Pinto {Part 1}

Yesterday, I wrote a post on some of my favorite pins and one of them was of a Chihuahua.. I shared a little bit about a dog that I rescued, but I feel like it’s a whole post in itself, so I am going to share..

My Junior year of High School, I moved in with my mom, step-dad, two brothers, and a sister. Each of my siblings had their own animal, but I didn’t. I was feeling left out. I missed the dogs from my dad’s house. The animals at my mom’s were all outside animals because my step-dad is allergic to the hair that sheds everywhere. But one day, I was just browsing the internet and it crossed my mind to look for dogs. I started searching for some, knowing that it would be a long shot that I would ever get one, so I was mostly just dreaming, but I came across a shelter in Vegas that had a Chihuahua that looked just like the one my dad had!

{This is Dinky.}

I knew I had to have him, so I asked my mom about it and she said I had to ask my step-dad, but she doubted highly that he would let me. So I tried not to get my hopes up, but I asked him that night when he got home from work.. And guess what he said?! YES! As long as I took care of it and kept him off of the furniture. NO PROBLEM!

So the next day, I called the number that was on the picture, but there was no answer. So I sent her an email. I didn’t hear back from her for about a week-and-a-half, so I was getting really discouraged. I would call every other day, and still no answer. I really wanted that dog! But she finally responded to my email and said she would call me that night.. She never called, but she did call two days later, while I was at the skating rink. It was really loud in there, so I ran skated outside so I could hear what she was saying. I didn’t even tell anyone that I was going out, so they were looking for me in there. Oops. Anyway, she said that she would be willing to meet me that following weekend. It was really spur-of-the-moment, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to go all the way to Vegas that weekend, so she agreed to meet me in Cedar Ciry, which was about the half-way point for both of us. We agreed on a place to meet and hung up.

I made sure to get work off that Friday. Kade and I headed down to Cedar after school. I was so excited!! We got to the hotel where we met her, but there was no one outside, so I decided to go in to the lobby to see if she was waiting for me there. As I was walking in, I passed a car that had a few dogs in it and I looked a little closer and THERE WAS MY DOG! I said hi and waved to him, then proceeded to walk in the lobby with a huge smile on my face! The lady was just checking in and told me she would be right out.

She came out and told us to meet her over by her room, so we drove over there and waited for her to come. When she did, she got out with this adorable black and white Chihuahua. I immediately asked to hold him, but she was kind of hesitant to let me because he was scared and he didn’t know who I was, which was understandable. So we went inside her room and she just let the dogs play around for a minute. Pinto came over to me and I just fell in love with him! I leaned over slowly to pick him up and he let me.

The lady gathered up his things, we thanked her and were on our way. Kade’s brother lives in Cedar, so we stopped to see him before we headed home. From the second we left the hotel, Pinto was shaking like crazy. You could tell he was scared. And the lady told us that he had been abused, which was very obvious from his mannerisms. So I wrapped him up tight in a blanket I had in the car.

When we got to Chet’s house, I got out an sat Pinto down on the sidewalk so he could do his business, if needed. HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!!!!! He ran under my car and WOULD NOT come out! That car {a PT Cruiser} was pretty low to the ground, so I couldn’t really crawl underneath it to get him out. We were sticking our hands under there and calling for him, and he just growled and nipped at us. I was FREAKING out, needless to say. I just got this dog and now he is stuck under my car. Great! We tried to find a stick to kinda poke him out from under there and then someone was at the other end where we were hoping he would come out. That didn’t work. The stick just broke. So we found a shovel and finally got him out, but it was NOT an easy feat. Kade was the one on the receiving end and Pinto bit him and then pooped all over him. Kade wasn’t very happy. He said a few choice words. I was just relieved to get the dang dog out. I immediately wrapped him back up in the blanket and didn’t let him go. We visited for a while and then headed home.

About half way through the drive home, I was getting sweaty from holding my new dog in this blanket, so I sat him down by my feet. Another HUGE MISTAKE! A few minutes after I sat him down, I tryed to pet him and he just growled and showed his teeth and would nip at me if I got too close. Then he would crawl farther up my floor board. He got so far up there, to the point of where I could not even see him anymore. I was getting really worried because we were getting closer to home and I could not get him to come to me.

By the time we got home, he was still hiding and of course, Kade was cursing some more and saying that I never should have got him and that we should just take him back, etc. But I wasn’t going to give up…



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