Dinosaur Museum

Remember how I told you this town is filled with dinos? Well, the other day we went to the dinosaur museum.

Karsyn had a blast! It was actually pretty interesting to see it all. I thought it was going to be sorta lame, but I was really impressed. They just built this not too long ago and it’s really nice – inside and out. When we first got there, we watched a video of some people digging for dinosaur bones around our area. Those bones are actually displayed in the museum. I didn’t take any pictures of those, but there was a TOOOON!

Now, for your viewing pleasure… (:


These replicas were made life-size of how big they really were. It was quite an eye opener.


I could not get over how big this mammoth was! I kept picturing it being alive. What would you do if this massive, 14-foot mammoth just started charging at you? Crap your pants, that’s what!561899_10201692189564399_452859237_n

The things sticking out of the top of their back were actually bones. There was a replica inside that wasn’t a full body thing like this, just the skeleton. It was neat to look at.

935872_10201692187644351_1758991014_n 1001939_10201692190484422_1501766681_n

Aw, my little lover. Looove that boy.


This was before we went outside. There was a plaque by each dinosaur that told you about the animal. Did you know that men used to actually HUNT these animals? That’s just nuts. Refer to the picture above, with Karsyn and I!

1005245_10201692191484447_1758095217_nAnd this. This bad boy weighed in at 10-12 TONS. That’s 24,000 pounds! HOLY. MOSES. It was about 90 freaking feet long, too.

1184800_10201692465211290_925141812_nImagine getting whipped by that long tail! OUCH!

Do you find dinosaurs amusing or lame?






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