10 Thoughts on Thursday

I was inspired by Emily over at Bargain Bound to write this, although I have thought of doing a weekly series called “Thoughts on Thursday” and maybe even a link-up?!

What do ya think?

Would you join in?


Ten Thoughts This Thursday
1.  I need… To finish getting ready, clean the storage closet and the back room. BAD!
2.  I want… a new house.
3.  I think… that Spongebob is not a cartoon for children! Have you ever watched it?! There’s so many awful subliminal messages.
4.  I wish… Kade could find a new job.
5.  I appreciate… Kade working hard to provide for us.
6.  I enjoy… spending time with my sweet son.
7.  I struggle… with putting my feelings out there for the world.
8.  I feel… Stressed.
9.  I recommend… ANY Ellen Hopkins or Brenda Novak book. ❤
10. I hope… I can pay off my layaway by next week!
So, there you have it folks!
How do you feel about a “Thoughts on Thurdsay” series? Would you link up?

So, what do ya think?

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