5 Blogging Tips {Part 2}

5 blogging tips part 2

If you missed part 1, check it out here.

I’m adding on to my list of Blogging Tips!

Let’s get to the point, shall we?

{The first three all kind of go together.}

1 – Use pictures! It keeps things entertaining. Obviously, not all posts can really use pictures, but like this one, I made a title photo. That’s good enough for this. But when you are sharing a tutorial or telling about your adventures, it’s always nice to see pictures. Plus, if you don’t have any pictures and I want to pin your post, how in the heck am I supposed to do that?!

2 – Water mark your pictures! Not only is it for safety of your content, but not all pictures link back to the original post {which leads in to my next point!}, so if your blog name is on your picture, it will be easier for me to find whatever I was looking for.

3 – Have a Search box at the top of your page! Or ANYWHERE for that matter! Sometimes images that I find on Pinterest only link to the blog, not the actual post. I don’t want to scroll through millions of pages just to find what I came for. If there was a Search box, I would be able to just type it in and pull it up. It’s super annoying to dig around and most times, I’ll just forget it.

4 – Enable the Follow by Email feature! I follow LOTS of blogs, all by email! Not everyone has GFC or Bloglovin’. And even those that do, probably don’t go through everything and read every post from every blog. It’s nice to be able to have my favorite blogs’ content right in my email! I know it doesn’t count as a page view, so if it’s something I am interested in, I try to click over to the blog and read the post there and then just delete the email. If it’s something I just skim through, then I just skim through it in my email.

5 – Comment back! I understand that it may be almost impossible to comment back to EVERY SINGLE comment when you have over 3,000. But it’s always nice to hear a personal word back from the blogger. If it’s overwhelming to you because you have so many comments, set aside some time to go back through and reply.


20 thoughts on “5 Blogging Tips {Part 2}

  1. Hi Jourdan, found your blog from Gingerly Made’s linky party. I am a new blogger and found this helpful and funny. Gotta have a sense of humor! Love it! I’m not sure what a watermark is on a photo, but I am going to check into it. I love to post my photos so I see what you mean about identifying them to me and my blog. Do I just add my blog name to each photo by editing it with text? Just wondered.
    thanks, Anna

    • Hi Anna!! Thank you for your kind words! (: A watermark is just the additional text with your blog name on them. Some people get fancy about it and actually make a transparent {clear} watermark and add in a layer to their photo, but I’m not that technical and I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. {Not saying that it’s bad – it’s just not for me!} I just upload my pix into http://www.picmonkey.com and add “Two Million Miles” somewhere on each one! Hope that helps! (:

  2. Thanks for linking up at Show Me Your Plaid Monday’s! Great Tips for New Bloggers! Thanks for sharing!

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