Thoughts on Thursday: My Love Story

Today’s topic is “Your Love Story.” Remember, it’s just an option – you can share whatever you want.

196729_1927231058362_6696262_n{Our first picture together – May 07}

Our love story is pretty silly. I always get shy when people ask how Kade and I met. Here we go…

198359_1927235298468_8096516_n{September 08}

The first time I saw Kade was at the SVC {which is a huge event center in our town}. It was the state basketball games. Back in the day {middle school}, that was where everyone was! We don’t have much to do here, so when there is something at the SVC, pretty much the whole county is there. I was with my best friend at the time, Meagan. We were just walking around, talking to people. We spotted a mutual friend with some boys from RHS {we were from SS}, so we walked over to her and talked with them. There was this cute boy in the group {and call me crazy, but I knew it was love! I just KNEW I was going to be with him someday. And if you don’t believe in fate or love at first sight, I’m sorry – I do!}. So anyway, we followed this boy {which was Kade} and his friends around, but of course, he was chasing some other girl. So we wandered off and did our own thing, but kept seeing Kade and his friends. When the games were over, we went home and didn’t see him again. {This was 7th grade.}

196575_1927242698653_7049749_n{July 2010}

Over the summer, when I’d get a group of friends together, one of our most favorite things to do was prank call! I understand now that it’s not nice, but back then, it was the funnest thing to do. Just thinking about some of those conversations makes me laugh. In the midst of all our prank calling, we would call Kade and ask him all these random questions.

291874_2512597852166_507130980_n{October 2011 – 9 months pregnant!}

On to 8th grade.. My friend Kensey, the one that was hanging out with Kade at the SVC {she is cousins with one of Kade’s friends}, was hanging out with all of them again and I guess she mentioned me {I didn’t know that}. Now let me backtrack again.. Back then, email and MSN messenger were HUGE! We would always send forwards – funny stories, questionnaires, etc. – via email. One day, I was going through an email that I had received and I was scrolling through the hundreds of emails that were at the top showing who it had been sent to trying to get to the bottom, when Kade’s email popped out at me. I knew it was his because it was his name. I was in no way, shape, or form looking for his email. It just caught my eye. So I pulled up my MSN messenger and added Kade’s email to my list.

550576_4137617036630_528246910_n{June 2012}

A few days later, he accepted and we started chatting. I was telling him who I was and he asked if I was the girl Kensey was talking about. Yep, it was me. We talked for about a month before we ever hung out. He had a girl friend at the time. Sometime in the end of November, he broke up with is girlfriend. We made plans to go to the light parade together.

524133_10200135774214988_1757914360_n{December 2012}

December 6, 2006, was the first time we officially hung out. I rode to town with my aunt and met Kade at the dairy. My aunt parked a few blocks away and on the opposite site, so I had to walk down to the dairy. When I crossed the road, there was a cop right there and I wasn’t sure if it was okay to cross there or not. “Can I cross here?” I asked. “You bet. This is the safest walk you’ll ever had!” he replied. I’ll never forget that. I was now across the street and I spotted Kade on the inside. Here comes that weak-in-the-knees-make-you-sick butterfly feeling! Him and a friend walked out and we walked up a few blocks so that we could see the parade. The corner we stood on is now referred to as “our corner.” It was pretty awkward because I was by myself. My friend was supposed to come, but then at the last minute, she couldn’t anymore. So we didn’t really have much to say. And the parade was over before we knew it. I had to go back up a few blocks to meet my aunt, so I had to leave quick. No hug, no kiss. Nothin’.

On December 11, Kade asked me to be his girlfriend via MSN Messenger lol. I can remember saying “YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Or typing, I should say. Ah, young love!

Now, here we are. Almost 6 years, a few break-ups, a few fights, lots of love, and one kid later. We are now engaged. Getting married in July. Hopefully building a house within the month and life is good.


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