“Your First Breath..” Picture Frame DIY

Your First Breath Frame

First of all, I will apologize for not having any pictures of how I made it and a crappy picture of the outcome. I made this before I started blogging, but I saw it the other day when I was unpacking and I thought I could tell y’all how I made it!

I saw some unfinished frames at Walmart and I knew I wanted to make something for Karsyn’s room. This picture is my absolute FAVORITE from Karsyn’s birth, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.



This is the frame I bought Walmart. It was $4.97.

0002899512880_180X180The inside holds a 5×7 picture.

I went through my stack of scrapbook papers and supplies and found some matching items.

1 – Paint the very outer edges and also the inside edges, where the picture will go.

2 – Measure and trim your paper to fit.

3 – Ink the edges of your paper.

4 – Put some Mod Podge on the wood, where your paper will go.

5 – Add your paper. Press firmly. Use a credit card or something similar to make it smooth and remove any bubbles.

6 – Add your stickers and embellishments!

7 – Add your picture and you WA-LA. Easy peasy!

When I say under $5, I mean that I had all of my supplies on-hand and the only thing I had to buy was the frame. {The “BREATH” and “TOOK” letters are glittery. LOVE. They came in a pack of 56 or so for just .97 in the scrapbook aisle. The paper and other stickers came in one of those packs of paper that are bound together at the top and you just rip them out.}








So, what do ya think?

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