Thoughts on Thursday: Technology


What comes to your mind when you see/hear that word?

I think “constantly changing, new, smart, amazing, ridiculous, incredible..”

I do have to say that I am 100% thankful for technology, but I know some people aren’t so much. I am what you call a “digital native.” I have grown up, basically, my whole life with technology. I remember I was about 6 years old when we first got the internet. It was dial-up. Does anyone even know what that is anymore?! I know Karsyn won’t! If you’ve had dial-up before, you know what I’m talking about and are probably laughing and/or rolling your eyes. Yep, it was S—–L—–O—–W! But that’s all we knew, so it was flippin’ awesome at the time. Our computer was a desktop, of course, because back then only rich people had laptops. It was ginormous. The internet was still relatively new then, too, so there wasn’t really anything “fun” you could do on it. But it was the thought that counted then, I guess.



{this looks like the computer we had in the 90s!}

Now, many of us have gotten rid of the desktops and have moved on to laptops. Some families have one for each person. The internet is now wi-fi and fast. It’s just incredible to me how much things have changed, and are still changing, in just 14 years!

url{my dad had this exact phone – but it was red}

I remember when my parent’s first got cell phones. They were like bricks. They would hardly even fit in your pocket, if at all. And the antennas? Really? Ha! Makes me laugh. Then on to slimmer phones that would fit in your pocket. Then the flip phones. And if yours had a camera, you were the most bad A person. Then came texting and sliding phones with more features. Now we have phones that can do more than one person knows.

How about technology for health related things? They’ve found so many cures {and need to find more!}. You’re able to SEE your baby when it’s inside of you. They’re able to detect so many problems in so little time.

Technology is an amazing thing.

What is a funny memory you have of technology? Brick cell phones? Dial-up?




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