Review: ItWorks Hair, Skin and Nail Pills

According to the September Blog Calendar, September 2nd is a day for a review. The prompt was something about a book you read this summer, but I didn’t read any, so I am going to give a review on the ItWorks! Hair, Skin and Nail pills.

My review on ItWorks! Hair, Skin and Nail pills and why I call it a rip off! | Two Million MilesDid I just ruin the ending for you? Oops. Keep reading to find out why I call it a rip off..

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about these awesome, miracle pills! It seems like everyone is taking them. My Facebook and Insta feeds are full of the back of people’s heads showing how much their hair grew in just a month.

Yes, my hair did grow. I did notice a difference in that, but let me tell you something. I bought these because I am SIIIIIIICK of having this stupid teenage acne. I don’t have a million zits all over my face, but I have blackheads galore. I want them gone. It seems like I have tried every face wash known to man and nothing really helps. So, I thought I’d spend $38 a month on these pills. {Yes, they say $99 for three months, but after shipping and tax, it ends up being about $38.} That was the main reason for getting them. I wasn’t too worried about my hair. It’s already long and it grows pretty fast anyway, I just wanted to get rid of these damn blackheads.

I didn’t see even the SLIGHTEST difference in my skin. Not a one. I still have all these damn blackheads and I’m out all this money.

And can we talk about the ingredients?


HSN pill ingredient list. You're better off buying a bottle of Biotin for less than $10 at Walmart.


5000 mg of Biotin! Seriously? You’re better off just going to Walmart and buying a bottle of Biotin for less than $10. That’s what I am going to stick with from now on. Sure, it does have a little more vitamins and such, but you should be taking those every day anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know I mostly rambled, but do yourself and your “bill fold” a favor and save the money and just go to the good ole Wally World and get some Biotin and pop five of those babies a day.

Oh, and P.S. I didn’t see a difference in my nails either. Only my hurrrrr. And I saw that same difference when I was just taking regular Biotin.

Rant is over now. Promise. Nighty night!



7 thoughts on “Review: ItWorks Hair, Skin and Nail Pills

  1. The Hair, Skin, Nails is for growth of course for hair and nail, but as far as skin is concerned, it is used to promote the elasticity of your skin, NOT clear it up. If you are looking to CLEAR your skin, then you need to try facial products.

  2. Everyone has different results, i got into It Works because the products are Natural based. I dont believe in selling something that would harm someone, or that i wouldn’t use myself. My mother noticed a change in her nails and hair, she had ridges in her nails as well as an off white tinge to the tips. Her nails are almost completly normal now. Since i like to help people and am not all about just selling producs, there is an ointment you can get at your local Walgreens. De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment only about $5, that should clear your black heads but i suggest 2xs a week as it will dry your face out. And there is a tool you can purchase to help push them out as well after cleansing, hope you dont loose hope in It Works as the products really are good. Sometimes it can be just the experience with the person selling not being knowledgable enough yet. Have a blessed day!!!

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