I first saw this fill-in-the-blank over at The Foley Fam and then again at Absolute Mommy, so I decided to be a follower join in on the fun!

Currently, I am…

Obsessed with: Monster party ideas

Watching: Bubble Guppies! Haha, I turned it on for Karsyn, but he’s asleep now and I just haven’t bothered to change it.


Fashion Favorites: Lace {I bought 4 shirts with lace on them while I was on my mini-vacay in St. George Monday-Wednesday!}, colored skinnies {bought 2 new pairs on my mini-vacay!}, and Toms {or Tom inspired} shoes {bought one new pair [inspired/knock off brand, of course] on the mini-vacay}!

{source – these are one of the pairs I got!}

{source – And these are the other pair!}

Wishing for: Warmth! I know, it JUST got cold, but I am FREEZING and can’t seem to get warm.

Listening to: Justin Moore!

Eating: {Just finished} Oreos and milk, of course!

Can’t wait for: Karsyn’s birthday, Halloween, Christmas!

Missing: Kade.. Good thing he’s coming home tonight!

{Us a few years ago waiting for The Used concert to start}

Sippin’: Dr. Pepper, of course!

Not loving: This cold weather! Just right now. I enjoy it sometimes.

Hearing: Cars driving down the wet road.

Dreaming: Of finishing all these decorations for Karsyn’s birthday.. I need to get crackin’.

If you join in on the fun of this fill in the blank, be sure you leave me your link in the comments, as well as on Kristine and Megan’s blogs!


4 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. DUDE! You just saved me! Those burgundy/oxblood skinnies up there? Yeah, I’ve been searching the earth for those…. SO please tell me about their fit…
    And thanks for joining in the fun of currently… This was so fun!

    • I LOVE them!! They are super comfy! I’m in between sizes right now and all jeans are different, so I don’t know if these are right, but I tried the 1/2 and it fit around the waist, but they weren’t long enough, so I went up to a 3/4 and they are a little big on the waist, but long enough on my legs.. I hope that helps at least a little. Thanks for stopping by, Megan! (:

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