Friday’s Letters {#1}

So in the blogging world, there is this thing called Friday’s Letters {hosted by Adventures of Newlyweds} and MANY bloggers link up to it.. And as you know, I am new to the blogging world, but this seems like a cool thing to do, so I will join in!

Dear week, I am SO glad you are almost over. You have been a bad one.
Dear Kade, I am glad you are finally home, but sometimes you push all the wrong buttons, which make me wish you were still at work.
Dear Karsyn, you are so precious. I can’t thank God enough for you.
Dear Karsyn’s teeth {or lack of}, PLEASE pop through. I want my happy baby back!
Dear Mom, I love you.
Dear Dad, I miss you. I wish you would call more often. I get really sick of being the only one who puts forth an effort!!!
Dear love, you suck.
Dear dinner, why can’t you cook yourself?
Dear business, why must you be so low at such a desperate time of need?
Dear car payment, pay yourself.
Dear money, why can’t you grow on trees?
Dear laundry, wash yourself!
Dear Hadleah, I love you and I hope that you and your Kade can work things out ASAP! I hate seeing you both sad! It makes me sad!
Dear other business, please book some parties!!
Dear blog followers, thank you for letting me vent!

Ah! I feel a little bit better, now that I have voiced a few of my frustrations..

As you may have noticed, I am not in a very good mood. Haven’t been for a few days. UGH! Sometimes, life sucks! I hope I get better soon. I need some ice cream!


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