Top 10 Favorite Bloggers

top 10 favorite bloggers

Before I start, I shall say that all of these opinions are 100% my own. I was not contacted by any of them in any way telling me to write this post. I am just writing it because I truly love these bloggers. I think you would, too, so read on!

{These are in no particular order.}

Bonnie from Life of Bon – She is a young, High School teacher. I absolutely LOVE her brutal honesty. She writes about very controversial topics, with a recent one being about gays.

Lena from Lena B, Actually – She’s from Canada! She’s funny and very kind-hearted. You should check her out. She also hosts one of my favorite link parties – Tuesday 10.

Megan from Absolute Mommy – She’s another one of those that is pretty honest. Her topics aren’t as controversial as Bon’s, but she tells it like it is.

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous – She’s super creative and is always coming up with fun, new ideas!

Jen from Craft-o-Maniac – She’s another super crafty gal! I LOVE her gallery wall. I am so obsessed with stars.

Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts – ANOTHER crafty one! I love crafts. I need to get better at doing them. Mandy shares a lot of sewing tutorials.

Anna from Ask Anna – She shares lots of helpful tips on organizing, cleaning, etc., as well as crafts. (:

Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects – She shares lots of fun jewelry tutorials.. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I LOVE jewelry!

Bethany from Pitter & Glink – She loves all things pink and glittery. My kinda girl! She also shares lots of fun jewelry tutorials, as well as other fun crafts! I love her latest – Hot Glue Snowflake Ornaments

Bonnie and Trish from eighteen25 – They also share lots of fun crafts, as well as TONS of cute and FREE printable Subway Art! Check out their latest Christmas one!

Those are my Top 10 favorite bloggers!!

I read a lot of blogs, over 100, but those are the ones that stand out the most!

Be sure to check them out!

Who is your favorite blogger? I need to check her {or him!} out!


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