my brothers and sister from my mom’s side} know that our parent’s are very open like that. I really did appreciate that growing up.

I want to be that “fun, soccer mom” that you see in movies! I plan to be very involved in my children’s life. I never want to miss a dance or game or spelling bee or play or anything that my child does! I want my children to feel loved and supported.

I want my children to know right from wrong. I hope that they can learn from other’s mistakes, including mine and Kade’s. I do plan on telling them some of the shitty things that I have done and what the consequences were, when the time is right.

I do want them to know that if they feel as though they have nowhere to turn and really need some help that they can turn to the man upstairs and pray! Yes, I said I wasn’t very religious, but I do say my prayers every night and I do believe there is a God and that he does answer prayers. Not always the way you want them to be answered, but He does have a plan for each and every one of us and I truly believe He is the constant in my life. I want my children to know that it’s okay to not go to church, but to still pray.

I want my children to get good grades and to push themselves to be motivated and hard on themselves. Yes, I am going to be hard on my kids and they will be grounded if they get anything less than a B, just like I was. I hated my step-mom for it at the time, but I am very thankful for it now because it taught me self-motivation and to strive to do good. It’s not hard to get good grades. It’s harder to fail than it is to pass. Not that I’ve failed or anything.. (; But I have friends who just passed by the skim of their teeth.

I never want my children to feel unloved and unappreciated. I never want my children to feel like they don’t matter. I never what my children to EVER contemplate suicide. I never want my children to feel like a doormat that everyone wipes their shoes on. I’ve been there. That was me. Luckily, I was able to escape all of those awful feelings and come out of that very deep, black hole, but sometimes, it’s still a challenge for me.

Enough of my rambles! I want to hear what your family values are!

Please say you’ll link up? I’d love to read your story!



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