You Know You’re a Parent When…

you know you're a parent when

About a month ago, I took a poll on three of my Facebook pages {Jourdan’s Jewels, Jourdan’s {Handmade} Jewels, and Perfectly Posh with Jourdan} with this phrase, “Fill in the blank.. You know you’re a mom {or dad} when ___________”

I got some pretty funny answers, some that were so true that is was a little ridiculous.

I just wanted to share them with you.

{Not edited at all. 100% copied and pasted.}

-You can never have a clean shirt on for more than 10 minutes ;D

-You can sing most childrens cartoon show theme songs :o)

-You no longer go to the restroom by yourself. 🙂:)

-the sound fo a child crying in public has your immediate attention

-You consistently use the 10 sec rule!

-spit baths and sleeve wipes clean your childrens noses and mouths;)

-When you have a sleepover in your bed everynight

-When you find random kid stuff in your purse like diapers bottle or baby wipes lol

-When you have someone else’s snot on your shirt.

-no.ones at the house but u and u catch urself watch dora! ugh!

-Use saliva on your finger to clean your child’s face.

-You wipe your babies snotty nose with your fingers.

-Your child is all you think of

-When You’re bank accounts empty but you don’t have shit to show for it

-When you look forward to Eating a meal without having to share with your children.

-bodily fluids no longer have an effect on you:-)

-you no longer shut the door to go the bathroom because shutting it would be pointless

-You worry about ever little thing!

-A night out is at McDonalds

-You find fruit snacks stuck to your wall.

-you cut all your food in little bites, then blow on your food. ❤<3 😀:-D

-you see and feel God’s unconditional perfect love in the eyes of your child(ren)

-You have a pull up/diaper in your purse,and car even when you don’t have your little one.

-You can have a tootsie roll in your mouth and change a poopy diaper at the same time.

-when your child is missing you go into the bathroom so they will find you!

There’s some pretty freakin’ funny ones, right?!

What would you add? Which one can you relate to the most? What was your favorite answer?


So, what do ya think?

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