Good News!

So, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you may have picked up on my {not so} subtle hints that we might be building a house.

I haven’t said for sure if we will or not because I was waiting for the final YES! And guess what?! WE GOT IT!! We got the final yes. We ARE building a house. We are doing this great program through Six County called Self Help. It’s where you and about 5 other families help build each other’s house. No one can move in until everyone else’s house is done. I’m VERY excited about it. I can hardly contain myself.


We were the first family to get accepted for Group 2, so we have a choice of 7 plans. The first three families will get to pick whichever plan they want out of the 7 and then the remaining families will have to choose a plan out of the three, just to keep costs and confusion down for the contractors. We build 65% of the house and in turn, we do not have to pay a down payment. Once the house is done, we’ve got about $50,000 in equity!! The basements are unfinished, but that’s a fairly easy project that we can do ourselves. My dad is an electrician and he is doing all the houses for this group. And with that said, he has lots of friends in other trades, so we should be able to finish our basement without any problems.

We are finally going to be able to get Karsyn a dog! We are hoping to be in the home by the end of the year and Karsyn’s birthday is at the end of October, so that’s what we’re getting him for his birthday! And I’m really crossing my fingers that Kade will agree to start trying for Baby #2! I’m really itching for another one!

If you are in the Sevier County, UT area and have never owned a home before and are low income, PLEASE go apply! We need a few more families to join before we can get started. Go here for more info.


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