Christmas Eve


Happy {merry?} Christmas Eve!

I hope you have a super fabulous time with your loved ones!

I hope Santa finds his way into your home tonight and you wake up with some awesomeness under your tree!

Later on, we are gonna go look at all the beautiful homes decked out in lights.

And when we get back, we are starting a new tradition with our very own little family.

I saw this idea on Pinterest.

Christmas Eve Box - Include: New pajamas, a Christmas movie, popcorn, mugs, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a Christmas book. This could definitely turn into a tradition.{Unfortunately, the back link didn’t work on this, so all I’ve got is the picture.}

It’s the Christmas Eve box.

Inside is a Christmas movie, a pair of pajamas for each of us, a mug for Kade and I and a sippy for Karsyn, some hot chocolate and marshmallows, along with some snacks to enjoy while watching the movie.

Last year, Karsyn was only about 2 months old, so we just went to Kade’s moms and ate dinner.

Now that Karsyn is a little older, we are gonna do our own thing.

I can’t wait to carry on this tradition for the rest of my years!

I can’t wait to see what everyone gets tomorrow! (:



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