Thoughts on Thursday: Books You Read

I’m not much of a reader, but every once in a while, I will come across a good book that I just CANNOT put down!

I like books that are real. I like to be able to relate to the characters and put myself in their shoes. I like the raw emotion from books like that. I am also a murder story lover. My most favorite channel EVER is ID {Investigation Discovery}. I could watch murder shows for the rest of my life and be 100% fine with it. No, I do not plan on killing anyone, but it’s really interesting to me. I love the psychological aspect of it – figuring out what makes people snap. I’ve always been interested in Psychology. That was my intended major – then I had a kid – now I just wanna be momma. Maybe someday, I will go back for my Psychology degree. Anyway, I’m not in to fantasy or fake stuff – at all. Except Twilight. I did read all four. And yes, I do have 50 Shades sitting on my dresser, but it’s still in the plastic wrap. I just need some time to open it and read them.

I have two FAVORITE authors. I could reread their books over and over and over.


In High School, I came across Ellen Hopkins. Two words: Raw and Real. Yep, that’s my kind of book. She is absolutely amazing. Her books are young adult/adult – and I wouldn’t recommend them to children, because she’s RAW. She says it exactly how it is. Ellen writes in verse, so don’t be intimidated when you see one of her books, as they are like 500 pages. It’s not from side to side, there’s a lot of empty space on each page due to the verse. She writes about people with problems – real life problems. Sex, drugs, suicide, pregnancy, struggles, etc. There hasn’t been a single book of hers that I have read without crying. Her characters are so relatable. It amazes me what she comes up with. Her books usually have four main characters. It jumps from person to person and then in the end, they all relate somehow. If you haven’t read one of her books yet, you NEED to. I promise you – you will be HOOKED. When I sit down to read one of her books, I usually don’t stop until it’s finished. They are seriously one of those that you think, “I’ll just read one more chapter, then sleep.” And before you know it, the book is done and your drenched in your own tears.


My other favorite author is Brenda Novak. Brenda started writing when she found out that her day-care lady was drugging her kids! SCARY! She writes super romance and mystery books and I love me a good mystery. {Her super romance books are  just love books – very intimate.} They usually start out with two main characters, then there’s a murder and someone is trying to figure it out, all the while two people are falling in love. “Trust Me” was the first book of hers that I read and after that, I was hooked! There are two other books in that series, so I guess it would be a trilogy.. Super good. I always try not to read her books at night because they are too real and I get scared – the situations she describes are not uncommon – but that never happens! Good thing I just bought a gun for protection!

I recommend Ellen and Brenda 100% hands down to anyone and everyone!

Who is YOUR favorite author and why?




So, what do ya think?

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