Pinto {Part 2}

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Continued from my last post where he was still stuck in my car..

My mom was across the street, so I yelled for her to come home and help me. The friend she was with used to work at a vet clinic, so she was trying to help me get Pinto out. But still nothing. I just stood in the driveway, crying.

Pinto kept growling and nipping at anything that would get within 6 inches of him. My mom went in the garage and came back out with my step-dads gloves that were about two inches thick and made of rubber.

“Here. Put these on and get him out. If he bites you, you won’t even feel it.”

So I did just that. And guess what? I got him out. Yes, he did bite the glove, but I had finally got him out of my car after 30 minutes of trying. I was kinda scared to hold him close because I didn’t want him to bite me. I took him in the house into the bathroom with some food and water to see if he would eat and the first thing he did was hide behind the toilet. I just let him stay in there, alone, for a few, while I made a bed for him in my room. I figured he would come out on his own and eat or drink if he wanted to. He just needed to calm down.

After a few minutes, I went back in there to get him and he was still nipping at me.

The gloves became my best friend.

I put those honkers back on and scooped him up. I took him into my room and laid him down on a huge, ugly, old blanket that would become his bed for the next couple of days.

I sat right by him for a little while and just reassured him {and myself} that everything would be okay. I was finally able to pick him up. Without the gloves! I showed him around the house and to the family. Any time he would see a male, he would just cowar. It was really sad. You could tell that he was so scared of them. But if he was going to be living there, he needed to get used to them.

That night, he slept with me, on my bed. But the next morning, I had to break out the gloves again, but just for the first time of picking him up to take him outside to potty. Oh, and he was not house trained! The Foster mom had been working on it, but she wasn’t always there to catch him, so I needed to get that under control. Fast. He did very well. He caught on quick. Don’t get me wrong, there were some accidents, but they were minimal and we caught it right away.

He was starting to like me more and more with every passing minute.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought him some food, treats, a food/water dish, a leash and collar, and a sweater because it was getting cold outside!, and a bed. I completely spoiled him and loved every minute of it! I took him with me to the store, but could not bring him in, so I left him in the back of my car, but I hustled because I didn’t want him to be all scared and mean again when we came out.

Pinto became my best friend. He followed me everywhere. He was my protector. One day when Kade came over, he came in to give me a hug and Pinto started barking like crazy! It was funny. He made me feel loved.

One thing he wasn’t sure of was our other dogs. They were outside dogs, but one of them just had puppies and he was not sure what to think of them.


Coming up are more pictures of my sweet boy!

Do you have a dog? Have you ever had a Chihuahua? Have you ever rescued an animal from a shelter? I would love to hear your story!


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