Boyfriend vs. Fiance vs. Husband

I mentioned that on Christmas, I got engaged.

So now I am in this awkward stage of Kade no longer being my boyfriend, but not quite my husband, yet my “fiance.”


I HATE the word “fiance.” It makes me feel like such an idiot whenever I say, “Let me talk to my fiance,” or whatever the case may be.

I would just rather call him my husband.


I say boyfriend to those that know me and husband to those that don’t.

I never hated saying boyfriend, until I had a baby on my hip 24/7. Then it made me seem like some sleeze ball. {Which I am not! Kade is the only guy I’ve ever been with! Really – he was my first kiss!}


It just seemed weird because I’m sure people were thinking other awful things about me, since I am young and have a one-year-old.

Here in my neck of the woods {in Utah} people are pretty judgemental, especially when you are unmarried and are doing the deed, not to mention bringing a child into this cruel world, and are still not married.

{I’m bouncing all over here – sorry!}


The other day, I went to pick up an application to get a home loan and I said something about my “husband” and then a few minutes later, the guy asked me if we were married. :/ {insert red face here!} I told him no, “but I did say husband a few minutes ago – we’re basically married,”

“Yes, you did,” the man replied.

It was pretty embarrassing, needless to say. But I never say “fiance.” It’s just weird.

So I guess my point is.. Did any of you ever go through this “awkward” phase, or is it just me?



So, what do ya think?

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