Life in Vernal

I am super homesick.

I don’t mind moving, but I HATE being 4 hours away. I can’t just drive down and back in a day. Well, I could, but that would be 8 hours in the car. So only a couple hours with family. Plus, that’s not fun for me or Karsyn to sit in the car all day.

I especially hate not knowing when I am going to see my family again. ): We literally have no one here. I know a few people that live here, but no one that I am close to. Kade’s best friend lives up here and works with Kade – he helped Kade get the job, so I am thankful for him and all of his help. But I wish I had someone close!

I guess it’s time to step CLEAR out of my comfort zone and make some new friends. But I can already tell that it is going to be a difficult feat because the people here are MEEEEEEAAAAAN! Holy shiz! I am blown away at how UNfriendly people are. I am so used to the small town people that are kind. The ones that hold the door open for you. The ones that actually smile and say hi at you as you pass them in the aisle. I am NOT used to the ones that give you the death glare when you say “excuse me” because THEY are blocking the aisle so you can’t pass by. I’m NOT used to smiling and saying hi and them just looking at me like I’m nuts. I’m NOT used to not seeing a familiar face anywhere I go… ):

Another thing that sucks is that I am farther away from “up north” aka Salt Lake/Provo area than I was before. That’s going to be hard to just do a day trip there, as well.

On the bright side:

*I am super thankful for the benefits that Kade’s job provides. I am thankful for a “fresh” start. I am excited to explore this new town and areas all around. We are only about 50 miles away from Flaming Gorge. We went there on the 24th and took a tour of the dam. That was pretty cool. I have a feeling we’ll go there often. Fun fact: there are 21,000 fish PER MILE there! We learned that on the tour. Kade loves to fish, hence the reason why I think we’ll be there often.

1069143_10201506864171380_1610557692_n{No, we are not using ourselves as human bait. But we did get to feed the fish. We’d throw in like 4 pebbles, and I’m not kidding, like 20 fish would jump!}

*Vernal is FULL of dinosaurs. Serious. Google it. There’s even dinos on the street signs. They are everywhere. We have a HUUUUGE dinosaur museum. Haven’t been yet, but really looking forward to going. They just built a new building not too long ago and it’s WAY nice on the outside, so I can only imagine what it’s like inside.


*We have a Sonic. And yes, I may or may not go every night after 8 to get a half priced shake!



*The mountains up here are gorgeous.

*Our home is really nice and we got a great deal on it, compared to some of the places we looked at.

*My new Jourdan’s Jewels room is about twice the size as it was before, which is fantastic, but guess what? I’ve got too much stuff and it’s already FUUULL!! I need a warehouse!


{This was the view from the top of the doorway, looking in.}540273_491667264259376_395396662_n

{This was the view from the front of the doorway. I couldn’t even get in! I literally had to climb over all of that.}


{And this was from the back corner, once I was in. It doesn’t look like this anymore, thankfully, but it is still pretty crammed!!}

If you’ve been up this away, what have you done for fun?



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