Social Media Marketing


I mentioned the other day that I started school again.

I am just three required classes short of my Associates, so I figured I better quick slacking and get it over with.

Plus, I am so sick of people asking me when I am going back.

One class that I am taking was not a class that I needed, but one that I WANTED to take.

I know, weird! Who WANTS to take an extra class?!

Seriously, though, I am SO excited for this class.

It’s called Social Media Marketing, hence my title.

I am SO excited for this class.

I love it already.

For one, I really like the teacher.

I’ve had her for quite a few of my other business classes.

Two, this is a brand new class at our college – so that means we are the guinea pigs! Which also means less work! (;

And three, because I have three businesses, so I figured I could learn quite a bit about how to make my businesses better!

One of our assignments was to watch THIS Social Media Revolution video.

{I can’t play it on my blog, so you’ll have to click over to YouTube to watch it, but it’s SO worth it!}


I will probably talk about more business stuff, as I learn it, so keep checkin’ back! (:

What was something you learned from the video? What was the most interesting thing?





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