My Personal Best

Today I am linking up at A Beautiful Day for Sunday Snaps.

This weeks theme is “Personal Best.” All you have to do is share three of your personal best “snaps” or pictures. Like Julie said in her post, it’s hard to narrow it down with so many pictures, but here it goes!

This is my brother and Karsyn. I love this picture because 1) they match and 2) my bro just looks so happy. He adores Kars!

I love this picture of my and my babe because we look so happy! My child means more to me than anything in the entire world.
And I love my hair in this pic!! (:

And last, but DEFINITELY not least! I love this picture of Karsyn because, again, he is just so happy! You have no idea how often people tell me what a happy baby he is.

So what are you personal best? I’ll be watching for them on the link up! (:

Happy Sunday!



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