5 Blogging Tips {Part 1}

First off, let me say that I am NO expert, by any means at all!

I am just going to share what I have learned in the short 5 months that I have been blogging.

And my blog still needs a lot of improvement, but here is what I have learned so far..

1 – TURN OFF THE DANG MUSIC/VIDEOS! I absolutely HATE when I go to someone’s blog and their music or ad video starts blaring through my speakers. More often than not, I am listening to my own music while I’m on the computer and I hate it when someone else’s mixes in with mine!

2 – ALWAYS have a “Pin It” button in EACH post! With Pinterest growing more and more each day, it’s a great way to get your creations, products, posts, etc. out there for all the world to see! I follow a lot of blogs and I LOVE to pin their creations, but it’s such a pain in the butt to have to copy the URL, then open Pinterest, then click “Add Pin” then paste the URL, then type in a description, THEN pin. It’s so much easier to just click “Pin It” and the little window pops up, then you click Pin and wa-la! You’re done!
{P.S. My “Pin It” button is at the bottom of the post where it says “You know you wanna share”}

3 – Write in your own voice. Write as if you are talking to a friend or family member. Your own voice is something that makes you, YOU! Your voice makes you unique. Embrace it!

4 – Use correct grammar! There is nothing more annoying {and totally unprofessional} than having to read through all this slang language {i.e. dis, dat, u, ur, y, idk}. LOL is about the only one that I can stand. And honestly, if you talk like that, I’m probably not going to follow your blog anymore. Just sayin’…

5 – Engage your readers. {This is something that I need to improve on.} Ask questions at the end of each post. Something more than a yes or no question.

There are my 5 {newbie} blogging tips!

To be continued.. Notice the {Part 1}!

What do you think? Anything else I could add? What’s your best tip?


10 Thoughts on Thursday

I was inspired by Emily over at Bargain Bound to write this, although I have thought of doing a weekly series called “Thoughts on Thursday” and maybe even a link-up?!

What do ya think?

Would you join in?


Ten Thoughts This Thursday
1.  I need… To finish getting ready, clean the storage closet and the back room. BAD!
2.  I want… a new house.
3.  I think… that Spongebob is not a cartoon for children! Have you ever watched it?! There’s so many awful subliminal messages.
4.  I wish… Kade could find a new job.
5.  I appreciate… Kade working hard to provide for us.
6.  I enjoy… spending time with my sweet son.
7.  I struggle… with putting my feelings out there for the world.
8.  I feel… Stressed.
9.  I recommend… ANY Ellen Hopkins or Brenda Novak book. ❤
10. I hope… I can pay off my layaway by next week!
So, there you have it folks!
How do you feel about a “Thoughts on Thurdsay” series? Would you link up?

New Images for Necklaces

So the other day {every day, actually} I was flipping through Pinterest and I always find cute quotes that I just love.

So I made some of my own that were inspired by what I’d seen.

I made these mainly for necklaces or keychains.

I LOVE to put quotes inside of necklaces and keychains.

It’s a great way to have a constant reminder.

So, here they are!

This is something we ALWAYS need to do!
Buy it here.

I love this!
We should always remember that everyone is different and we should not compare ourselves to others.
Buy it here.

It’s not always easy to see the big picture, but more often than not, whatever the problem may be, it has worked out in the way we wanted it to.
Buy it here.

Another one of those things..
We don’t always see the big picture.
Buy it here.

What a great scripture!
Buy it here.

We shouldn’t be afraid to shoot for the stars!
Buy it here.
Ha! Yup! No words needed.
Buy it here.

I hope someday I can go to Paris!
Buy it here.

Yes. You can’t tell me that you don’t relate to this!
Buy it here.
Now, sometimes we veer off the beaten path..
Only to find a better one!
Buy it here.

So tell me, which is your favorite?


Happy Monday everyone!

You may be thinking, “Happy Monday? I don’t ever recall having a happy Monday!”

But hopefully today will be the exception because guess what?!

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Small Business Saturday PROMO Code

Today is Small Business Saturday.

One of the most important days to a Small Business owner.

Like me.

I am a work-at-home mom, as you may know.

My three businesses are how I provide for myself and my son and help to pay the bills.

I am so honored each time I get a new order.

I thank God for each of them.

I also pray that things would pick up.

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Are you crazy like me and went out last night to get the best sales?!

I went to Wal-Mart about 7:15 and it was already nuts!

Luckily, I was able to get everything on my list {and then some…} without much trouble.

Things that I couldn’t find in store, I was able to find online for the same price, plus free shipping!

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. There are a few more things I need to get. But I know they won’t ever be on sale. So I can always get them later.

I found my mom the pots and pans she wanted for $20 {normally $50}, I got Karsyn a bunch of stuff for a little over $100, I got 4 out of 5 of my siblings crossed off my list.

All I have left are my dads and one of my brothers.

And I’m really struggling with what to get them.

Any suggestions would be awesome.

One of my dads and brother love to hunt and be outdoors.

The other dad loves anything to do with street bikes and snowmobiles.

Now on to the promo!

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Happy shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving {And some DEALS!}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I hope each and every one of you have a great day. Spending time with your loved ones. Stuffing your face. And belly.

I hope you gobble up so much, that you literally wobble.

I hope there is delicious food, wherever it is that you’re going.

I hope you’re thankful for the things you have been blessed with.

And even the things you’ve not been blessed with.

I’d just like to share a few things that I am most thanful for {in no particular order}:
*KarsynTHE BEST GIFT I have ever received. He means more to me than anything in this world. I’d do anything for this kid. And I might be biased, but he is the most handsome boy I have EVER laid eyes on. He melts my heart each time I look at him. I can never stay mad at that cutie.

*Kade – He is truly my best friend. I don’t know what I’d ever do without him. We have definitely had our fair share of ups and downs, but we work through them. We don’t give up. Even though we often want to. Deep down, we know that we love each other and that we want to be together forever. For time and all eternity.

*My mom – We didn’t used to get along very well when I was younger because we were too much alike. So we clashed and would fight. During the summer when it was her time to have me for a month, I never lasted more than a week, if that. But my junior year of High School, I moved in with her. It was the best thing I could have done. She saved my life. {That’s another story. Maybe some other time…} We are now best friends. We talk every day. And never fight.

*My dad – Going from a complete daddy’s girl one day to “not mattering” the next was awful. But as the years have passed, and things have changed, we are now picking up the pieces. I don’t talk to him every day, but at least once a week, plus I go over there to visit a couple times a month. I am thankful that my dad and I can talk now and get along. Because I really do love him. So much.

*Tammy {my ex-step-mom} – She did a good job at raising me those first few years. She taught me standards and morals. She taught me to be self-disciplined. She was strict. And VERY hard on me. I definitely wasn’t thankful for it at the time, but I am now. Because it’s made me who I am today.

*Terry {my step-dad} – He’s another one that I never really got along with growing up, but now that I have moved out and have my own life and family, we get along better than ever. He’s a great guy, but you just have to really get to know him and crack the hard, thick shell.

*Hesston {my bro} – It’s funny how relationships change as you change and mature. We have such a great relationship. I can talk to him about anything and I hope he feels the same about me. He’s freakin’ funny. He’s a little rough on the edges, but what teenage boy isn’t?

*Jesika {my sis} – Her and I have always been close. She’s turning in to a beautiful woman with every passing day.

*Tarris {my bro} – He’s such a hoot. So smart. And very kind hearted. He’s very sincere and would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone. I wish he was more active and would get off the computer, but at least he’s healthy!

*Hagun {my bro} – He’s so smart and has a LOT of common sense. He was able to completely change his flat bike tire at 4 years old.

*Tanna {my sis} – My BABY sis! Oh, how I love her. She’s such a little diva.

Each of my brothers and sisters give me motivation. Motivation to be a better person.

Because I know they are looking up to me.

And I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I did.

I want them to learn from me.

But most of all, I want them to love me.

*My businesses – Lastly {but NOT least!}, I am thankful for my three businesses. They have made it so that I can stay home with my son and work from home.

There is so much more that I am thankful for, but I could go on for days!

Speaking of my businesses {are you still with me?}, I’ve got a discount going on right now to help you get in gear with your shopping for this weekend!!

Take 25% off your order! Woohoo!!

I just posted a lot of new stuff last night, so check it out!

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You can also take 25% off your entire order through my Etsy shop by using the same code!

I hope you’ll check it out and score some good deals!!

Have a THANKFUL day!

What are you most thankful for?

Eyeball Board + Monster Party Invites

One thing that I didn’t get a picture of at Karsyn’s Monster Party, was of this cute board. It was displayed on the same table as the cupcake cakes.

I got this board from Finger Snapper a LONG time ago. They are having the deal again right now, so click here to get it.

I didn’t take a picture of each step because I made it before I had a blog, but I’ll tell ya what I did.

First of all, I bought the paints at Wal-Mart for .97! SCORE! I love how inexpensive paint is. I knew his colors were going to be orange, blue, and green, so I painted each square a different color. Then the empty one black. I knew I was going to mod-podge a picture of him on it, once I got them done.

It looked cute with just plain paint, but I wanted something more, so I found one of my polka dot stencils and did a different color on each square. It was still cute, but kinda boring. I had a bag of googly eyes laying around, so I added one to each of the bigger circles. And wa-la!

Oh, I forgot to add that I painted around the outside AND inside edges black. And it’s okay if the black gets on your squares. (:

And I never did do a post on the invites that I made..

I had always planned to make them myself with paper and cut-outs and stamps and all of the above, but my creative juices were NOT flowing and I was getting really, super frustrated, so I just went into PicMonkey and made the invites.

Here’s a quick run-down of how I did them..

Click “Create a Collage”. Then click the middle button {on the left hand side} and it will give you a bunch of different layout options. I clicked the Pinter-etsy tab and chose the third one in. Then I saved it and went back to the main screen for just the basic editing. From there I added the words and shapes in each box. The colors I used were supposed to be a LOT brighter, but they never print out the way they look on screen. ):

They were still cute.

Then I stuffed them inside the envelopes, along with this picture…

He’s so cute!

Have you ever bought anything from Finger Snapper? Have you used PicMonkey to create anything before?


Karsyn’s 1st Birthday {Monster Party}

*Warning: This is full of CUTE pictures!


On Saturday, October 27th, we celebrate Karsyn’s FIRST birthday! I made most of the decorations. It was exhausting, to say the least, but VERY worth it. I am glad to have it over with, though. We had a good turnout!

Take a look….

When you first walked through the doors, you saw a sign that said “Beware of the little Monsters! Enter at your own risk!”

Then as you walked in, there was the Pinata hanging from a coat rack. {We had to get creative. Couldn’t hang it very high since it was mostly little kids at the party.}

Then as you kept walking, there was a table with the goodie bags.

In the middle of this table was my cute frame.

On the other side of the table were the bubbles and Play-Doh.

Then once you were all the way in, there were three tables for you to sit at.
These were my center pieces.

Then on the far left-hand side was a table with the cupcake cakes. {They were delicious, needless to say.}

I had Fresh Market make them. I was SO happy with how they turned out. And the frosting is whipped. If you aren’t getting whipped frosting, there is something wrong with you. WHIPPED FROSTING, PEOPLE!!

There were also plates, napkins, and cutlery on the table. Off to the side of that table was a round table with the drinks.

We made Fresh Lime.

Above the three tables where people could sit down to chat and eat, was the present table. And above that hung the “Happy Birthday Karsyn” banner.

That was pretty much it as far as details.. I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted, but I can’t complain.

Now on to pictures of the fun {mixed up.. they aren’t in order.. sorry!}

My sister and cousin showing of the adorable Monster suckers!

Karsyn getting the cake smashed in his face.
It’s a tradition, people. Don’t judge.
This is not abuse.
It happens to every kid in our family on their 1st birthday.
Like it or leave it.

“What’s in there?!”

Kade’s family.. Sister Ashlee, Grandma Lenna, and mom Cindy

Hitting the Pinata

He wasn’t too impressed with me.

After they had FINALLY broken open the Pinata.
My brother {in the red.. with the devious smile} broke it with his hand.
He’d had enough of the wimpy hits!

My cousin and sweet baby sis.

Isn’t she cute?
I love her. to. pieces.

Our little niece, Emersyn.

Karsyn, Me, Kade, Emersyn

He was so polite when unwrapping his presents.
He would tear off a little baby piece, had that little baby piece to me to throw away.
And repeat.

Riding his new trike that my dad got him.
He loves that thing!

Emmy hitting the Pinata.

A train set that my Nana got him.
It’s unpainted, so that will be a fun craft for us to do as a family.

Peter {plugging his nose – married to Cherish}. Cherish {Kade’s sister – Emersyn’s mom}, Kade, my dad, Hagun {my bro – in the black}, Tarris {my other bro – in the red}

Isn’t that hat cute?!
My cousin makes them.
Head over to Stitches and Giggles to get ya one!
She has all kinds.

My Nana {my mom’s mom} and cousin Dax

Momma and the Happy Birthday Boy!

Don’t you love his boots?

They light up. (:

Pin the Eye on the Monster

Her face is PRICELESS!

Before his face got smashed in it.

Silly girls!


Whipped frosting!

Givin’ the bear loves.

Givin’ Emmy loves

The smash cake

If you made it through all these photos, good job! We had a blast! Karsyn was pooped by the time it was over.

What was your favorite thing about Karsyn’s party?