Very Pinteresting

So I said in my last post, I said I was going to do better at blogging.. And I haven’t. I’m sorry! I’ve been SUUUPER busy! Which I am very thankful for!

Today, I want to show you some of my favorite pins!! (: If you are not following me on Pinterest yet, you should!

{See pin here}
I love this!! It would make such a great gift. Looks way easy to make. And to make it more personal, you could have each person sign their name instead of typing it.

{See the pin here}
We are getting family pictures done soon and I would LOVE to do this! So cute!

{see the pin here}
I especially love the bottom one!

{See the pin here}
As you know, I am planning Karsyn’s 1st birthday! It’s Monster themed and this Monster Slime is adorable!! Except I can’t find the glitter glue that you need to make it. ):

{See the pin here}
My birthday is coming up and my friend, who works at Kay Jewelers, told me to look on the website for something I would like her to get me.. No, I do not want her to get me an engagement ring, but I would love it if Kade did! (;

{See the pin here}
Isn’t this dog so cute?! I LOVE Chihuahua’s. My dad and his wife got one when I was in first or second grade, so I grew up with one. He is still alive today! And grey. And FAT! This will definitely be my first purchase when we move to a place that allows pets. A Chihuahua. Just seeing this little thing makes me miss my own Chihuahua that I rescued from a shelter down in Vegas. His name was Pinto. I called him Bean. I loved him so much. I had him for less than 6 months and then some stupid old man ran him over. It was seriously THE. WORST. DAY. of my life. I’m not joking. I laid down in the middle of the road SCREAMING for my dog to come back to life. I miss him every day.

This picture is from the first time I held Bean, when I picked him up from the lady who was fostering him. Isn’t he cute?! Man, I miss him….. RIP Bean! Momma loves you!



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