One Year Ago.. {Birth}

{This post is continued from yesterday’s post.}


About 10:30, it was time to start pushing. After a few pushes, they discovered that it was really hard on Karsyn and his heart rate was dropping drastically. Like down in the 80s. One of the nurses called the OR and told them to prep. I did NOT want to have a C-Section. My doc wanted to try one more thing before we went to the OR. I was to push on every other contraction. So that’s what I did. About two hours later {at 12:23 PM, to be exact}, I pushed out the most beautiful thing I had EVER seen.

My sweetest little Karsyn.

Dixie {my doc} set him on my chest and he lifted his sweet little head and looked right up at me and then put his sweet little head back down on my chest. Every. Single. Time I think about this moment, I tear up. Nothing in this whole world has meant more to me. At that point, the only thing that mattered was that I had my baby. In my arms. Safe.

Not long after he was placed on my chest, they took him away to check him out. He had a cone head since he was in the birth canal for so long. Kade had never seen one before and he was freaked out!

“His head is not going to stay like that, is it?” he whispered to me.

Everything else after that was pretty much a blur.. I remember having the shakes really bad, afterward.

I remember eating. Finally!

I remember seeing my family.

We were there for 5. Flipping. Days! They thought Karsyn was sick, so we had to stay and he had to have medicine every few hours and had blood tests twice a day, etc. to find out that he was just fine. I would rather be safe than sorry, yes, but my heck! I just wanted to go home! I lived right down the road!!!! And not to mention that the doctors here are absolutely ridiculous. {A few years ago, my friend got in a really bad four-wheeler accident. He was rushed to the hospital and the docs here said he was just fine. Just a little sore and swollen. His mom knew better than that, so she went north about two hours to Primary Children’s and found out that he had broken every bone in his face, plus a few others! But according to the docs here, he was just fine. And that’s just ONE of the MANY stories I could tell you.}

Anyway, we finally got to go home and it has been pretty much great ever since.

But now, my baby is not a baby any more. He is a walking, talking toddler. And the sweetest one ever.

He just melts my heart every time I look at him. Again, don’t get me wrong, he does bug the living shit out of me sometimes, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way! He is my entire world.

And I am having a REALLY hard time with him turning one. Where did the time go? I just brought this 22 inch, 7 pound one ounce baby home.

Now he’s big.

I love him more and more with every passing day.

{Our first family picture.}

{Daddy and Karsyn.}

{Mommy and Karsyn.}

{My sweetest boy.}

{Proud new parents.}

{Big boy!}


2 thoughts on “One Year Ago.. {Birth}

  1. Oh my you guys are such a cute family :] and I know what your talking about with the hospital here. When my brother got in his accident it was because he was dehydrated. They didn’t do anything. and we waited for four hours while they were deciding if they were going to stitch him up lol.

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