New Items at Jourdan’s Jewels!

I’ve got some fun new items in lately!

Here’s the new items so far for January!!

{Click the pic for more info and/or to purchase.}


Knee-high riding boots are a MUST!! And they’re only $30!385216_402036596540229_1485450727_n

Who doesn’t love pink? Then throw in some camo.. That’s my kinda purse!


The perfect match for the above camo purse!


Super adorable chunky rose necklace set.


Perfect for the guy in your life!


These erasers make mistakes fun!


These boots usually go for $70+. Get them through me for just a fraction of the price!148515_397857946958094_2013933585_n

One of my most favorite cuffs EVER!


This necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS in person!!!63528-7fe96d_l_original

Turquoise is a very trendy color right now!

63623_397856410291581_2111116445_nThese actually have pink rhinestones instead of clear, but they are every bit as cute!

Plus, I have marked down TOOOOONS of my items!!

Clothes starting at just $5!!

And just because I LOVE my readers, use code TMM for 10% off your purchase!




So, what do ya think?

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