15 of my 2013 Goals

Can you believe we are already in the new year?!

It’s so crazy to say 2013!

I probably won’t get used to saying it until October.

Then it will be time for 2014.

I set 15 goals for myself.

Here they are!

1 – Ship jewels to all 50 states!


2 – Get at least a 3.5 GPA this semester.

3 – $5 savings plan.

4 – Make a special jewelry piece each month and donate a percentage.


5 – Reach Premier with Posh

6 – Have 100 people on my team

7 – Have at least 200 blog followers

8 – Have at least 3000 Two Million Miles Facebook fans

9 – Have at least 5000 Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels Facebook fans


10 – Hit 100 Etsy sales

11 – Have at least 3000 Perfectly Posh Facebook fans

12 – Have at least 5000 Jourdan’s Jewels friends on Facebook

13 – Make Karsyn a big brother!


{Karsyn and my friend’s baby}

14 – Pay off all my debts – including my car!

15 – Move in to a house {preferably our OWN}


Think I can accomplish them all?

I sure hope so!

What is on your list for 2013?



So, what do ya think?

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