Thoughts on Thursday: Family Values

A while ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start a “Thoughts on Thursday” series. I would LOVE it if you linked up with me!

Each week I will post a new topic. You do not have to write on the exact topic, it’s just an idea for you!

This week is “Family Values.”


My family is just us three. Kade, me, and Karsyn. I want to have more kids {right now!} within the next two years and with all of my children, I hope to enstill the right values and morals in them. We are not a super religious family, even though we live in a very religious community and we have missionaries knocking on our door every other day. I did go to church with my grandma when I was younger and Kade’s family is very religious. He had to go to church every Sunday. I don’t want to force my children to go to church unless they want to. With this new house we are {hopefully! about 90% sure} building, we will be just a block away from Kade’s parents church and if they offer to take Karsyn, I will let him go. I think church is good and my kids should learn about everything the church has to offer. If they decide they don’t want to go anymore, that’s 100% fine with me.

I want each of my kids to know that they can ALWAYS come to me, no matter what the case is. I think every parent wants this for their children, but oftentimes, the parents end up pushing the kids away to the point where the child doesn’t feel safe in confiding in their protector. My mom has ALWAYS been very open with me about everything, and in turn, I was always open with her. I always knew that if I had a question or something to say, I could go to her and she would be straight up with me and never judge. I want to be just like that. Each of us {my brothers and sister from my mom’s side} know that our parent’s are very open like that. I really did appreciate that growing up.

I want to be that “fun, soccer mom” that you see in movies! I plan to be very involved in my children’s life. I never want to miss a dance or game or spelling bee or play or anything that my child does! I want my children to feel loved and supported.

I want my children to know right from wrong. I hope that they can learn from other’s mistakes, including mine and Kade’s. I do plan on telling them some of the shitty things that I have done and what the consequences were, when the time is right.

I do want them to know that if they feel as though they have nowhere to turn and really need some help that they can turn to the man upstairs and pray! Yes, I said I wasn’t very religious, but I do say my prayers every night and I do believe there is a God and that he does answer prayers. Not always the way you want them to be answered, but He does have a plan for each and every one of us and I truly believe He is the constant in my life. I want my children to know that it’s okay to not go to church, but to still pray.

I want my children to get good grades and to push themselves to be motivated and hard on themselves. Yes, I am going to be hard on my kids and they will be grounded if they get anything less than a B, just like I was. I hated my step-mom for it at the time, but I am very thankful for it now because it taught me self-motivation and to strive to do good. It’s not hard to get good grades. It’s harder to fail than it is to pass. Not that I’ve failed or anything.. (; But I have friends who just passed by the skim of their teeth.

I never want my children to feel unloved and unappreciated. I never want my children to feel like they don’t matter. I never what my children to EVER contemplate suicide. I never want my children to feel like a doormat that everyone wipes their shoes on. I’ve been there. That was me. Luckily, I was able to escape all of those awful feelings and come out of that very deep, black hole, but sometimes, it’s still a challenge for me.

Enough of my rambles! I want to hear what your family values are!

Please say you’ll link up? I’d love to read your story!



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