Monster Party

So… lately, I have been on a kick of planning for Karsyn’s FIRST birthday party! I’ve still got until the end of October until his actual birthday, but I can’t help myself! It makes me sad that he’s already almost that old, but I love watching him grow each and every day. He’s at such a fun stage right now, but I know the best is yet to come.. So I am going to share a few of my MUST do’s with you in this post, but you can see ALL of my ideas here.

I just LOVE this picture frame! He will look so cute inside of there. Plus, it makes for a great halloween decoration. {source}

How cute are these?! Can’t you even tell what it is? (; PLAY DOUGH!! {source}

I love this idea for cups! These will probably be for the “big kids” aka ADULTS! The youngins will have bottle drinks so they don’t spill as easily. {source}

I also plan on having a penant banner, a cute monster cake, some cupcakes, maybe a photo booth, maybe a bean bag toss, and lots of other things I just haven’t thought of yet!

If you have anything MONSTER inspired, please share! (:


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