Sucker Holders

Today, I am going to show you how I made these adorable little sucker holders. I love these for a couple reasons. 1 – They were SOOOO easy to make. 2 – The supplies were very the Dollar Tree! 3 – I can use these for so many things!

DIY Sucker Holders

I used these for Karsyn’s first birthday to hold the suckers that I didn’t include in the party bags. I didn’t include these because they were too cute to just stuff in a bag! I LOOVED each of their little faces and all of the different colors.

I got the suckers from Oriental Trading.

Supplies needed:

-Candlesticks {number depends on how many you want to make}
-Candle/Candy jars {not really sure what they’re called. They’re in the candle aisle. I chose square and round ones for this project.}
-Flower foam
-Glue {I used E6000}
-Something to cover the flower foam {I chose tissue paper}

{This tutorial is how I made the square ones, but just follow the applicable steps if you just have round jars.}

1000947_10201720721357676_77776630_nThe foam squares were a little bit too big for the opening of the jar, so I just trimmed them down to size.

Next, I cut the tissue paper big enough to cover the foam square.

542217_10201720725277774_2019470074_nI didn’t worry about it covering the entire square, just the top and sides, where people would see. Then I wrapped it around and taped it to the bottom.

1003750_10201720723557731_1414625255_nIt doesn’t look pretty, but I didn’t care. No one is going to see that part.

Once it was covered, I took another piece of the tissue paper, wadded it up and stuffed it in the bottom of the jar and then shoved the covered foam square in the jar. I did this because the foam square wasn’t tall enough to fill the whole jar and the empty space looked silly. I was going to add some googly eyes in there before I put the square over the top, but I forgot. ):

994920_10201720723837738_474070430_nAfter this, I glued the candle stick on the bottom of the jar. In the middle, of course. Let it dry for an hour or so before you stick your suckers in. Once it’s dried, poke your suckers through the foam and wa-la!

1098505_10201720721717685_588976027_n{Don’t mind the stains on the carpet. That apartment was SO nasty. I am beyond thrilled to be out of there!} And, of course, I forgot to take a picture of it at the party, so here is one of the round jars that I used! Notice that I did add the googly eyes to the round one and it was SO much cuter!! Oh, and I added ribbon to all of them, as well. You can see that in the round jar picture.

DIY Sucker Holders

My baby sis and cousin enjoying them!


Since the party, I have set these up around the house and used them for various things like candy, cotton balls, and other small items. I also changed out the ribbon to match whatever room it was in.




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