Homemade Oreos

This is one of my all time favorite recipes! I may or may not eat Oreos and Milk for at least two of my meals each day………………………… I digress..

Here’s what you’ll need:
Oreo Cookie Part
*2 Packages of Devil’s Food Cake
*1 cup of Canola Oil
*4 eggs
*8 ounce package of Cream Cheese, soft
*1/4 cup butter, soft
*2 1/2 cup Powdered Sugar
*1 tsp Vanilla

In a large bowl, mix the cake mixes, oil, and eggs until well blended.

Roll into 1 inch balls.

Place them on a greased cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 for 8 minutes. Let cool for at least 5 minutes.

In a small bowl, beat the cream cheese and butter until fluffy. Beat in powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth.

Spread some of the filling on one side of the cookie, then place the other cookie on top!

And there you have a very simple and DELICIOUS recipe for homemade Oreos.



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