January Recap

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite posts this month as well as YOUR favorite posts! And when I say “YOUR,” I am talking about my posts that had the most views, as well as how I am doing on my goals!

My Top 5 Most Viewed Posts this month were {excluding my homepage and giveaway posts}:

1- By far, my most viewed post was 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man. I posted it on the 25th and by the 31st, it had over 5500 views. On January 30th ALONE, it had 1961 views! WOW guys! That’s incredible! To some bloggers, that may be just an “average” post, but to me.. That was AMAZING! I kept telling my friend all day long about how much the numbers were jumping!
2- Pizza Roll-Ups
3- Cafe Rio Sweet Pork
4- 15+ Things I would NEVER Buy at the Dollar Store
5- {Disappearing} Marshmallow Cresent Rolls

Now for my Top 5 Favorite Posts this month {in order of date posted}:

1- Handmade Gifts
2- A Little About Perfectly Posh
3- Cafe Rio Sweet Pork
4- Boyfriend vs. Fiance vs. Husband
Thoughts on Thursday: Family Values

And on to how I did on my goals.. First I will list the goal, then I will tell how I am doing!

1 – Ship to all 50 States!
In January, I shipped to over 10 states. {Not sure on the exact number yet. Haven’t done the final count.}

2 – Get at least a 3.5 GPA this semester.
I am not sure yet because the semester isn’t over until May.

3 – $5 savings plan.
I’m doing really good on this one!! I have saved up $115!!!! I have been SO strict with myself and have not spent a single $5 bill!

4 – Make a special jewelry piece each month and donate a percentage.
Rats! I forgot about this one! I need to make a piece for this month. I will do an announcement on that soon!

5 – Reach Premier with Posh
Unfortunately, I still have quite a way to go. I am still at Pink +1.

6 – Have 100 people on my team
My team got 3 new people this month, for a total of 16. But only 7 of them actually do something with the business! Dang!

7 – Have at least 200 blog followers
I’m a little over 1/4 of the way there!

8 – Have at least 3000 Two Million Miles Facebook fans
I’m at 870. I am 29% there!

9 – Have at least 5000 Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels Facebook fans
I am at 3,533 – 67% there!

10 – Hit 100 Etsy sales
Only at 37. ): Anyone wanna boost that number? Use code YOUROCK for 15% off your order!

11 – Have at least 3000 Perfectly Posh Facebook fans
I am at 2308 – 78% there!! WOOHOO!

12 – Have at least 5000 Jourdan’s Jewels friends on Facebook
I am going to change this one a bit.. I just created a new page for Jourdan’s Jewels, instead of a profile. So the new goal will be “Have at least 5000 Jourdan’s Jewels Facebook FANS
In that case, I am only 2% there! Help a girl out?

13 – Make Karsyn a big brother!
I REALLY want another baby, but I am going to wait a little while longer, despite my aching heart, because I don’t want to be pregnant for my wedding. {And saying that made me feel extremely bitchy because I know there are women out there that want to have a baby SO bad and they just can’t even have one. I need to be thankful for the one I have and not take it for granted. Sorry if I offended anyone!}

14 – Pay off all my debts – including my car!
My payoff is about $2000, so I am getting there! I told Kade that when we get our taxes back, I am putting $1000 on my car! Can’t wait!

15 – Move in to a house {preferably our OWN}
If you haven’t picked up on my hints yet, this is happening WAY sooner than I ever expected and I couldn’t be more excited! We are building a house!!! WOOOHOOOOO! We’ve already been accepted. We are doing the Self-Help housing. If you are not familiar with that, it’s where 6-8 families help build each other’s homes. None of you can move in until the houses are completely finished. By building the house, we do not have to pay a down payment. We will have “sweat equity” in the home. We build about 65% of the home. Certain things are contracted out that we can’t do, like digging the basement, electrical work {which my dad is doing in all the homes!!}, etc. I seriously cannot wait! My dad said they should be finished around Thanksgiving.

Are you still with me?!

What was your favorite post of mine? How are you doing on your goals?




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