Beach Bridal Shower Gift

**I started this post three or four years ago and never finished it. Hahahahaha. So here you are.. Four years later.

One of my good friends is getting married! She is going to California for a week for her honeymoon, so I wanted my bridal shower gift to be something outside of the box. Aside from the normal dishes, decor, etc. When she told me what she was doing for the honeymoon, I had the perfect gift idea! I thought to myself, “What would I need if I were going to the beach?” And from there my gifts stemmed.

Items that came to mind were: towels, sunscreen, swim suit cover, drinks. So that’s what I got them! I found the gift bag first and it was colorful. I am weird and I like things to match, so I used the colors on the bag to find the right items. I went with pink for her and orange for him. I got Candice a pink beach towel, a pink Mason jar tumbler, a pink swim suit cover, and pink juice packets. I got the same thing for Colton, except orange.. And no swim suit cover haha!

I knew I wanted the swim suit cover to say “Bride” on it, so I began searching. I found one that was really cute, ordered it, but it still hadn’t even shipped by the day of the shower! AAAAHHHH! So I cancelled that order and found another one that was cheaper and cuter from MaggiePenDesigns on Etsy. She responded to my questions quickly and made it the same day I ordered and shipped it the very next. So I still didn’t have it in time for the shower {that’s why it’s not in the pictures}, but I just wrote her a little “IOU” on the card! She was so happy when it came. She said she really wanted one and she loved the one that I got her. Maggie even had it all wrapped up, so I didn’t have to do anything.


{If you click the picture, it will take you right to the listing. You’re welcome.}

Other things you could use:

*Beach bag – put everything inside of it, instead of a gift bag
*Flip flops

She loved the gift. I love giving thoughtful and personalized gifts.

What do you love to give?



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