Tulle Wreath

Okay, so back when we lived at our old house {we moved to this new apartment in June, so that says how long I’ve been procrastinating working on this!}, I started making a tulle wreath. I was just doing plain ol’ boring white. BUT! I was going to spruce it up for each season. It took me FOREVER, and I seriously hated the way it was looking. I was tying the tulle on a gold metal wreath form. It just looked awful. It was a total Pintrosity! I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong, so I just shoved it under the bed and never thought about it again.

About a month before we moved to the new place, I bought a white styrofoam wreath base. I knew just what I was going to do with it. Finish the wreath I had started. Except on a new form. So I was really starting a whole new wreath.

I totally went redneck and used a package that I needed to mail as my ruler for how long I would cut each piece. I cut two lines up the tulle and then I would cut across to get the strips. {Forgive the AWFUL picture. And as you can see, my lines are VERY straight. haha!}

After I had a huge pile of strips, I would tie it on. I didn’t do it any fancy way, just a double knot.

And this is the end result!

Kade hates it. But what does he know. Yes, I understand it looks super boring and drab right now, but you just wait! Tomorrow, I’mma go to Wally World and see if they have an little wood Halloween-y piece I can hang in the middle! Or maybe I’ll go to the Dollar Store. You know what? That’s a better idear. I saw a super cute skeleton there yesterday and now I have an excuse to buy him {her?}!

So, what do you think of my wreath? Is it totally lame? Be honest!


2 thoughts on “Tulle Wreath

  1. I think it is interesting right now but when you get some different color or objects on it it will be totally awesome. I actually work at dollar general lol.

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