Outfit Idea #1

Most of you know that I own a clothing/jewelry business, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that I can throw together some cute outfits! (; Plus, thank heavens for Pinterest! It’s helped me think outside of the box with some things. Not every outfit I share will be “bold”, like the Pinterest inspired ones, but all will be easy, comfy, and stylish.

1384386_527284264031009_753693554_nScarf – Amazon. Chambray – Ross. Belt – Walmart. Yellow Skinny Jeans – Rue 21. Boots – Jourdan’s Jewels.

This outfit was so easy. This is a great look to transition from summer to fall. For a complete fall look, wear a darker colored skinny jean, like burgandy and maybe a lighter pair of boots. If you wear dark boots and dark jeans, you can’t really see where one ends and another begins – it all just “fades” together.

P.S. I’m no style expert, but I think it’s fun to share my ideas and I hope you will, too.




So, what do ya think?

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