Big News!!

So, it’s no secret that I suck at keeping up with this blog. I wish I did. I think about it every single day, but I just don’t ever find the time to do it and I really need to. I know that I have started so many posts out like this, (call me a slacker. I know, I know.) saying how I am going to do better and blah, blah. I really do WANT to, I just don’t. My intentions are good though. Annnnyyywayyyy… I have some big news!

I am under contract on a house! Can I get a WOOOOHOOOOO?!?! After looking at over 20 homes, I found one.

Under Contract

It’s an older home and I am doing some renovations to it, so I really am planning on posting my progress here! The kitchen is what I am most excited for! I am getting WHITE KNOTTY wood cabinets with black counter tops (insert emoji with heart eyes here!). The flooring in the kitchen and both bathrooms, as well as the entry way to the front door, is grey vinyl that looks like tile. I’m getting new carpet, new doors (interior and exterior) and a new bathroom upstairs. The windows have all been replaced, which is so nice because that will save me a lot of money. The home was built in 1974, I believe, and there really hasn’t been any improvements to the home since then hahah! So it’s pretty outdated. Each room has a different color carpet. Downstairs has the orange shaggy carpet. I think I might keep that…. 😉 The downstairs also has wood panel walls, so that needs to come off. There is no actual laundry room; the washer and dryer are just in a storage room, which kinda sucks. I was looking forward to having an actual laundry room, but I will survive. Both bedrooms upstairs have wall paper, so we’ll have a good time peeling that off. The upstairs bathroom only has a tub, no shower, so I am getting rid of the original PINK tub and installing a tub/shower combo. There is a window above the tub and we will just frame it in from the inside and place the surround over it because it is the “perfect height”. The water would hit it and it would grow mold, etc., plus.. You’d probably get to see some naked bodies in there! 😐 and we can’t have that! The home is a good, solid home. It is well built and should last for many years to come. I love the big yard! The right side is all fenced in, which is so important because of my sweet boy and dog. The one thing that I do hate about the yard is that there is no covered parking – no garage or carport, just a gravel driveway. I will eventually add a carport when I have some extra monies. There is a nice sized shed in the back side yard. Lots of good storage in there.

I am hoping to be in the end of April/beginning of May. I have to complete all of my renovations before I can move in. I just signed the counter-offer papers on Friday. I am just waiting on the appraisal before I can actually close and they said that usually takes about two weeks to order and have them come in and take a look. So, now I play some more of the waiting game.