Thoughts on Thursday: Favorite Season

My favorite season.. Hmm.. That’s sort of a tough one, but I think I am going to side with Fall. But I do have to share this hilarious e-Card with you because it’s EXACTLY how I am feeling right now.


I love the fall because it’s still fairly warm outside, but it’s just starting to chill.

I love all of the changing colors of the trees.


I love the food that Fall brings.

I love the pumpkins that are making their way in to the world, ready to be picked.


Birthday season is upon is now starting with my my grandma, aunt, and mom, following with my brother and dad, then my step-dad, brother, son, and myself.

It also seems like this is the time when everyone renews their family pictures because of the scenery.

I love going on drives, scouting out our kill for the upcoming hunts.

One thing I’m really counting on this fall, is for our house to be done and I CANNOT wait!!

So what season is your favorite? Leave me a comment telling me which and why!




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