Pinto {Part 3}

In cased you missed it.. Part 1 and Part 2.

I just want to share some pictures before I have to write about the tragic ending.. I hate thinking about it.

Pinto sleeping with me. The day before I went to Oklahoma for 10 days. I missed him while I was gone and I miss him more than ever now!

He always slept in the WEIRDEST positions. Cracks me up!

These were taken about a week before he died. Kade and I went for a RZR ride on the mountain and Pinto thought he needed to drive. It was HILARIOUS!

My precious.

Watching movies with me.

Say cheese!!

Sleeping in my lap.

This is Pinto when we went camping. He LOVED camping. We were right by a lake and he just walked along the lake and the shore for hours. He had a fun time.

Sorry for the bird here. It is just like a natural pose to him. I don’t have many pictures of him without his finger up. Anyway, a “family” picture lol. Kade, my dumb fake baby I had for a class, me, and Pinto!

Thanks for letting me share my pictures. I enjoyed looking at them and reminising {sp?}.


The last part will be about the day he died… )’;

Do you have a pet that has passed?


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