Home Decorating & DIY Ideas

In my post yesterday, I told you some VERRRY exciting news!

So today, I wanted to show you some fun ideas I’ve got for my new place via my Pinterest board.

furniture_item_detailIn our little, southern, redneck/hillbilly town, many people are obsessed with hunting. My family is one of them. Kade and my brother are really good friends and they hang out a lot. We’re just coming in to “horn hunting season.” I would LOOOVE for them to find me some awesome horns so we can have a chandelier like this! I would also like an antler coat rack and lamp.

72157625840887538Definitely want to do a gallery wall!

black-baroqueAnd this is just cute! Frame the key to your first house!

searchI love this idea! I will have to look for one at the next Twelve Timbers second sale!

ff0d68309605bcc366d6e64644ca148bI am obsessed with pictures, so the more creative ways I can display them, the better!

best-of-timesYep. Obsessed.

eb8d92d16ca2978c3530d4bd21db7d58I love this, too. Paint your walls one color, then paint glossy designs over it.

portfolio-wellingtonIsn’t that cool? Adds SO much character. I’ve also seen it done on tubs.

d1e1191008c10bc08eb0c3f9cc7f8fcaNot sure how big our laundry room will be, but I’m pretty sure it’s not big at all. This is my kind of laundry room and perfect for a small space!

Do you have a decorating and/or DIY pin that I NEED to see?!



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