Tuesday10: 10 Geeky Things About Me

Every {well, almost} M2M&R hosts a Tuesday10 where have a prompt and you go with it!

This weeks theme is: 10 Geeky Things About You

I’ve been trying to think about things all day.. Things that are weird or quirky about me.. Things that normal people don’t do. Ha!

This is what I came up with:

1 – I HAVE to be on my stomach to fall asleep. When I was pregnant, it wasn’t easy. Pure. Torture!

2 – I hate hanging MY clothes on the cheap plastic hangers that the stores use to display the clothing. Kade’s or Karsyn’s clothes? Yep, they get the cheap, plastic hangers.

3 – I wear my clothes in the order of which they are in my closet. Meaning the shirt that is on the farthest left is what I will wear. {Most of the time.. Sometimes it’s a really dressy top or dress and I don’t want to wear it, so I skip to the next piece.}

4 – Same with my undies. I start on the left side and work my way to the right.

5 – I have ONE thing that I will eat per restaraunt and I never order anything else. Example: At Olive Garden, I ALWAYS just get the All-You-Can-Eat Salad. At South China, I ALWAYS get Sweet-n-Sour Chicken with Hot-n-Sour soup. And so on..

6 – I hate leftovers and refuse to eat them.

7 – I go through phases where I will eat ONE food every day for a certain meal. For example.. Since Karsyn was born {11 months ago}, I have eaten Oreos and Milk EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for breakfast. While I was pregnant, I ate Reese’s Puffs every morning.

8 – I keep pretty much every magazine I ever get. Even after I have read the whole thing. Because one day I will read it again, right?

9 – When I find a new song that I really like, I listen to it on repeat until I have the whole thing memorized. This is my current song on repeat.

10 – I have issues parting with my clothes. I still have clothes from the 8th grade {that still fit!}, which was like 6 years ago. I do wear most of them still and I am getting better at getting rid of them… Slowly.. Very. Slowly.

So there you have it!

Please tell me that I am not alone with some {or all!} of these “geeky” things!

What is something “geeky” about you? Do we share some “geeky” traits?


6 thoughts on “Tuesday10: 10 Geeky Things About Me

  1. I might have to try your closet trick, because that would actually be useful to mix it up and make sure I’m taking full advantage of my wardrobe. 🙂

    I’m the same way at some restaurants, where I find one thing I like and stick to it. Because sometimes you’re hungry and don’t want to deal with ordering something you might end up not liking, and then have to pay for food you’re not even going to eat. Bah!

    I also do the new-song-repeat thing. 🙂

  2. oh my goodness, that thing with the wardrobe, wearing your clothes from the left, is such a good idea. i NEED to do this, i go through phases with clothes combos! i also listen to music on repeat, it’s usually albums though. i will find a song i love then download the whole album and listen to it over and over again. for months lol. i also used to hoard all my clothes, magazines, everything. i finally got rid of them last year (have still got a couple of boxes to ebay), i moved into a tiny apartment with no storage and they just had to go. new start and all that. i’m so happy i’m finally getting rid of them though! and also only just started ordering different things from menus i used to order the same stuff from.
    I am hosting a blog hop over at my blog today

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